Top 10 Best Bicycle U Locks in 2021 Reviews


You can’t find a bike lock which is unbreakable, but you have every reason to invest in a top-notch bike lock. When you use the right lock, you eliminate the risks of anyone stealing the bike to a great extent. U-locks are not new products since they have been in existence for a long time. These locks act as strong deterrents for keeping away thieves.

A U-lock is able to resist hammers and chisels, though their horseshoe design might be quite limiting. In case you are thinking of purchasing a U-lock, ensure to apply the lock in a manner which lowers the grip available to potential thieves. Furthermore, ensure that your lock is simple to use. Below is a guide for selecting the best lock for your bike.

Bicycle Locks Buying Guide

  • Type of lock:  The most known bike locks include folding locks, cable locks but the best one is the U-lock. The latter acts as a giant lock used in securing the bike. The U-lock’s structure makes it withstand forces from items such as chisels or hammers.
  • Size: It’s a good idea to select a small or medium size model, one which is able to lock the bike frame to some object. It does not make sense to ride with a big bike lock since it is going to be disturbing due to its heavy weight.
  • Security Rating: Security of bike locks is categorized into 3 different ratings, namely Bronze, Silver, and Gold which is the highest rating. Just ensure to purchase bike locks which have a rating of silver at least to be safe. Otherwise, Gold is the best option.
  • Keys: In the market, you will get combination locks & keyed bike locks. Most cyclists opt for the latter since they are hard to break implying that security is better. If you lose the keys for your lock, you just contact the manufacturer of the lock to have the keys replaced.

Best Bicycle U Locks Reviews

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Hiplok DX Bicycle U LockCheck on Amazon
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SIGTUNA Bike locks – 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock with U-Lock Shackle and Bicycle Lock Mount Holder +…Check on Amazon
MEETLOCKS Ultra U Shackle Lock,Heavy Duty Combination,Easy-fix Bracket,Three Solid Brass Key Rekey…Check on Amazon
Diamondback Holmes U-Lock with Cable Bicycle Lock Set, BlackCheck on Amazon
Cocoweb Armbar Bike U-Lock with LotusLock Bicycle Flex Cable Bike Lock Combo – SLABBK-SLLLBK60Check on Amazon
Heavy Duty Combination Bike U Lock, OUTERDO Bicycle U Lock Cycling Cable U Locks Self Coiling…Check on Amazon
ONG: 8001 Brute STD U-Lock 4.37″x7.96″ W/X4 LockCheck on Amazon
Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock with 4ft Flex Bike CableCheck on Amazon

10. Amazer Heavy Duty Lock

Amazer Heavy Duty Lock

  See It Now on Amazon

This is an amazing bike lock that is U-shaped which makes it even hard for the thieves to destroy this lock. This lock has a weight of 1.8 lbs making it even more portable as compared to its counterparts. The lock has a PVC coating making it thicker and its lining helps in preventing the frame from scratches. This lock is also simple to use.

This lock has no solid secure rating through the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee of one month. The lock which has a zinc alloy is suitable for areas that have a low rate of crime such as rural areas. Making use of combination locks is not that secure as compared to using a key. However, there is a combo implying that you don’t have to worry about losing the key.Pros

• Simple to use
• AffordableCons

• Heavy

9. Hiplock DX lock

Hiplock DX lock

  See It Now on Amazon

In case you need a product that has a high security level, then this is the ideal choice for you. This lock accompanies 3 keys together with a coded replacement program which is unique. Overall, this lock is definitely going to secure your bike from potential thieves. This lock is able to resist items like chisels or hammers not forgetting that it has a Gold rating.

This lock features a very unique clip which makes it easier to carry it on bag straps or belts, implying that no bracket will be required. This lock arrives with three distinctive keys which imply that there is no need to worry when you lose your key since you will be able to unlock the lock and restore your pride again.Pros

• It has a good length
• Affordable pricingCons

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8. Bell CATALYST lock

Bell CATALYST lock

  See It Now on Amazon

This simple bike lock arrives in several variations which make it simple to select the level of security as well as the price tag which is ideal for you. This lock comes with 2 keys implying that you will not have to worry in case you misplace one of the lock’s key. The lock has a carrying bracket which makes it easy to carry it along with you.

This lock also has a vinyl crossbar & a shackle coating that protects your bike from scratches when riding. This bike’s sturdy steel shackle guarantees high levels of security. With this lock, it is easy to set up your own combo. If you are looking for a bike lock that has guaranteed security and one which is affordable, this is the ideal choice for you.Pros

• Available in many variations
• It has 2 keysCons

• It is a bit heavy

7. SIGTUNA Bike lock

SIGTUNA Bike lock

  See It Now on Amazon

This bike arrives with a 1200mm flex cable as well as a bracket for mounting. It offers a serious security for your bike wherever place you go. This lock is considered secure due to its dual bolt locking technique that it uses. This brings additional protection to the lock. This lock’s cable’s coat has a soft feel that makes it harder to cut making your bike safe from thieves.

With its heavy duty design, this lock can be utilized for a long time since it is able to withstand outdoor conditions perfectly. Due to its advanced design and its sturdy material, the lock qualifies to be a secure one that everyone should acquire. This lock has a very long reach that makes it ideal for securing your bike’s wheels.Pros

• Easy to use
• High qualityCons

• None

6. MEETLOCKS Ultra lock

MEETLOCKS Ultra lock

  See It Now on Amazon

This lock works great in protecting your bike from being stolen. This lock has been made using high-quality materials and this is the reason why this lock lasts for a long time. Its rubber cover protects this lock’s outer area from any damage in any weather condition. Its hardened steel shackle makes it difficult to cut which guarantees you security.

This lock is not any to use which means that it can be installed with much ease. The lock is adjustable to 360 degrees. This brings comfort and flexibility to the user. In case you lose the lock’s key, it is possible to get a backup key from your supplier. This lock has a lightweight which means that you can carry the lock wherever you go without any stress.Pros

• Simple to use
• Hardened steel shackleCons

• Not steady

5. Diamondback Holmes lock

Diamondback Holmes lock

  See It Now on Amazon

This lock plays an important role in locking your bike when parking at risky places. This lock works efficiently allowing someone to leave their anywhere they wish wants. Being made of top-notch materials makes this device extremely durable. This lock’s standard steel works well in all weather conditions protecting the lock from any damages.

The lock can be used in any situation, and its crossing bar helps in protecting the lock in case anyone attempts to unlock it without you noticing. It accompanies two keys which help you in case you lose one of the keys. Its cylinder is going to execute by following simple steps. This makes the use of this lock much easier.Pros

• Durable
• Less expensiveCons

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4. Cocoweb lock

Cocoweb lock

  See It Now on Amazon

This lock is among the portable devices which play an important role in protecting your bike against theft. It has a sturdy construction since it’s made of solid steel which makes it strong as well as portable. It can be used for motorbikes too. The process of mounting is not any hard and it can be done within two or three seconds.

This lock is PVC coated which protects your bike from any scratches. Its outer layer is capable to withstand any weather condition for a long period of time. With this model, do not expect any breakages. This lock comes with a cable that is meant for extra protection against potential thieves. This lock is going to last long and you won’t prefer another lock.Pros

• Rust free
• ConvenientCons

• Lock gets stucked sometime

3. OUTERDO Bike lock

OUTERDO Bike lock

  See It Now on Amazon

This is among the best option that has some unique features that work perfectly. This lock has an affordable price plus an environmentally-friendly silicon design. The lock is also ergonomic which makes it easy to handle and maneuver. This lock is difficult to crack which makes it among the best locks for high as well as low-risk places.

Its block is not easy to cut due to the fact that it’s resistant to the brutal forces and at the same time its flex cable cannot be cut with ease. It accompanies a sturdy and flexible cable that allows it to lock to objects around. It is not only applicable to bikes but it can also be used for other valuable items as well. This lock makes use of a key locking strategy where it comes with 3 spare keys.Pros

• Multiple uses
• LightCons

• Knob can get stucked

2. OnGuard Brute STD lock

OnGuard Brute STD lock

  See It Now on Amazon

This lock has a unique locking mechanism that offers a four-sided protection to ensure maximum security. The lock features a mounting bracket which adds its convenience. The lock also features some micro-light key which has a white beam projection. Its mounting bracket helps in securing the lock onto different bike frames sizes.

Its quick release feature eliminates potential challenges that you might encounter when handling the lock mechanism. The feature ensures this by coordinating with the snap lock. The lock also comes with five keys that are easy to use but hard to replicate. This lock is a great choice worth considering particularly if you are looking for top quality on a budget.Pros

• Four-sided protection
• Mounting bracketCons

• Its cylinder has been exposed to dust

1. Kryptonite KryptoLok lock

Kryptonite KryptoLok lock

  See It Now on Amazon

This lock comes in two variations which are both recommended. It has been featured among the best bike locks in the world. It has some anti-rattle bumpers which help in reducing the noise as you ride your bike. There are many additional features with this lock, apart from its locking feature. The lock feature, however, accompanies a disc-shaped cylinder.

The manufacturers have guaranteed that this lock ensures high-security levels. This is backed up by a center keyway. This defends your bike lock from leverage attacks. On top of that, its rotating dust cover shields the cylinder implying that this lock offers maximum protection. The lock also features a dual loop cable for extra security. This is among the best-rated bike locks around.Pros

• Shackle resists cutting
• It has anti-rattle bumpers that reduce noise during travelingCons

• A bit heavy


Even if your bike isn’t that expensive, it is really painful to come back to the place you left the bike only to find the bike stolen. U-locks, offer reliable protection from thieves, with some of them being able to resist the bolt cutters or picks. Some of them offer an adequate room or extra cables for securing your bike’s wheels as well as the frame. You just have to pick the one which suits you from the list above.


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