Top 12 Best Air Mattress Pumps in 2021

Best Air Mattress Pumps

An air mattress pump is a device that is used to fill air into an air mattress. An air mattress is a mattress that can be inflated by filling air, they are commonly called as air beds. The deflated air mattress is inflated with air by using an air mattress pump. The air mattress pumps are classified into two types based on their dependency to work.

They are: Automatic and manual pumps. The manual pumps are the mechanical pumps that require external operations to work like pumping with handheld air pumps and foot pumps. The automatic pumps are the electrical pumps that work on electricity and can be operated by a switch. Most of the users use automatic pumps to fill their air mattress since it is the quickest and adaptable way of inflating air into a mattress.

The manual pumps require an external force to push the piston which fills mattress, and it takes a lot of time for an individual to fill it. The automatic pump contains a motor that does the work. The automatic pump makes the work a lot easier and saves both time and energy. The automatic pumps come with an in-built battery and have a feature of charging. So, when the power is off you can still have your mattress! Filling your air mattress with old and manual pumping is no longer a problem. Switch to the automatic air inflator and make your life simple.

All you have to do is to stick the outlet to mattress, plug-in power socket to the source and switch the button and you’re done it automatically inflates the mattress. It’s very easy to use, carry and fill. Now, no more struggling to fill the air bed and no more painful pumping all you need to do is just plug in and sit. Since it has a battery installed it can be used for the outdoor usage too make your self comfortable anywhere you like just plug in and switch on and your inflated mattress is ready. The automatic pump blows air into the mattress and makes the work quick and simple. Forget the old way of pumping the air for hours and totally stressing out.

Here comes the one stop solution for the problem. Now you can carry your mattress any where just in a bag it’s simple, easy and affordable.

List of 12 Best Air Mattress Pumps

Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump, 110-120 Volt, Max. Air Flow 38.9CFM$49.99Buy on Amazon
Omont Electric Quick-Fill Air Pump 110V AC/12V DC Portable Inflator Air Mattress Pump for Inflatable…Buy on Amazon
Smart Air Beds A/C Electrical Pump for Air Beds, Inflatable Pools, Beach Balls & MoreBuy on Amazon
OKPOW Air Pump for Inflatables 110V AC/12V DC Electric Portable Pump Air Mattress Raft Bed Boat Pool…$18.99Buy on Amazon
iPstyle Electric Air Pump for Inflatables, Portable Quick-Fill Air Mattress Pump with 3 Nozzles,…$9.99Buy on Amazon
iPstyle Electric Air Pump for Inflatables, Portable Quick-Fill Air Mattress Pump with 3 Nozzles,…$9.99Buy on Amazon
Etekcity Electric Air Pump High Power Quick-Fill Air Mattress Pump Inflator Deflator for Inflatables…$25.00Buy on Amazon
Coleman Air Pump | QuickPump 120V Air Pump$20.09Buy on Amazon
Etekcity Electric Air Pump Air Mattress Portable Pump for Inflatables Couch, Pool Floats, Blow up…$18.99Buy on Amazon
Electric Air Pump, AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump with 3 Nozzles, 110V AC/12V DC, Perfect…$20.99Buy on Amazon

12. JOYCOO Electric Air Pump Air Mattress Pump Airbed Pump Portable Inflate

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This electric Air Pump can be used inflating and deflating air from floaties, airbeds, etc. The quality of this pump is really reliable and it works really efficiently and inflates and deflates air at high pressure and saves time, comes in three different nozzles which works very well. This air pump is small in size and is very convenient, it won`t take extra space while travelling. Due to its light weight it is easily portable. As the technology and material used in this air pump is of high quality and due to this the noise produced is very low, it comes with a storage bag for easy storing and also with home and car adapter.

11. Smart Air Beds A/C Electrical Air Bed Pump

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This A/C electric air pump provides you with three detachable nozzles so that one can complete the work of inflating and deflating very quickly and it is designed to produce minimum noise so if you have small children or old age peoples in your family then you don`t have to worry about their health. This air pump can be used to inflate and deflate air from floaties, airbeds, pool toys, sofas and many more objects. So, you don`t have to worry about the safety of this product as it is certified by ETL/Interek and CSA. The size of this pump is compact. This pump has undergone through several tests to provide you the best quality.

10. Intex Quick45;Fill Electric Pump

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This electrical air pump has tremendous capacity and it will fill all of the inflatables such as floaties, airbeds, etc. faster than any other air pump, comes with three nozzles so that you can complete your work sooner and enjoy the time with your family and friends, also has thermo protector for the safety of its customers which means that if in any case your kids touch it, they won`t get hurt. Regarding trust over this product you don`t need to worry as it has been approved by the certification of ETL, comes with a shelf box so you don`t have to worry about the storing of the pump. The noise production is also minimized.

9. Omont Electric Quick-Fill Air Pump

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This electrical air pump is provided with three different nozzles so that they can fill different valves at the same time and with high pressure it will inflate or deflate the air from any kind of inflatables such as sofas, airbeds, pool toys, etc. It comes with car plug which will provide one more facility that you can charge it more conveniently. It has the portable design due to which it will be easy for you to carry it while your outing. You will not feel that you are carrying something really heavy in your bags because of its light weight and if you are worried about the noise then there is nothing to worry.

8. Smart Air Beds A/C Electrical Pump

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This electrical air pump comes with amazing capacity to fill the inflatables such as floaties, sofas, airbeds etc. and comes with three detachable nozzles. This air pump not only inflates the air but also sucks the air out of the inflatables. It minimizes the noise while working so it won`t disturb anyone while your camping or family outing. Regarding safety this pump is certified with ETL/Interek and CSA so you don`t have to worry about it. To provide the best service this product has undergone various several tests and due to the compact size of the pump you can carry it with yourself while travelling and has light weight so you won`t feel any additional weight.

7. OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump

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This electric air pump is designed to quick fill the inflatables with high pressure which is better than more of the pumps available in the market and one can fill the queen or king size mattresses which will save more time any other pumps, comes with three different types of nozzles and it mostly fits every inflatable and it stays locked while using. This electric air pump is very compact and is easy to carry while travelling and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and also it greatly reduces the noise when it starts working so that you don`t face any trouble while using it. You can use this to fill the air in any inflatables.

6. iPstyle Electric Air Pump for Inflatables, Portable Quick-Fill Air Mattress Pump

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This pump is so powerful that not only it can inflate but also deflate the various inflatables by sucking the air out of them. It is provided with car adapter which makes it suitable for outdoor use. It is very easy to use and operate. The pump is small and lightweight which makes it convenient to use indoor as well as outdoor, it is completely travel friendly and you can carry it with you wherever you want. They have three different kinds of nozzles to provide you so that you can use it in different occasions. It is designed for multipurpose such as you can it to inflate air cushions, air beds, air boats and many more.

5. Electric Air Pump, Dr.meter HT-401 Battery Air Mattress Pump

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This pump is really effective and it inflates and deflates the air out of various inflatables such as air beds, air pillow, air stool and many more, it supports three different kinds of powers and due to this it is more suitable for outdoor uses also, it inflates and deflates power with very good force power which completes the work very soon. It comes with three detachable nozzles which makes it apt for different kinds inflatables. It is completely travel friendly due to its compact design and light weight, it becomes easier to carry it wherever you want. It can be used to inflate airbeds, floaties, etc. It is designed with latest technology to produce minimal noise.

4. Etekcity Electric Air Pump High Power Quick-Fill Air Mattress Pump

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This pump uses a unique technology for faster inflatable experience, which is faster than any else pumps, it can also fill the king or queen size air mattresses in half of the time than traditional air pumps, several types of nozzles fit almost all of the inflatables and during work it gets locked and it works well with air mattresses, pools, bathtubs, water beds and many more. With improved technology this pump will reduce the noise while working and due to this it will not create any kind of disturbance, design of the pump is completely compact and handy, it is perfect to carry while travelling. The unique material of the pump helps to work efficiently.

3. Coleman QuickPump

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This pump is very powerful and can get double high airbed for guests in no time and fills the inflatables very high force of power and saves your time. It does have lock facility while working and its new technology minimizes the production of the sound while working. This pump is imported and really works best. Its light weighted and compact design makes it easier to carry it anywhere while travelling such as camping or outing. It is suitable for air mattresses, floaties, swimming ring, etc.

2. Etekcity Air Pump Air Mattress Pump for Inflatable Blow up Pool 

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This air pump has remarkable efficiency to fill the air mattresses and most of the air inflatables within short duration due to its high pressure technology and as a result you get more time to spend it with your friends and family, comes with various types of nozzles and can fit most inflatables you need to inflate and deflate and this kind of nozzles gets interlocked while working, and it works with air mattresses, rafts, and many more. With the advent of new technology this air pump is designed to produce minimal noise while working and this air pump is suitable for last minute set-up and its compact and small design makes it travel friendly.

1.  Electric Air Pump, AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump

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This pump is so powerful that inflates and deflates the air from the inflatables and as the car power adapter and home power adapter are provided making it apt for indoor and outdoor uses. This one comes with three different kinds of nozzles so that this can support almost all of the materials. It is planned in a way that it is really easy to operate by everyone. This air pump is completely travel friendly due to its small and compact designs, you can take it wherever you want to. It will save your time by inflating air cushions, air beds, air boats, and many more. Due to improved technology the sound production during working is reduced.

Advantages of Air Mattress Pumps

The automatic pump has an in-built battery. so, even without power, the mattress can be filled. It can be used for outdoor usage since it doesn’t require a constant power supply and easy to carry. The automatic air mattress pump fills the mattress quicker compared to the manual air mattress pump. The automatic air pump makes the inflation of the mattress possible anywhere.

Benefits of buying

The automatic air filling pump reduces the wastage of time and energy by the manual method of filling the air. It has a battery pre-installed in it so the inability during a power cut and outdoor usage vanishes. It opens the possibility of carrying a mattress anywhere even in a simple bag. The operation and working are very simple that anyone can use it. It switches off automatically when the mattress is filled without causing any power wastage.


Smart work wins over hard work! make your work and life simple, not stressful. Get your automatic air mattress pump today! Now you can have your own mattress any time anywhere, all you need to do is just plug in and switch on, and your mattress will be ready. power loss? It isn’t a loss any more we have a back-up battery that makes it possible to work with-out power. it’s simple, quick and energy saving. And the price is much affordable. Why struggle with the old techniques? While you can update and make it simple. It prevents the unnecessary power consumption by switching off automatically when the mattress is filled.


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