Top 10 Best Canopy Weights in 2021 Reviews


If you just bought your canopy tent and you are worried of the excess wind around your location. You may purchase a canopy, but without the right set of canopy weights, your canopy can be blown by the wind very easily. You need to worry no more because canopy weights are here to solve this problem for you.

Before buying any canopy weight, you should consider many factors to avoid making a wrong purchase. There are many types of canopy weights made with different designs and functions. Consider what to add on the weight either sand, water or a Velcro strap to make adjustments.

Best Canopy Weight Review

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10. US Weight Tailgater Canopy Weights

US Weight Tailgater Canopy Weights

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If you are looking for canopy leg weights that do not require sand, filling or tiring when putting them up, this weight is the best choice. It has four separate plates that are made from recycled rust-proof plastic and a strong cement core. Each plate measures an average mass that makes it portable to be carried.

The weights have an interlocking design that makes it easy for the plates to fit in canopy poles. The weights have a no-pinch design for proper setting and removal of weights. Before choosing the weights, always ensure to look for the right size because they are not adjustable and are suited for pop up canopies.Features

  • Contains rustproof plastic plates
  • Has a durable cement core
  • Portable plates
  • Interlocking design for easy fitting of plates in poles
  • No-pinch design that makes it easy for installation

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9. Eurmax Weight Bags

Eurmax Weight Bags

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When choosing the best canopy weights, you have to look for stability, reliability and versatility. Has a set of four weight bags that are durable. The bags can be filled with sand, snow or rocks for extra support. Has a lock design system that ensures the weight bags stay connected to the canopy legs.

It has durable polyester that can take the strain of heavy filler without ripping. It can also be used on the straight leg or slanted leg canopies for more compatibility. The weights are durable and strong, and this will keep your canopy attached firm on the ground.Features

  • The weights are stable and reliable
  • Have four different weight bags that are durable
  • Has a lock design system for attachment of canopy bags to canopy legs
  • Has durable polyester
  • Used for both slanted leg and straight leg canopies
  • Durable weights

8. Ohuhu Canopy Weight Bags

Ohuhu Canopy Weight Bags

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They are made from a rugged double stitched quality fabric material that is long and wide enough. The weight bags are made to last longer without tearing. They have robust dual zippered compartments fixed together where they hold more sand in each of the four units. Each bag is equipped with a hook and a nail to withstand wind or any weather.

They also have strong anchor points that are sturdy and come with weather stakes to ensure your canopy is attached to the ground even when the wind is strong. They also have long Velcro straps for adjustment and are suitable for legs with a four by four diameter and this suits even the bigger canopies.Features

  • High-quality fabric material
  • Have stripper compartments
  • Can be used in any extreme weather conditions
  • Double stitched bag seam to enhance durability
  • Has a Velcro strap for holding and enhancing ease of use

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7. Quick Shade Canopy Weight

Quick Shade Canopy Weight

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This weight is suitable when you are at the beach because it will stabilize your canopy against the breeze. They also have indentations that allow your canopy to interlock with each other and prevent them from falling.

This weight has a set of four disc-shaped plates for use with Quick Shade canopies or any other similar canopy that can fit the plates. Each weight weighs five pounds and is constructed from heavy cement that is coated with black polyester plastic. The weights will also keep your budget maintained.Features

  • Strong plates constructed from heavy cement
  • Has polyester plastic that is black coated to prevent corrosion
  • Have indentations for proper interlocking and preventing falling back of canopies
  • Has a set of four plates
  • Comes at affordable prices

6. Lifestyle Large Canopy Weights

Lifestyle Large Canopy Weights

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Each bag holds a bigger weight capacity, and this makes a canopy strong enough to resist wind. The bags have been designed in a way that they can resist any weather condition. Using the double-cylinder sandbags to firmly attach your canopy can be a good save to your canopy especially when the weather is windy.

It’s made from Oxford weave material with a water-resistant also has some rugged carry straps that make it easy to carry the weights. Each bag has heavy-duty zippers for secure and leak-free closure. It features a heavy- duty quick release system and dual-cylinder design to hug canopy legs.Features

  • Multi-purpose
    Strong weights to resist winds
    Made with a double cylinder design for attachment to the ground
    Has an Oxford weave material with water-resistant lining
    Heavy duty quick release system to hug canopy legs
    Portable weights

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5. Abccanopy Tent Weight Feet Drum

.Abccanopy Tent Weight Feet Drum

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Made from heavy-duty plastic where the drums can be filled with water or sand and should be a balanced volume. The weight is made with a circular design that eliminates the need of crushing the shins into hard edges and it becomes very easy to clean. They are easy to assemble, and no tools are required.

Has a clipping system that can secure in minutes and easy screws can also be fitted in seconds. This weight is best for poles of one diameter to fit best in canopies. They have heavy duty Velcro strap that is attached to the pop up canopy weights to fit any pole size tightly.

  • atures
  • Made with heavy-duty plastic
  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • Made with a circular design for easy cleaning
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a clipping system secured only in minutes
  • Heavy duty Velcro strap for holding canopy poles tightly


4. Eurmax Upgraded Canopy Water Weight

 Eurmax Upgraded Canopy Water Weight

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If you are looking for a canopy leg weight, consider a weight that is robust. Each of the four weight bottles has a favourable weight that helps to keep canopies stably. Has a designed Velcro locking system that gives you a relaxation state because you know very well that your canopy cannot be destroyed by any hurricane.

Have a commercial canopy frame that is strong and durable, and this will keep you away from the shops. The weights also come in affordable prices that favor your pocket.Features

  • Favorable weight for the stability of your canopy
  • Designed Velcro locking system for securing your canopy
  • Durable commercial canopy fame
  • Affordable prices

3. Master Canopy Tent Weights

Master Canopy Tent Weights

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This weight is suitable for pop up tents whether small or large and can also be used for other canopy tents because it is strong. The weight bags can hold a maximum of twenty pounds on rock and sand. The weights are perfect for surfaces despite the terrain where you are camping.

The weight bag has a waterproof polyester fabric coated where this coating makes it resistant to rusting or corrosion. The weight bags are one of strongest bags in the current market. The weights are affordable to purchase without making an extra purchase.Features

  • Suitable for any canopy tent
  • Strong weight to resist any weather
  • Perfect for all surfaces
  • Waterproof polyester
  • Corrosion proof and rust proof
  • Affordable price

2. Leader Accessories 4Pcs Canopy Weights

Leader Accessories 4Pcs Canopy Weights

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The weights are important to use with your instant canopy or a quick-shade tent. You only have to fill the bags with sand or your preferred material and put them to the base of your inventory. The weight has a heavy-duty oxford material that is waterproof PVC coating.

Contains a full-length sturdy buckle-system and a dual cylinder design to hug canopy legs easily. Has rugged nylon strips with a hand carry handle for easier carrying and transporting. The also has a security strap that holds the canopy firmly and double stitching for reinforcement.Features

  • Perfect for the instant canopy and quick-shade tents
  • Heavy duty oxford material that is waterproof
  • Has a dual cylinder design for to hug canopy legs
  • Rugged nylon straps for easier carrying
  • Security strap for more reinforcement on the ground

1. Heavy Duty Abbcanopy Instant Canopy Weights

 Heavy Duty Abbcanopy Instant Canopy Weights

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This is a premium canopy bag that is suited for all types of canopy tents. These weights are the best in the current market because they are made from quality material and durable. The bags can hold a mass of forty pounds on dirt or rocks. They are also suitable to use during windy seasons because the weights are strong enough in resisting the winds.

It has a hook and a loop strap that is connected to every bag as it wraps around the leg to the canopy helping it to resist strong winds. The weights are a great choice if you don’t want to spend much spending.Features

  • Suited for all canopy tents
  • Made with quality material
  • Durable weights
  • Contains a hook and a loop strap for support

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Canopy Weight

  • Durability: Any canopy weight should be made to last for long so that you can save on time by time purchasing costs. A durable weight will also give you the peace of mind and comfort because your canopy cannot fall easily.
  • Material: The building material of the weight should be a strong material that will resist any form of bad weather like wind or heavy rains. Consider whether you want the plastic made materials or the durable polyester materials for your weight. A strong weight material will keep your canopy firm on the ground throughout your camping time.
  • Cost: When buying a canopy weight, ensure it is cost saving determining on your needs and strength of your pocket. There are many canopy weights where some are expensive but very functional while others are cheap, but they still perform their functions effectively. So, it only determines with your need and the strength of your pocket.
  • Design: The design a weight has usually determines a lot how your weight will function. Consider buying a weight that will suit your canopy needs. It should have a portable design such that you can carry it easily without struggling.
  • Weight: The canopy weight should have enough weight to hold down your canopy to prevent it from being carried by the wind. It should also be strong enough so that it holds the canopy on the ground.


For your canopy to be firmly attached to the ground, you must have the best weights so that your camping time becomes interesting from any distractions. We have many different types of canopy weights, but you should consider some factors like durability, cost, material, design, and functionality before buying any weight. The guide above will help you choose the top 10 best canopy weights in 2021. Always remember to choose a canopy that suits your needs.


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