Top 10 Best Hot Air Brushes in 2021 Reviews


Beauty products are accessories that you can’t take for granted. It’s such items that usually make our life easy, exciting and enjoyable. The hot air brush is among the best beauty products that you can have today. This is a hair styling device that works as a blow dryer and hairbrush. This tool will allow you to simultaneously style and also dry your hair. The barrel on this brush emits hot air via the vents.

However, the temperature and speed can be adjusted depending on your personal preferences. The controls are generally found on its handle. Most hot air brushes run on electricity even
though there are a few models that run on battery.

A great hot air brush doesn’t style and dries your hair only. Instead, it should stand out in flexibility, affordability, and versatility. It should be easy to use so as to allow the user to style her hair in various styles. Despite the styling properties that come with hot air brushes, it isn’t the same as curling iron. It is designed to perform the roles of a straightener and curling iron.

Best Hot Air Brush Reviews

When choosing a brush, you must do the thorough investigation. However, this might take time and not every person can access many styles. In regard to this, we have done all the work for you and we’ve listed the best airbrushes, with their pros and cons. Check out our 2019 review list:

Conair 2-in-1 Hot Air Curling ComboCheck on Amazon
Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free 2 -in -1 Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer, Blue, 1 Inch BarrelCheck on Amazon
Helen of Troy 1-1/2″ Professional Hot Air Brush StylerCheck on Amazon
Tru Beauty, Rotating Hot Air Brush, Ceramic Coated 2-inch Barrel, 2-in-1 Blow Dryer and Styler -…Check on Amazon
Jilbere Ceramic Tools 1000W Hot Air Brush 1-1/4 InchCheck on Amazon
Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush, BlackCheck on Amazon
John Frieda Hot Air Brush, 1 1/2-inch Hot Air BrushCheck on Amazon
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Spin Air Rotating Styler/Hot Air Brush, 2-inch, BlackCheck on Amazon
Remington T-Studio LUXE, 2 Way Rotating Spinning 1½-2″ Inch Hot Air Brush AS-8090Check on Amazon
BaBylissPRO BABNT178 Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush, 2 InchCheck on Amazon

10. Conair Supreme 2-in-1 Hot Air – Styling Brush

 Conair Supreme 2-in-1 Hot Air – Styling Brush

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Conair Supreme is a styling brush from a well-known brand. It’s among the leading hair styling devices that continues to gain widespread recognition as a necessary grooming equipment. This is mainly due to their unique, inbuilt features that enhance its performance. The brush boasts of a 2-in-1 curling brush that enhances volume and versatility. The hot air from this brush adds volume and body at the roots. It also has nylon bristle brush and integrated hair curler.

The aluminum barrel found on this tool enhances heat transfer. This excellent heat transfer feature will allow for long-lasting hairstyles. Besides its excellent heat transfer, the tool can be used on dry and damp hair. Also, it has 3 position; high, low and off that enhances safe controls of this beauty product. The swivel and cool tip ensure safe and easy maneuverability of this device.Pros

  • Features 2 heat settings as well as a cool setting
  • 2-inch barrel is also great when styling longer hair
  • Has anti-static and tangle-free brush bristles
  • The brush rotates in all directions
  • It has a removable filter for protecting motor life


  • Airflow is quite light
  • Thick brush diameter somewhat inhibits curling hair on some users

9. Vidal Sassons VS433C Tangle-Frees 2 -in -1 Hots Air Brush

Vidal Sassons VS433C Tangle-Frees 2 -in -1 Hots Air Brush

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Vidal Sasson is a trusted name in regard to hair care and this handy brush definitely doesn’t disappoint. The airbrush will save your time when preparing for work or when going out because it allows you to conveniently style and dries your hair.

This hair styling device will give you flexibility when you want to leave your hair to appear in your own style. It will allow you to get creative with the looks that you like thanks to the amazing 1-inch barrel, and several airflows and speed settings. It’s tangle-free with very soft bristle that leaves the hair looking amazing without the frizz that’s commonly associated with other hair brushes.Pros

  • 2 heat and airflow settings
  • Has tangle-free bristles
  • Uses only 250W of drying power
  • Easy styling thanks to the 1-inch barrel


  • Doesn’t have a feature that works as a curling iron
  • Works best only on damp hair

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8. Helen of Troy Rotatings Hot Airs Brush

Helen of Troy Rotatings Hot Airs Brush

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The rotating barrel found on the Helen Troy Air Brush is a lifesaver whenever it comes to preventing tangle. The 8ft. swivel cords do not tangle at any time, and neither will the hair. For an even better control, its barrel locks when curling and unlocks when unwinding. Also, this barrel is removable and allows for easy cleaning.

The ball-tipped bristles and soft grip handle will treat the hair in the right way– gently and also with care. The brush doesn’t also have high wattage. Nevertheless, it will still eliminate the need for many styling tools. This will also save you more time as compared to styling separately.Pros

  • The barrel features dual direction rotating design
  • Has textured soft handle
  • It has both low and high heat settings
  • Locking barrel will make curling the hair to be easy


  • Heated air feature isn’t powerful enough
  • Tangles the hair on occasions when itis long

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7. Calista Heats Curlings Brushs Plus Bonuses

Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler Hot Air Brush Plus Bonuses

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From the online reviews, this is certainly one of the top-rated hot air brushes for thick hair. The brush was specially-created in partnership with Maria McCool. This is a globally known hair styler with over 25 years experience. The tool finished styling your hair with the use of air-drying mechanisms.

Its barrel is measures 2-inch wide. This device also has thicker solid nylon teeth which don’t melt or bend under high temperatures. The chances of scratching or burning scalp are zero. As such, this tool can be used safely for kids who cannot sit straight. The tool also comes with other useful bonuses: three crocodile clips, pad brush and case for carrying them.Pros

  • It comes with other additional devices
  • Might be used by those with short hair;
  • It’s light in weight and handy;
  • Has the automatic shut-off feature


  • Does not have the cold temperature setting
  • Might tangle long hair

6. Jilbere Hot Air Brush

Jilbere Hot Air Brush

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If you have never tried using hot air brushes, then here comes an excellent model to start with. The ceramic barrel on the brush is nonstick so as to eliminate frizz and tangles. It will break down the bacterium which builds up in the hair. The only thing that it will build is its own volume!

The tool comes with 2 heat settings; 360 and 446F. You can use lower setting for drying and styling at the same time then finish it with the higher temperatures when setting your waves or curls. The barrel is 1.25-inch long and it’s a good size for long, short, thick or even fine hair.Pros

  • Has a good small handle plus a compact size
  • Great price
  • It comes with the 360-degrees swivel cord


  • Only 2 heat settings are offered

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5. Revlon 1100W Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Revlon 1100W Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

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Most manufacturers face many problems when it comes to designing the brushes that can get closer and withstanding the hair dryer. But Revlon manufacturers have done a good job with the Revlon 1100W, as this beautiful product can withstand the power of hair dryer.

Revlon 1100W is designed specifically to facilitate fast drying and volumization of hair. It has and efficient ionic technology that perfectly breaks down the moisture into small droplets. Its drying power is amazing and works faster. The drying process is aided by the several air flow vents present in its design. This product features three settings; low, medium and cool. It also has a unique oval shaped design.Pros

  • 1100W of power
  • Features an ionic technology
  • Dries & volumizes
  • 3 heat settings


  • Slightly bulky
  • Not suitable for super short hair

4. John Friedas Hot Airs Brush

John Friedas Hot Airs Brush

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In this list, John Frieda has managed to stand out because of its amazing and outstanding features. This product is a premium hot air brush. It has a luscious design and volume. It is coated with the titanium ceramic barrel that is 1.5 inches. Its anti-static bristles are tangle free thus enabling you perfectly work through thin and thick hair to eliminate moisture from the individual strands.

It’s incorporated by the ionic technology that has the ability to generate 50% ions. Thus giving you frizz-free and smooth hair, this can be managed easily and is very shiny. Whether you have a thin, short, long or thick hair, the John Frieda has controlled movement and is balanced stable. It has a contoured handle that offers straightforward maneuverability and firm grip. This product gives a firm and comfortable grip for a long period of time.Pros

  • The ceramic and titanium barrel is light in weight
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Has two heat settings plus one dry setting
  • Has movement freedom due to its cord swivels


  • Not suitable for extremely wet hair
  • The end gets hot when on high heat setting

3. Infiniti Pros Spin Air Rotating Styler

Infiniti Pros Spin Air Rotating Styler

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Are you looking for just one tool that can produce versatile hairstyles? If so, then the Infiniti Pro is your best choice. It has an ionic technology that ensures that it gives healthy and silky results. The Infiniti Pro is designed with the ionic generator that produces 100 times concentrated ions from the natural sources. This brush protects your hair from the seal in moisture and damage making your hair smooth, gorgeous and shiny.

Infiniti Pro airbrush allows your hair volume by spinning or non-spinning functions. It’s a spinning brush with several techniques and styles. It’s designed with bristles that are tangle free and anti-static thus enhancing your volumized results. Infiniti Pro has an ergonomic design that’s characterized by lightweight plus a contoured handle that gives a firm grip.Pros

  • Rotates in all directions
  • Has a barrel protector
  • Easy to use
  • Tangle-free and anti-static bristles
  • Easy to clean


  • Not Suitable for all hair types because of its gentle heat

2. Remington T-Studios LUX Blow Dryers with Brush

Remington T-Studios LUX Blow Dryers with Brush

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The Remington T-Studio hot air brush is among the well though products on our list. This brush rotates in 2 directions. It’s designed with a swivel cord that provides you with styling freedom. This device allows you to handle it’s at anyangle while styling your hair depending on your convenience. The device guarantees you the best results. It comes with 2 speed and temperature settings that are adjustable for any hair type.

The Remington T-Studio brush has everything you are looking for in terms of efficient styling and convenience. It has a kit consisting of 2 barrels; one-inch for those with short hair and two-inch for those with long hair. This barrel is made of ceramic materials that don’t burn the hair or damage the structure. The most unique thing on this product is its micro-conditioner infusion that doesn’t require any protectants.Pros

  • Suitable for both long & short hair
  • Has two-way rotation and numerous temperature & speed settings
  • It protects your hair and saves time due to its micro-conditioner infusion


  • It’s not strong enough,

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1. Babyliss Pros Nano Rotating Hots Air Brush

Babyliss Pros Nano Rotating Hots Air Brush

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The Babyliss Pro hot hair brush works effectively in volumizing your hair giving it a healthy and shiny look. It comes with several multi-direction features. Its two-inch barrel rotates in such a way that adds hair volume and makes it shiny. Its movement can be controlled to either forward or reverse direction by just the use of the push button. Just like other models, it has anti-static bristles and ionic technology that make the hair shiny and reduces the frizz in it.

It comes with 3 temperature settings for all hair types. It is suitable for both dry and wet hair and also both sort and long hair. Apart from volumizing our hair, it also gives it a wavy straight and smooth look.Pros

  • It rotates
  • Has an ionic technology thus faster drying
  • Even ceramic heat
  • Anti-static bristle mix
  • Push-button and dual directional control


  • Thick handle
  • Not suitable for curling your hair


The use of hot air brush has become a trending way of styling your hair to give it a classy and an elegant look. These days’ people no longer use hair dryers and style brushed to style and combs their hair. Our review above covers the best hot hair brush you will find today. But, when choosing these hot air brushes, consider their specifications. Settle for a brush that suits your needs perfectly and budget friendly. Hope our above list enables you to get the best brush for styling your hair.


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