Top 10 Best Ashley Furniture Coffee Tables in 2021


Are you looking for an interesting Ashley Furniture coffee table? You are at the right place. Here, we try to introduce you to the most popular Ashley Furniture coffee tables on the market. Some of them are bigger, some darker and heavier, but all of them are interesting. More importantly, all of them provide the highest quality you can get.

If you pay close attention to the following products, you will find the product that perfectly corresponds to your actual needs. All you have to do is taking few moments before you decide which product to choose.

Best Ashley Furniture Coffee Tables

Signature Design by Ashley Gately Lift Top Cocktail Table Medium BrownCheck on Amazon
Signature Design by Ashley – Murphy 3-Piece Occasional Wooden Table Set, Medium BrownCheck on Amazon
Ashley Furniture Grinlyn Cocktail Table Rectangular/Rustic BrownCheck on Amazon
Ashley Furniture Vennilux Cocktail Table Rectangular/Bisque/CasualCheck on Amazon
Signature Design by Ashley Woodboro Lift Top Cocktail Table Dark Brown FinishCheck on Amazon
Signature Design by Ashley Norcastle Dark Brown Rectangular Cocktail TableCheck on Amazon
Signature Design by Ashley – Norcastle Traditional Glass Top Oval Coffee Table, Dark BrownCheck on Amazon
Signature Design by Ashley – Nestor Glass Top Oval Coffee Table, Medium BrownCheck on Amazon
Ashley Brookfield Round Coffee Table in Dark BrownCheck on Amazon
Signature Design by Ashley – Mestler Coffee Table, Rustic BrownCheck on Amazon

10. Ashley Furniture Rectangular Table

Ashley Furniture Rectangular Table

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This kind of rustic table is not common on the market. You will find many tables of similar shape and size, but the rustic style this table has is very unique. It is all visible at the first glance.

Another special thing about this table is the quality of materials the table is made of. A good manmade wood and veneers make this table interesting for lovers of traditional style. You will enjoy in the rustic dash of old-fashioned times. With this table, the good old vibe is always with you. Clean lines will complement any room, both traditional and contemporary designed. An interesting piece like this will add a new beauty to your space.Pros

  • Driftwood-like finish
  • Carefully crafted body
  • Old-fashioned style


  • Unique design is not suitable for all kinds of room interior

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9. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Coffee Table

 Ashley Furniture Signature Design Coffee Table

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This one is a real classic, it is suitable for any kind of space, and it will perfectly fit in every living room. Two drawers and two storage cubbies are an ultimate solution for small details in your homes. You can easily put some books and other stuff there, because the table has many functions. Storage space is guaranteed, which makes it ideal for any living room.

Bronze-tone hardware is great for open and light areas, especially if you have some other light elements in the room. The combination of light and darker colors is perfect for a balanced interior. Choose this table if you like practical solutions in your space.Pros

  • Made of quality materials including engineered wood and veneers
  • Charming and classy look
  • Hinged lift-top for storage underneath


  • Slightly higher price
  • A little bit heavier than expected

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8. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Set of 3 Tables

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Set of 3 Tables

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How about getting 3 tables at the price of one? A good offer, right? Of course, it is. In this case, you get three amazing tables at a very affordable price, all of that combined with great diversity and handy function.

Vintage-inspired style will give a rustic element to your living room where everything gets a new dimension. A warm and old-vibe wood finish will soften the entire space and make it more beautiful. That’s the power of this table made by Ashley Furniture Industries.Pros

  • Aged bronze details for a classy look
  • Perfectly combined wooden and metal elements
  • Tools, hardware, and instructions included in the package


  • A little bit darker finish
  • More time for maintenance needed

7. Ashley Furniture Cocktail Height Table

Ashley Furniture Cocktail Height Table

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If we can say one word for this table, it must be – simplicity. Everything is so simple about this table, and that is exactly what makes it beautiful. If you are not into fancy and numerous decorations, go to this table. You’ll get a balance in your space. That is what we usually need in our living room. Stylish and square legs are perfectly combined with the overall blocky design.

At the same time, the hand-finished brown hue contributes to the overall elegance. In this case, everything is made to leave a classy impression. When you want something simple and elegant at the same time, choose this table and complement the room with a tasteful piece of furniture.Pros

  • Perfect for large living spaces
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • A simple silhouette


  • Not much space for storage
  • Finish should be more expressive

6. Ashley Furniture Woodboro Table

Ashley Furniture Woodboro Table

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Vintage and storage come together to create this Ashley Furniture coffee table. Everything you need is here. From the ultimate 4 drawers all the way to the solid table top, everything is made to support your needs for storage. You can finally put all those small details that make the life easier. With this coffee table, the interior gets a new dimension.

Enjoy in great portability of the table, because there are caster legs for easier movement. The table can be in one area of your home during the day and in the other room in the evening. It depends on your actual needs and desires. It is good to know this solution is possible.Pros

  • Evergreen design with a great functionality
  • Antiqued dark bronze-tone hardware
  • Great mobility


  • Heavy body
  • Not so easy to handle

5. Ashley Furniture Norcastle Table

Ashley Furniture Norcastle Table

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How classy this coffee table is! A beautiful sculptural shape gives another dimension to every space. There is something classy and stylish combined together in this table. For this reason, we recommend it if you want to give a stylish look to your interior. It will combine great with other wooden elements in your room, and the overall feeling of high-class beauty will be a true inspiration.

Serpentine legs and glass tabletop are the main features of this Ashley Furniture coffee table. If you like a unique approach to the home interior, choose this stylish option. Your room will get a symbol of good taste and eternal style.Pros

  • Easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Quality manmade wood
  • Classy design


  • Glass tabletop is prone to scratches

4. Ashley Furniture Glass Top Dark Brown Table

Ashley Furniture Glass Top Dark Brown Table

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Do you remember those old grandmas’ coffee tables with glass top and low legs? These are classics, and luckily, they are available on the market again. We have them thanks to Signature Design by Ashley.

More than anything else, we get one of the most beautiful classic designs in the history. This traditional coffee table is enhanced with stately grandeur and it provides a unique signature touch to your living room. The table is carefully crafted with the usage of the quality materials that give a long-lasting potential. You can literary have it for years and it will preserve the same good look like the first day. That’s the potential of this beautifully crafted coffee table.Pros

  • Unique design
  • Long-lasting potential
  • Interesting grandeur
  • Savory brown finish


  • Not many storage options

3. Ashley Furniture Nestor Glass Table

Ashley Furniture Nestor Glass Table

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A great elegance is a part of this table, as we can see the structure of the interesting design. Not too many tables have this kind of metal and wood combination which comes with this piece of furniture.

You can serve your guests with style and enhance the interior with it. The solutions are numerous and design plays the most important role here. If you are a fan of traditional style, go for this table. You’ll get detail in your room worth admiring.Pros

  • Great elegance in style
  • Durability is very high
  • Fixed shelf made of wood and metal
  • Interesting leaf decoration


  • Oval design makes does not combine with certain interiors

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2. Ashley Furniture Cocktail Table

Ashley Furniture Cocktail Table

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If you like a dash of European style in your home, consider this Ashley Furniture coffee table. It is a portable and elegant choice that has some outstanding features. Oil-rubbed finish is very classy and stylish, especially in the lower area. Legs are perfectly combined with the base of the table, which gives additional beauty to the table.

With this table, you’ll enjoy interesting design and great functionality.

Enjoying in tea and coffee becomes more stylish. This table gives you a great feeling of European style in your home.Pros

  • Oil-rubbed finish
  • Simple assembly instructions
  • Plenty of space for details
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Very sensitive for maintenance

1. Ashley Furniture Mestler Table

Ashley Furniture Mestler Table

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So many people like this coffee table. We love it too! Why? The reasons are numerous. It is simple, it is affordable, and more than anything else, it combines with other furniture perfectly.

The simple design and smart solutions make this table an outstanding piece. If we take a look at the tabletop, we can see good materials made of wood. If we take a glance at the bottom, we notice the slatted shelf that gives the additional beauty. A dash of contemporary style and simple design provide the best coffee table choice. It is great for any interior type because this kind of design suits most interiors in our homes.Pros

  • Both modern and traditional style
  • Durable wooden parts
  • Good storage options
  • Quality finish
  • Affordable price


  • Cannot support too heavy object


As you can see, there are numerous options on the market, and this list might help you make a good decision. We included the most popular Ashley Furniture coffee tables on the market, and each of them has something special. Complete your living room with some of these tables and make your home more beautiful.

Whichever choice you make, you can be sure that all the tables are made of quality materials that can last for long. That is what we expect from an Ashley Furniture coffee table. Great durability that lasts so long that our family members can inherit this kind of quality piece of furniture.


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