Top 10 Best Firewood Racks in 2021 Reviews


The firewood storage on the floor may always be unsafe mostly during the winter. It is due to the fact that they will get damp, eaten by bugs, or get disorganized. In order to neatly keep the woods away from bugs and dampness, it is necessary to buy the best firewood rack. Today, there are a number of firewood racks suitable for everyday use though some may never last. This is why you need to think out for a number of factors as you purchase. Some of these include the construction, size, stability, and ease of assembly among others.

Best Firewood Racks Reviews

100% Steel Deluxe 4-ft Firewood Log Rack Heavy Duty Holds Over 30 Cubic Ft of Firewood…Check on Amazon
1. GO 3 Feet Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Firewood Log Rack with Wood Holder, 30 Inch TallCheck on Amazon
MyGift Scrollwork Firewood Rack, Freestanding Fireside Log Storage Holder, BlackCheck on Amazon
Patio Watcher 3-Foot Firewood Rack Log Rack Indoor Outdoor Fire Wood Storage Log Holder with…Check on Amazon
Woodhaven The 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with CoverCheck on Amazon
Enclume Large Rectangular Log Rack, Hammered SteelCheck on Amazon
Sunnydaze Outdoor and Indoor Firewood Log Rack Bracket Kit – Black Powder-Coated Steel Fireplace…Check on Amazon
Landmann 82443 Firewood Rack with Cover – 8 FeetCheck on Amazon
2x4basics 90144 Firewood Rack System, BlackCheck on Amazon
Amagabeli Fireplace Log Rack with 4 Tools Indoor Outdoor Fireside Firewood Holders Lumber Storage…Check on Amazon

10. Industrial by Design 4-Feet Heavy-Duty Firewood Rack

Industrial by Design 4-Feet Heavy-Duty Firewood Rack

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For those who wish to keep the firewood safe, this is a perfect rack that will store all the woods. This rack is very stable and allows you to load more than 30 cubic feet of firewood. Second, to this, it is sturdy for it has been welded using the best quality of the material. It also has the arc welded end sections that make it more stable and stronger.

The rack is elementary to assemble since it has the step by step instructions. The elegant design of the rack suits it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The ergonomic design makes it easier to arrange and take off the firewood. Besides this, it also helps in maintaining the porch clean at all times.Features

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Accommodates up to 30 cubic feet
  • Powder coating
  • Easy assembly

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9. 1.Go Indoor/Outdoor Heavy-Duty Firewood Rack

1.Go Indoor/Outdoor Heavy-Duty Firewood Rack

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Where do you wish to keep the firewood? This is a multi-purpose firewood rack that it suits indoors and outdoors. This is because it has a compact design, making it great for indoor use. Apart from this, the rack is raised to keep the firewood from bugs and dampness; hence the firewood will always remain dry even during the winter.

Moreover, the log rack can be used near the fireplace and allows for easy removal of the firewood. The product is constructed using the thicker steel tube that makes it sturdy and durable. It has the double powder coat finish; hence corrosion resistant. The sturdy rack is able to hold and store up to 1/8 cord of firewood.Features

  • Thicker steel tube
  • Double powder coat finish
  • Sturdy and durable
  • 30-inches tall

8. MyGift Scrollwork Firewood Rack

 MyGift Scrollwork Firewood Rack

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This is a quality, stable, and durable rack that will keep all the firewood safe. The rack is very stable as it has been built of the best quality metal. With the black finish, it will stay free from rust and corrosion; hence appropriate for outdoor storage. Apart from this, the rack has a unique scrollwork design that makes it easier to pick the firewood. The rack is great for use near the fireplace to ensure that you easily access all the firewood.

Additionally, it is also recommended for indoor/outdoor use. The compact design of the rack makes it easily portable. The rack also brings out the elegance needed at the porch. Despite being one top-rated rack, it is relatively affordable. The rack can accommodate firewood of up to 23.75-inches in length.Features

  • Elegant scrollwork finish
  • Black finish
  • Metal construction
  • Durable and lightweight

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7. Patio Watcher Firewood Rack Log

Patio Watcher Firewood Rack Log

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Irrespective of where you wish to keep the firewood, this is a multi-purpose rack that will serve you better. You can install the rack near the fireplace, indoors, and outdoors. It is quick to assemble since all the parts and hardware is included in the kit. Moreover, the rack will keep the firewood safe from bugs and dampness. It has a raised bottom that will keep it above the ground level.

Additionally, it also keeps larger firewood that measures up to 3-foot long. This affordable rack is designed of the highest quality and heavy-duty steel material; hence will serve for years. To keep it safe from rust and corrosion, it has been coated perfectly. Due to this, the rack is suitable for use during the winter and summer.Features

  • 3-foot long
  • Powder coat finish
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable steel construction

6. Woodhaven Firewood Rack with Cover

 Woodhaven Firewood Rack with Cover

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The Woodhaven Firewood Rack is a great rack that will perfectly accommodate all the firewood. The rack measures 3-feet long, which mean it accommodates different woods safely. The raised bottom makes it great for keeping the woods dry and away from bugs. Moreover, it also has a standard cover that will keep the firewood safe from the rain in case you are keeping the firewood outdoors.

The durable rack has been constructed from the best quality of steel material. The baked powder coat finish also makes it attractive and corrosion resistant. It is a budget-friendly rack that is simple to put together and easily adjustable to the required height. This makes it the best rack for keeping more firewood.Features

  • Simple assembly
  • Powder coat finish
  • Automatically adjusts
  • 3-feet long

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5. Enclume Large Rectangular Log Rack

Enclume Large Rectangular Log Rack

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Keeping the firewood indoor or outdoor may always be challenging as they may get damp or eaten by bugs. With this quality and durable wood, you can be guaranteed the durability of the firewood even during the winter. This is because it is raised and keeps the firewood above the ground level. Moreover, the rack is relatively larger and can hold more firewood at a time. The design also makes it simpler to pack and remove the logs from the rack.

It now features in multi-colors that you can choose from as you buy the products. The rack is very sturdy for it has been constructed from the best quality of the material. This implies the rack serves for years. The rack is also lightweight as it weighs approximately 29 pounds.Features

  • Modern rectangular rack
  • Multi-colors
  • 29 pounds in weight
  • Highly durable

4. Sunnydaze Outdoor Firewood Rack

Sunnydaze Outdoor Firewood Rack

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The construction of the firewood rack is an important thing the buyer should think about before making the order. This is a perfect selection, which suits you better for it has been built from heavy-duty steel and wood stacker stand. The rack serves for years; hence an excellent pick you need to try out.

The rack is also ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It weighs about 6.8 pounds, which makes it portable. Besides this, it also accommodates more firewood than you may expect. You can easily adjust the rack to the required level to ensure that it accommodates all the firewood. The assembling process of the rack is simpler as it provides you with all parts and tools needed for the assembly.Features

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable length
  • Versatile options

3. Landmann Firewood Rack 82443 with Cover

Landmann Firewood Rack 82443 with Cover

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Do you look forward to the perfect rack that you can use during the summer and winter? With this quality rack, you can now keep your firewood outdoor as it has a cover. This will store the firewood safe from rain. The cover is designed from water-resistant PVC and has a zipper for easy covering. The rack is built of quality 18-gauge tubular steel material, which makes it super sturdy and stable.

Besides this, it has the powder coat finish, which makes it resistant to both rust and corrosion. This rack can accommodate more firewood since it is large and stable. With the four extra support legs, it is very stable and sturdy for more woods. The stand will perfectly and neatly stack all the firewood above the ground level.Features

  • PVC Cover
  • Four extra support legs
  • 18-gauge tubular steel
  • Powder coat finish

2. 2×4 Basics Firewood Rack System, 90144

2x4 Basics Firewood Rack System, 90144

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This is one rack that is large and stable rack that will keep all the firewood neatly and safely. The stable rack is made using the steel material and hardwood, which keeps it durable. The large design provides room for woods of up to 4 feet in size. The versatile rack is suited for indoor/outdoor use. This is because it is all weather structural resin that is recommended for use during the summer and winter.

The assembling process of the firewood rack is simpler and fast as it has all the hardware. The ergonomic design of the rack makes it simpler to neatly arrange all the firewood. This also allows for easy access whenever needed. It is one cost-effective and sturdy firewood rack that is great for long-term use.Features

  • Strong and functional
  • Easy assembly
  • 4-feet tall
  • All-weather structural resin

1. AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Fireplace Log Rack


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In order to easily access all the firewood whenever needed, this strong rack will definitely store all the firewood. This elegant and durable rack has been designed for indoor/outdoor use; hence a reliable product. Besides this, it also has a large capacity, which suits it for more and long firewood. The assembling of the rack is easier and faster as it has all you will need for the assembling.

Additionally, it also keeps the firewood safe from both bugs and dampness. The bottom part is raised; hence the firewood will be above the ground. The rack also has an ergonomic design, which includes the integrated hooks that you can use for hanging the brooms, pokers, and shovel among others.Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to assembly
  • Large capacity
  • 1-year warranty

Firewood Racks Buying Guide

For the best firewood, check out for a number of things like:

  • Size: The racks have been designed in multi-sizes, which require all buyers to find out the ideal size that will keep the firewood. There are racks that are 3-feet and up to 8-feet long. You need to carefully check for the exact size that will keep all sizes of firewood. The larger sizes provide adequate storage room to conveniently accommodate more firewood.
  • Construction: Apart from the size, you also need to think about the construction of the rack. Buy a rack that will serve for years without breaking down. The best rack needs to be designed from the best steel material. The steel must be powder coated to make it rust and corrosion resistant. Such type of rack suits both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to this, you may consider racks with a metallic base and wooden stands. The bottom part needs to be raised above the ground level to keep the woods from bugs and dampness.
  • Ease of Assembly: You also need to make sure that the firewood rack is elementary to assembly. The rack needs to come with all the hardware and parts needed for the assembly. With the parts, you only take a few minutes to complete the assembly.
  • Design: The best firewood rack also needs to have an ergonomic design. This will allow for easy arranging and removal of the firewood from the rack. Besides this, consider racks with integrated hooks that you can use for keeping additional items like tongs, shovel, and brooms.

You may also check for additional features and factors like the stability, adjustability, versatility, cost, and warranty of the rack.


When shopping for the firewood racks, these are valuable and long-lasting products to try out. These racks are known to be highly durable and sturdy. They have been built using quality steel and wood materials. The racks are also capable of keeping more woods just as expected. They are of multi-sizes for all buyers to buy one of his/her choices. Moreover, they are also versatile racks that you can use at the fireplace, indoors, and outdoors.

They have ergonomic designs plus integrated hooks for additional storage of other items. These racks are quick to assemble as you get the parts and hardware needed for the assembly. They are the ideal picks of firewood racks that store all the firewood safely. The racks are great for use during all the seasons. Some of them have weather-proof covers that makes them resist the poor weather to keep the firewood dry at all times.


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