Best Leaf Mulcher to Buy in 2021: Review of the Leading Tools

Best Leaf Mulcher

If you are looking for the best leaf mulcher, it means that your lawn is barely visible under the pile of leaves. Experienced gardeners know that leaves can fall down not only during the actual fall but at any time of the year.

And once you are tired of gathering them around, raking as your ancestors did, there is a time to buy a mulcher. This machine will shred all the leaves from the lawn into a tiny piece, after which you can use these pieces as mulch or just drop it to the pile of compost. Make sure you read this article and reviews before ordering the machine.

Top-7 Best Leaf Mulchers

A leaf mulcher is a handy tool not only for gardeners but for every lawn owner. If you have multiple trees on your property, this machine may save you lots of time. The machine may shred several bags of leaves into one, preparing them to be the perfect mulch. Here are my top picks that I recommend for everyone.

1. Worx Foldable Electric Leaf Mulcher – The Leader Among Bladeless Leaf Mulching Machines

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This mulcher has an incredibly powerful 13.0 Amp motor, which can mulch 53 gallons of leaves in 1 minute. It is perfect for owners of big gardens and yards. If you want a wind blower or bin that collapses, you may order these features additionally.

The main capacity of this mulcher is 11 bags of leaves that can be chopped into 1 bag. The tool is not heavy to transport. It weighs 20 lbs, and you can move it around the yard.

WORX is a well-known developer of yard tools. They sell all the additional equipment separately. You may need an attachable bag. The cutting line diameter is 13 inches, on a speed of 8500/min. This machine is durable and reliable. The cooling system inside the motor extends the time of its use.

Developers came out with the idea with an oversized switcher that eases the whole chopping procedure. If you don’t want to buy Worx bags, you can always use a simple paper or plastic one, as I do. I recommend moving it away right after all the work is done.

  • Eco-friendly;
  • Powerful engine;
  • It is bladeless;
  • It may be transported around the territory;
  • Affordable price.

Could be better:

  • You have to buy additional details if you need them.

2. Flowtron The Ultimate Mulcher – Leaf Mulcher with Metal Blades and Easy Controls

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This machine is universal. You can shred leaves, thatch, needles from pines, and even the grass you want to get rid of. This is a perfect recipe for the free of charge mulch, as I believe. This tool cuts 11 bags into 1, so maybe it will save you enough space or empty bags.

Yet, I have to stress out that while this tool is transportable, there are no extra wheels, and it is not weightless. The first thing you need to do after you put the leaves into the hopper and choose if the leaves are coarse, fine of the medium. If you gathered pine needles, slide the control lever to the specific position.

The Flowtron tool weighs 17 pounds. It comes with reliable legs and 36 cutting lines. There is a warranty for 1 year. The company developer has been producing power tools for yards since 1920. The company is American based but is known around the world for its top products.

  • Durable bags;
  • Weighs 17 pounds only;
  • 36 cutting lines;
  • Simple control lever;
  • Well-known developer.

Could be better:

  • Slightly more expensive than similar mulchers.

3. Landworks Leaf Mulcher – The Totally Packed Leaf Grinder of 5 Inches Cutting Capacity

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This mulcher is already packed with a clipped bag for leaves. It has a heavy-duty steel body that makes it incredibly durable, yet it would not be so transportable without its wheels. But since this mulcher has wheels, you can easily move it around your yard.

The motor of this instrument is 15 Amp, 1800 watt powerful. It can shred leaves of 0.5 inches in diameter. Besides, it manages to work at a great speed. So all you need to do is to be careful with your hands and do not touch blades while they work.

Landworks offers eco-friendly tools. It helps with recycling as well, chopping leaves into pieces that can be used as a mulch in your garden. There are 2 wheels of 6 inches, which helps to carry it around. And what I personally like about this machine, even a bag for leaves is eco-friendly and made of durable PP fabric.

Landworks provides numerous certificates for this shredder including ISO 9001, CNAS, OSHA, CSA. There is a warranty that comes with the mulcher. I recommend you clean it after the use. Make sure there are no leaves left in it.

  • Simple in use;
  • A powerful tool for the whole yard;
  • Two wheels attached;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Fully equipped and ready to use.

Could be better:

  • Slightly pricey compared to similar tools.

4. Worx Orange and Black Mulcher – The Best Handheld Leaf Mulcher with Changeable Functions

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This is not just a mulcher. This device combines mulcher, blower, and vacuum at the same time. Although it is multifunctional, I appreciate the mobility it offers above all its attractions.

However, you may really appreciate a 210 mph blower, a powerful vacuum that sucks up all the leaves you need, and a mulcher that chops 16 bags of leaves into 1. It is almost weightless compared to all the mulchers on the list. It weighs only 9.5 lbs, and you can hold it with one hand only.

The speed of airflow is adjustable. I do not recommend making it too fast, especially if you have multiple corners to clean. You can slow it down to 80 mph, and raise the speed to 210 mph. Since its developer is Worx, you may rely on the high quality the company offers.

They provide the best selling products for your yard. Don’t forget to check out the smart design of the tube, which allows you to get even under the porch. This mulcher is equipped with a collection bag.

  • Three tools in one;
  • Almost weightless and simple to hold;
  • Powerful shredder;
  • Comes with a bag attached;
  • Affordable price.

Could be better:

  • You have to hold this device in your hand while working.

5. Black+Decker 3 in 1 Mulcher – Portable Leaf Mulcher and Leaf Blower for the Yard

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This instrument is pretty compact and professional at the same time. Unlike many gas leaf blowers, this one is almost noiseless, easy to hold, and with a 12 amp motor inside. You receive 2 different speed options for a 250 mph blower. Leaf bags can be changed.

You may even use a paper bag. It weighs 8.1 pounds and can be held in one hand while you are working. As for the vacuum, you can use it not only on leaves, but on grass, pine needles, and versatile lawn debris. The mulcher in this tool is incredibly powerful, as well. It may shred 16 bags of leaves into 1.

The pack includes vacuum and blow tubes, a concentrator, collection of bags, which are reusable. The speed of air can be changed from 180 mph to 250 mph. Black+Decker offers power tools for gardens and yards. They are an American based company, founded in 1910. It offers multiple tools for amateurs and professionals. This one is 50 less noisy than similar instruments.

  • Vacuum, blower, and mulcher mix;
  • 250 mph maximum;
  • Shreds 16 bags of leaves into 1;
  • Transportable;
  • Price is pretty affordable compared to similar tools.

Could be better:

  • You have to hold this device in your hand while working.

6. Sun Joe Electric Leaf Mulcher – Powerful Tool with Leaf Mulching Equipment Inside

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This mulcher has a 13 amp motor of 8 000 rpm, which is more than enough to make any yard clean and empty from leaves. The hopper on the tool is universal and compatible with versatile trash cans. There is a simple control dial for users without any previous experience.

I am personally fascinated by the motor, which is dust-reducing and almost weightless. It also contains a cooling system that prevents it from overheating and makes it incredibly durable.

As for the reliability, Sun Joe offers a standard 2 years warranty. If you want to ask some specific questions, they have powerful customer support. This company developer is trendy. You may have seen hundreds of their devices in traditional yellowish-green and black colors.

I love them not because of the stylish design, but because of the bladeless powerful mulching system inside, adjustable legs, and compatibility with any trash can. Yet, 16 bags of leaves that may be turned into 1 after its work is a pretty impressive result, in my opinion. It weighs 13.4 lbs, by the way, which allows you to quickly remove it from one area to another.

  • Easy to transport;
  • Adjustable legs;
  • The powerful engine inside;
  • Matches different trash cans;
  • Affordable price.

Could be better:

  • This device does not have wheels.

7. Yard Force Electric Leaf Mulcher – Commercial Leaf Mulcher for Big Territories

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The leaf mulcher does not come alone. You receive an accessory kit with all the details you may need for leaf shredding. It has a 13 Amp power from 8000 rpm motor. According to its official description, this mulcher can shred 12 bags of leaves into 1.

I honestly did not check 12 bags, but I believe I can trust its statement since it was tasted by numerous buyers. You may use a standard .095 inches trimmer line or can change it. It happens incredibly fast, in a few moves.

This mulcher has adjustable legs, which may be convenient for gardeners who are already tired from working the whole day in the yard and don’t want to bend over this instrument. You may use plastic or paper bags. This mulcher weighs 15 lbs and is easy to transport.

The kit includes 10 replacement lines to the shredder, a hand rake suite, safety glasses, and a bungee cord. Yard Force offers multiple power equipment for outdoors. The company is based in North America. Its products are checked by versatile tests and have a 2-year warranty.Positives:

  • Transportable;
  • It shreds 12 bags of leaves into 1;
  • Easy to adjust to your height;
  • It comes with an additional accessory kit;
  • The powerful electric engine inside.

Could be better:

  • Pricey compared to similar tools.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

WORX WG430 13 Amp

The whole process of leaves gathering can be turned into a nightmare if you have several trees on your property. After you rack and separate them into the bags, you have to find the place where to place these huge piles. I believe it is just a waste of your time and money since, after that, you will order expensive mulch.

But what can be better from organic mulch that cost you nothing and made from the leaves you’ve gathered? I hope leaf mulcher reviews on the list will help you with the problem.

What is a mulcher?

Mulcher is a tool powered usually by electricity that shred leaves into tiny pieces. There is either an electricity or gas-powered leaf mulcher, but I mentioned only the first options, mainly because they are well-spread. This tool can be packed with blades or bladeless, like Worx Foldable Electric Leaf Mulcher, for example.

The size of the shreds can also be adjusted. There is a great number of different mulches on the market, including 3-in-1 combos. Let’s discuss them here.

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How does a mulcher work?

Mulcher requires sources of power. In the case of a gas-powered mulcher, it may require gas or oil tanks to be filled. As for the electric-powered mulchers, they may be cordless and work on batteries or already packed with a long cord and work from a power socket. Now, let’s imagine one average electric-powered, not 3-in-1 mulcher, and your next steps around it:

  • Gather the leaves, and place them inside the machine;
  • Make sure you are not touching the blades;
  • Prepare the bin or bag and put it under the mulcher;
  • Choose the speed you want to go with and if it is offered, like in Flowtron The Ultimate Mulcher, put the lever to the proper position based on the materials you are going to shred;
  • Push the button;
  • Watch that the bag is not full.

By the way, some mulching machines provide different chopping lines and diameters, so you can actually choose which size of shreds you need. I strongly suggest you use these chopped leaves as mulch for your lawn. It costs nothing and is completely eco-friendly.

Types of mulchers

There are numerous tools offered by the modern market nowadays. No wonder you may get lost there. Depending on your personal preferences, pick one of the mulchers that are the most beneficial:

  • Classic Mulcher. This one usually comes with the legs with adjustable height. A classic mulcher is heavier than a handheld one, and it is not so simple to carry around your territory. You place it at your lawn and bring leaves to the shredder. These machines usually require reusable bags and trash-cans for leaves. There are also walk behind leaf mulchers that look like classic lawn mowers.
  • Handheld mulcher or 3-in-1. It is a combination of a leaf blower and a vacuum with a mulcher. This is an incredibly convenient way not only to gather leaves, clean the road to the garage but also to shred the leaves, while you are still holding it. Pay attention to the fact that even though these mulchers are lightweight, you still have to hold them in your hands for some time.
  • Power Source. Depending on the source of power these tools can be electric, battery-powered, or gasoline-powered. Gas mulchers are the loudest and with lots of fumes exhaust. Battery-powered instruments are lightweight and portable, they are noiseless. And as for electric mulchers, they are widespread, eco-friendly, but are reliable on the cord length.

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Features of mulchers to pay attention too

YARD FORCE YF8000 YardForce

There are multiple peculiarities that make each mulcher unique, from the design and colors to price. To make it short and easy for you, I’ve made the list with my top favorite tools. However, if you are still unsure about which one of them to choose, pay attention to these features:

  • The power of the engine. A powerful motor is the first thing you are advised to look at. The more wattage, the more horsepower you receive. If you don’t need the highest amount of horsepower, you may go for the middle. However, I strongly advise you against buying a low wattage mulcher. You can always lower down the engine’s power on the machine itself. If you want to pick up more leaves from the ground, you will need more power.
  • Mulching coefficient. The average number is 10:1. It means that you gather 10 bags of leaves and receive 1 bag of shredded mulch. However, almost all the machines I’ve recommended on the list are more powerful and can provide 11:1, 13:1, or even 16:1. These numbers may be crucial when you have limited space or the amount of bags to use.
  • Shredder capacity. The machine bowl does not have to be incredibly big, but it has to handle the leaves you gather from your lawn. You may choose which one you need based on the number of leaves you have.
  • The comfort of use. If this is a hand 3-in-1 tool, it must be lightweight enough so you can hold it for several hours of work. If this is a classic mulcher, make sure you can move it and it is not heavy enough. The legs must be adjustable to your height.
  • Blades. The quality of the blades is extremely important. You will use this machine for many years if you choose wisely. With the sharp blades of high-quality, you will work faster and more comfortably. Mulch will be perfect for your yard, and you will not have to order a new one after the month of use. Yet, if the blade requires replacement, you can always choose ones from the company developers.
  • Safety. This instrument is not a toy. It can cut your fingers in no time. You need to make sure that all the safety precautions are there. There must be a blocking system. The blades can’t be touched during the work of the machine. You have to wear glasses.
  • Eco-friendliness. Electric mulchers do not harm the environment. Making your own compost is also a great way to care about the ecology. So, basically, this machine is great for everyone who considers themselves eco-friendly people. Check out reusable bags if you want to increase the level of care.
  • Durability and reliability. Keep the mulcher clean and sage from the rain, and it will serve you for a long time. All the mulchers on the list are durable and come with a warranty.

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Are leaf mulchers worth it?

Despite the fact that you can use good old rakes and dozens of bags to pick up all the leaves from the lawn, mulcher is a must-have at your yard. It significantly cuts the number of leaves. It makes your job of gathering the leaves way easier. Besides, mulching makes a perfect and free of charge organic compost for you.

What is the difference between a mulcher and a shredder?

The shredder can be more powerful than the mulcher. The shredder can break the wood and turn it into mulch. Mulcher normally works with leaves, grass, or pine needles. Sometimes mulcher is also called shredder since they both shred objects.

Do I need a handheld leaf vacuum mulcher or stationary mulcher?

It depends on your own preferences. The handheld mulcher is transportable, lightweight, and usually contains the benefits of vacuum and cordless leaf blower. At the same time, a stationary mulcher can work faster and does not require to be held.

The Most Convenient Mulcher

WORX WG430 13 Amp Foldable

You probably expect to see the name of one mulching machine here, which I will not give to you. And the reason is that there are dozens of advantages of each mulcher I recommended here.

Pay attention to the power, type, blades, durability, and price of the tool, before you will order it. If you still have doubts, even after you’ve read my detailed descriptions and information on mulchers in general, you can search for reviews from previous customers. Choose wisely and don’t rush with the decision, as this tool will be with you for several years.

I’ve mentioned my own top list of mulchers. I also hope you will share your favorite here, in the comments. If you have used one of the mulchers I describe, tell me whether you like it and why? It is ok if your opinion is different from mine. I hope I’ve helped you to find a solution to your problem.


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