Top 10 Best Essential Oil Boxes in 2021 Reviews


It’s not strange to find yourself wandering up and down in your house looking for oils bottles, rollers, or bottle openers you mistakenly lost or misplaced. You will agree that this is a nuisance and an unnecessary inconvenience. Are you tired of repeating the same nuisance over and over? If yes, what you need is a good essential oil box that will keep your oil collections safe from damages, sunlight, and save you from everyday inconveniences.

With that assessment, you can then compare what the market has to offer against your needs. This review article will help you to make an informed decision. The products are arranged from #10 to #1.

Best Essential Oil Box Reviews

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10. 90 Degrees Open Lid Essential Oil Box, Wooden, 15ML

90 Degrees Open Lid Essential Oil Box, Wooden, 15ML

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Display your fine collections of oil in this 7.5” square pine wood box. Being 4.5” in height and since its lid has unique hinges that are designed to open and stay upright at a right angle (it doesn’t flop over), this box is able to accommodate bottles of varied heights. Besides giving the box an elegant outer look, the boxes’ etched design adds to the safety standards and makes it perfect for storing 1-ounce bottles, roller balls, and 1/4 ounce bottles oil bottles. DoTERRA s roller oils fit perfectly well in this box. The wooden casing is smooth for your touch and beautiful to the eye.

If you like traveling with your oil, this oil box is good for you because it has an upgraded purple foam insert that when you place it underneath the lid, it holds the bottles securely in place. You will find labels on top of the lid that will help you to know the box contents even before you remove them, as well as to organize the box. If you intend to give the box as a gift, this box is shipped in a beautiful white wrapper that will definitely excite your gift recipient. What’s more, you are guaranteed of ultimate satisfaction after buying this box; from quick shipping to great customer care experience to get a replacement in case of a faulty box upon delivery, to a lifetime warranty against material defects.Pros

  • Great layout and design.
  • Great quality materials.
  • Small and portable.
  • Beautiful and secure foam cover.
  • The lid stays upright when open.


  • Too small for large bottles, over 15ML.

9. Plant Therapy Essential Oil Box

Plant Therapy Essential Oil Box

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25 of your roller ball or dropper bottles of between 5ML and 15ML will fit perfectly in this beautiful box. The box is light for portability but strong for protection. The box is divided into 25 storage compartments of internal measurement 1-1/8 inches square. Its natural wood finish means that it will look good sitting in your living room, bathroom sink, dresser top, or kitchen- literally anywhere in your house or office. Better still, you can paint the case and customize it to the colors of your choosing.

Besides Plant Therapy oils, nearly all essential oil bottles made by DoTerra fit well in this box as well as a selected Now Foods and Aura Cacia made bottles- bottles of 3” or less in height fits well when the lid is open but when closed, 2-3/4” is the most you could hope for. The lock is metallic while the casing is made of thick wood making the box strong and secure for travel, as well as making it durable.Pros

  • Cute box.
  • Lightweight for portability.
  • Perfect size.
  • Very fair price.
  • Sturdy and strong.


  • The lid doesn’t stand upright when open.
  • Won’t fit roll-on bottles or large plant therapy oils.
  • Can’t be returned once bought.
  • Flimsy hinges.
  • Doesn’t come with labels.

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8. Aroma Design Essential Oil Box

Aroma Design Essential Oil Box

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You will enjoy making presentations and displays with this beautiful wooden essential oil bottles holder. Your organization and neatness will go a notch higher with this box because it comes with labels for nearly all essential oil brands- the popular brands have at least two pre-printed labels. If you need more labels, you can always order some from the manufacturer. What’s more, you are given an adhesive that you use to fix the labels permanently on the lid so that you will not have to keep getting them back to position whenever oil spills on them.

The box will keep your oil collection safe from sunlight and accidental breakages. The storage compartment and the lid are separated by a small gap to create room for slightly taller bottles. A variety of essential oil bottles from Young Living, Simply Earth, and Eden’s Garden fit well in this box. 5ML and smaller bottles from Rocky Mountain Oils, DoTerra, and Wellness Scent fit well too. The casing isn’t finished so if you love natural wood, this box will excite you; as a matter of fact, the mixture of natural wood and natural oils is simply awesome. Upon purchase, you will get 3 A4 sheets filled with pre-printed labels of the common oil brands, as well as a couple oil droppers to use in blending oils.Pros

  • Looks clean and beautiful.
  • Good at minimizing unwanted oil odor.
  • Sturdy.
  • Comes with label sheets.
  • Free bottle opener.


  • Now Food bottles and a few others don’t fit.
  • Not the best for traveling.

7. Removable Foam Padding and EO Labels, Stores 87-100 Bottles & Roller Balls

Removable Foam Padding and EO Labels, Stores 87-100 Bottles & Roller Balls

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With dimensions of 14.17 inches by 12.00 inches (L X W), this essential oil box is among the largest boxes of its kind. You will be able to comfortably store up to 87 oil bottles at a go, 75 of them erect and the other 12 slanting. Each storage compartment measures 1.25 inches x 1.25 inches by 2.75 inches, allowing you to store even as big as 20ML bottles. For bottles bigger than that, such as 30ML, you can store them in the slanting compartments which measure 3.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. On top of that, the box comes with a removable purple foam insert that keeps the bottles well held in place and a sheet of labels to help you in content organization.

The metallic latch and the natural pine wooden casing makes the box extra sturdy and ensuring that your oil collection is safe either at home, during a presentation at school or workplace, or when you decide to carry it to your dream vacation overseas. You will not have to worry about the lid taking up too much space when open because the box has strong hinges that are designed to keep the lid at 90 degrees. The manufacturer, on the other hand, gives you a lifetime warranty for specific cases of defects that may have arisen from manufacturing or shipping.Pros

  • Large storage space.
  • Beautiful and stylish.
  • Strong hinges and clasp.
  • Quality and sturdy materials.
  • Good for traveling.


  • The removable foam insert keeps falling out.
  • Hinges too sturdy that the lid is difficult to close.

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6. Large Organizer with Handle EO Box

Large Organizer with Handle EO Box

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Grab this 3-tier essential oil box for your short and tall oil bottles from all the major brands. To add to the natural beauty of pine wood, this box is elegantly designed with dovetail edges and etched surfaces. The three vertical drawers save your table space and increase your storage space threefold- it can hold up to 100 bottles of 5ML, 10ML, and 15ML.

The bottom drawer has removable partitions which, if you need space for tall bottles, you just remove them so that you can arrange the bottles lying down. What makes this box rank this high is its elegant metallic handle that complements sturdiness and makes the box easy to carry and travel with. Material and workmanship defects have a lifetime warranty, the customer care service is awesome, and the overall ordering and delivery experience is unmatched.Pros

  • Beautiful.
  • Saves tablespace.
  • Bottom drawer can store even tall bottles.
  • Convenient to carry around.


  • Bulky.

5. SOLIGT 72 Bottle Wooden Large Essential Oil Storage Box

SOLIGT 72 Bottle Wooden Large Essential Oil Storage Box

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This essential oil box has a handle, double metallic snap buckles, and 8 slots specifically designed (slanted) for roller bottles. The handle and the double latches, together with the fact that the box is lightweight, makes this box ideal for traveling and presentations. 72 essential oil bottles of 10ML and 15ML will fit well in the box. At the middle of the box is an adjustable section that you can remove in order to accommodate tall roll-on bottles.

As for the hinges, they are powerful enough to hold the lid up when open and are highly durable. The case is 100%hand crafted and is left with a natural unfinished feel of pine wood which is beautiful, stain resistant, and easy to clean. This, together with the bottle labels provided, makes content organization easy and perfect. As a bonus, you will get a bottle opener for free.Pros

  • Keeps oil odor away.
  • Strong hardware.
  • Comes with rollers and bottle opener.
  • Adjustable compartments.


  • The rollers leave little space for bottles.

4. Natural Pine, Wooden Storage Case. Free EO Labels & Foam Pad, 36 Bottle slots Designed for Tall Boxes.

Natural Pine, Wooden Storage Case. Free EO Labels & Foam Pad, 36 Bottle slots Designed for Tall Boxes.

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Do you desire for a box that is tall enough to comfortably accommodate 36 tall roller bottles or essential oil bottles? This is the box for you. Its special features include a lid that opens at 90 degrees, beautifully etched surface, and beveled edges, all of which enhances safety and significantly contribute to its overall elegance. Bottles of oil brands manufactured by Young Living, doTERRA, and Plant Therapy, as well as any other bottle shorter than 3” will fit well in this box when the lid is closed.

Each of the 36 compartments measures 1.25 inches square, making them ideal for a wide range of bottle diameters. The interior compartments are firm and of great quality but when the need arises, you can remove some of them. Label stickers and the foam padding are additional bonuses once you purchase this box.Pros

  • On-time delivery.
  • Quality material.
  • Holds tall bottles upright.
  • Looks nice.
  • Holds bottles securely.
  • Wood smells well.


  • Lacks a handle.

3. Natural Plant Based Wax Finish Essential Oil Box

Natural Plant Based Wax Finish Essential Oil Box

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This box holds up to 60 bottles from the popular essential oil brands, Eden’s Garden included. Of the 68, 56 are 5-15ML bottles while the remaining 12 are designed for roller bottles. The craftsmanship employed in making this box is impeccable and the end product is exceptionally elegant. When you remove the removable section of the interior compartments, you will be able to store several 1-ounce bottles laid on their side.

The foam lid insert keeps the bottles in place and ensures that they are safe when you carry it around, while the handle makes this convenient. The latches, hinges, and pine wood casing are all of a high quality and will not break easily during and after shipping. If you place this box anywhere in the house or office, its unique pinewood smell will fill the room and give it a wonderful fragrance.Pros

  • Smells wonderful.
  • Expensive looking though cheap.


  • The lid fits too tightly.

2. Natural Pine, Free EO Labels & Foam Pad, Great For Travel

Natural Pine, Free EO Labels & Foam Pad, Great For Travel

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This box makes it to the second position due to its versatility, sturdiness, elegance in design, lifetime warranty. It has strong interior dividers that divide the 13.25″ (Length) x 10.75″ (Width) box into 58 erect compartments that can carry 5-15ml bottles each, and 12 slanted compartments designed for 10ml roller bottles. The box is easy to store, protects its contents well, and is convenient to carry around.

Your home will get a natural feel with this box but, if you so wish, you can customize its finish to your liking. You will be thrilled by the world-class customer service you will get from the manufacturer and amazed at how cheap the box is, its expensive look notwithstanding. If you need more room, you can remove the dividers and use the open space to your satisfaction.Pros

  • Excellent price.
  • Great quality product.
  • The hinges are nice and strong.
  • Beautiful natural finish.


  • none

1. SOLIGT 25 Slot Wooden Essential Oil Box, Travel and Representation

SOLIGT 25 Slot Wooden Essential Oil Box, Travel and Representation

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This is a small, sturdy, and lightweight essential oil box that is designed for convenient transportation, elegance, and 100% oil protection from sunlight. This is the box you need for perfect presentation either at class or even during national and international gatherings. The removable padding under the lid protects the bottles and ensures that the bottles do not make a sound when you carry it.

This box is the biggest wow factor in the market today, so you are guaranteed of your own satisfaction and 100? Approval from friends and family. The lid fits tightly and nicely so you have no reason to worry about unnecessary oil odor.Pros

  • Odorless
  • Perfect small size.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Easy and convenient to carry.


  • It could be too small.

Factors to Consider When Buying Essential Oil Boxes

There are many beautiful and sturdy wooden storage boxes out there that helps you to protect and organize your oil treasures, although they differ in sizes, quality and, of course, prices. To get the right essential oil box for the right oil collection, you will need to know the basics: what is the quality of the box’ hinges, latches, and casing? What are the terms of purchase; is the box returnable? Does it have a warranty? You also need to know how many bottles the box can store and the exact size of the bottles.


The better you store your essential oils, the more organized you’ll appear even to your friends, and the more durable your oils are. When choosing the essential oil box, be sure to make the considerations discussed here and you will never regret that. Remember: elegance and affordability should always be the common denominator when making purchases.


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