Top 10 Best Floor Stand Lights in 2021 Reviews


To get an excellent illumination for reading, crafts, studying, and writing among others, you should find the best floor stand light that will provide a soft and bright illumination. The floor stands lights are always more reliable as they can be adjusted to lighten different points just as needed. They are also simple to control; hence you are assured of top-notch service. As you make the purchase of these lights, there are certain factors and features you have to look out for. Some of these are the number of lights, durability, ease of operation, and adjustability among others.

Best Floor Stand Light Reviews

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10. SUNLLIPE 3 Lights Floor Lamp Adjustable Stand Lamp

 SUNLLIPE 3 Lights Floor Lamp Adjustable Stand Lamp

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For those who need the best floor stand lamps for relaxing or reading, this is a favorite selection to try out. The quality floor lamp features three LED lamps that will perfectly illuminate the reading, studying or writing area. Other than this, the lamp has an elegant appearance, which will make it great for any living room. It is also a fully adjustable lamp. This implies that depending on the position you wish to move it, the lamp will assure you of excellent service.

In addition to this, it has the built-in 21W 3000 Kelvin power saving LED chips. Due to this, it economizes on power, making it a great selection. The lamp provides up to 40,000 hours of service and, therefore, ideal for long-term service.Features

  • Fully adjustable
  • Sturdy and safe design
  • Elegant appearance
  • 40,000 hours lifespan

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9. Boston Harbor TL-TREE Three Stand Floor Lights

Boston Harbor TL-TREE Three Stand Floor Lights

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The construction of the stand floor lamp is always an important factor you have to check out. Here is a durable light system that will assure you of years of service. This is due to the fact that the lights have been built using quality material and finished using satin nickel. This gives it an attractive look that makes great for the living room or study area. Besides this, the quality lights easily rotate and adjust. You can adjust the spotlights to suit your convenience.

Other than this, it can be rotated to 350 degrees and the pivot is movable to 45 degrees. It is also a sturdy and safe light system that you can rely on for long-term service. Despite being one quality choices, the light is relatively affordable.Features

  • 350-degrees rotatable
  • Satin nickel finish
  • Adjustable spotlights
  • Designed to last

8. HROOME Cool Tall Floor Stand Light

HROOME Cool Tall Floor Stand Light

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When you need the ultimate stand floor light that you can use in the bedroom, office, and living room, this is a perfect selection to try out. The stand light features the shade that makes it ideal for use in the office and bedroom. Second, to this, the light is also built to last since it has been constructed using the plywood and chemical free wood. Due to this, it will provide excellent and long-term service.

Other than this, it is elementary to use and store. You can easily adjust this quality stand light to suit your needs. It is very bright to fully illuminate the reading or writing area. Additionally, it also features in different finishes and the process of installation is very fast. It provides you with 1.6M cord with a button switch.Features

  • Screw Socket
  • Plywood and firm construction
  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable lamp

7. Rivet Minimalist Tripod Stand Floor Lamp

Rivet Minimalist Tripod Stand Floor Lamp

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Here is a unique floor stand light that will add warm ambiance and style to the room. This is due to the fact that the light has been designed to provide a warm light that will keep the room warmer. Other than this, the light has a strong steel tripod stand. This makes it very stable and durable. You may take about 15-30 minutes setting up the lights as they offer you with all the accessories and parts required for the installation.

In addition to this, it also features a drum shade and antique brass finish, which add the classic touches. The elegant light is suitable for use in different rooms and the bulbs are energy saving; hence will offer excellent and convenient service.Features

  • Contemporary and clean style
  • Drum shade and antique brass finish
  • Quick assembly
  • Brushed steel legs

6. Daylight24 Focus Adjustable Beam LED Floor Stand Light, 402071-39

Daylight24 Focus Adjustable Beam LED Floor Stand Light, 402071-39

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In case you need the perfect floor light you can rely on for top-notch service, you need to give this a try. The quality light features the 15.5-inch adjustable gooseneck, which will easily direct the light beam to areas you need it to be. This will assure you of maximum illumination needed when using the lights. It also has the energy efficient and clear 5W LED bulb. This always produces the crisp white light for increased illumination.

The stand light has a sleek and contemporary design as it has the steel pole and base. You can easily carry it to different rooms. It features in different finishes, which you can always choose from. The cost is relatively affordable even though it is one quality picks.Features

  • 3-year warranty
  • 5-inch adjustable gooseneck
  • Unique pull shade
  • Sleek and contemporary design

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5. 360 Lighting Luken Brushed Steel 3-Lights Floor Stand Light

360 Lighting Luken Brushed Steel 3-Lights Floor Stand Light

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For a sturdy and stable floor light, this unique light has a base of about 10-inches; hence will never fall off. It is also about 64-inch high though can be adjusted to suit your needs. The product features three lamps that will fully illuminate the area for better visibility. Other than this, it uses the 40-watt maximum bulbs, which saves energy; hence great for long-term use. To last for years, the stand has been designed using the best quality of the metal material.

The brushed steel finish also offers the ideal look that makes it suitable for any given room. The adjustable heads always guarantee reliable and convenient service as they can serve different users at the same time. Additionally, the shades have got their own on/off switch, which implies that you can only use one shade.Features

  • Brushed steel finish
  • Metal construction
  • 10-inch base
  • Three adjustable light heads

4. Joly Joy LED Modern Floor Stand Lights

oly Joy LED Modern Floor Stand Lights

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This is a stylish and ergonomic floor stand light that suits use in different places like the living room and bedroom. The light has a gooseneck that you can easily move to serve you better. It also offers a soft illumination, which is eye-friendly. Controlling the light is very simple as it has the remote system. This allows you to control it directly from the sitting point.

You can also operate the light using the touch control. The heavy base provides the best stability and support needed; hence the light cannot fall off easily. The durable light has been built using the best quality of metal. This implies that it will last for relatively longer. Additionally, for a great look, it has the black color.Features

  • Heavy base
  • 360-degree adjustable
  • Dual operation modes
  • Stylish decorate

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3. 360-Lighting Bingham Black Tree 3-light Floor Stand Lights

360-Lighting Bingham Black Tree 3-light Floor Stand Lights

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The number of lights in the stand is one consideration you need to look out for. This is a quality stand that has three heads; hence provides the best illumination. Additionally, it can also serve different users at the same time. The three lights comprise of the 150-watt bulb and two 40 Watt bulbs. Due to this, you will find them perfect for everyday use. It has been designed using the best quality of metal to offer long-term service.

The stand also has a black finish though there are other finishes you can choose from. Apart from this, the stand has a wide base of about 10-inches for better support and stability. It is a user-friendly lamp that you will easily operate just as you need it.Features

  • There light torchiere
  • ABS shades
  • Metal construction base and pole
  • Individual on-off switch

2. Lightaccents 150 Watt Metal Floor Light

Lightaccents 150 Watt Metal Floor Light

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For those who love reading and needs soft illumination at night, this is the perfect stand light to try out. The quality stand light is fully adjustable; hence you will always move it to the needed side. Apart from this, it also has the side reading light, which makes it suitable for every user.

Other than this, it features the incandescent torchiere floor lamp for the small and medium-sized rooms. With the elegant sleek satin nickel finish, it perfectly suits every room. The white-frosted plastic shade easily curves; hence will serve different purposes. The high quality light system features a 150-watt type of bulb, which enhances the light system. Apart from this, the elegant lamp is relatively affordable and last longer just as expected.Features

  • Fully adjustable side reading light
  • Easy assembly
  • Incandescent torchiere lamp
  • White-frosted plastic shade

1. Brightech Litespan LED Floor Stand Light

 Brightech Litespan LED Floor Stand Light

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When you need very bright lights that will provide the best illumination for reading and crafts, you need to give this light system a try. It is known to be very bright as it can produce up to 2,000 lumens. This makes it a versatile light that you can use for different activities. The light has a modern gooseneck, which you can easily adjust to suit your demands. The lamp has a strong metallic base, which provides the ultimate stability. This makes it safe for children as it cannot easily fall.

Besides this, it features about five different colors to choose from. The user-friendly stand light is perfect for use in the bedroom, office, and living room. It also has a strong metal construction, which extends the lifespan for years. The elegant finish perfectly suits it for every modern room.Features

  • Modern gooseneck
  • Extremely bright light
  • Five different colors
  • Sturdy and safe

Floor Stand Lights Buying Guide

These are some of the key features and factors that will aid you in getting the best floor stand light;

  • Number of Light Heads: Do you need the stand lights system with only a single head or more? There are lights that only have single heads while others have two or three heads. Depending on what you need, you should go for the perfect pick. For reliable and convenient service, the lights with three heads are recommended.
  • Adjustability: The stand light should also be easily adjustable. An adjustable light will suit different activities as you can adjust the head to face the direction you need it. Due to this, you will be assured of a more convenient service.
  • Base Support: You need a very safe and stable stand light when reading or studying. The best light needs to have a large base support, which will keep it sturdy. A base of about 10-inches wide or more is recommended as such lamp will always be safe for even the kids. Additionally, you also need to check out for the length of the stand. There are lights with the tripod stand, while others have a single stand on the large base. Generally, it needs to be long enough to allow for wide coverage of the light.
  • Operation: You also need to check out for the ease of operation of the stand light you need to buy. You can choose floor stand lights with the touch or remote control. Such lights are easy to control and provide more reliable service. Apart from this, you may also choose on stand lights that are controlled manually.

Apart from these features and factors, one also needs to check out for other additional factors like; the cost, warranty, installation, color, and brightness.


With these high quality and elegant floor stand lights, you can now get the perfect light system, which will serve you better and longer. The floor lights are easily adjustable; hence appropriate for different needs. Apart from this, they have been built using the quality metal material. This will definitely offer long-term service. The floor stand lights are also user-friendly and the process of installation is relatively faster. There are lights with thee heads while others have only a single head. This implies that you can always get the ideal pick that will serve you better. Why miss out on these quality stand lights? Order any of these lights today for a quick delivery.


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