Top 10 Best Mobility Scooters in 2021 Reviews


People with a physical disability or those who are approaching old age frequently stress whenever they purpose to move from place to place. Mobility is also a huge problem for individuals with knee or leg injury. Nowadays, mobility for the mentioned peoples has become stress-free, appreciations to technology innovations. Mobility scooters that feature powerful capabilities have been engineered specifically to support the movement.

 Best Mobility Scooters Reviews

E-Wheels – EW-36 Full-Sized Scooter – 3-Wheel – RedCheck on Amazon
Drive Medical Bobcat 4 Wheel Compact Scooter, RedCheck on Amazon
Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Wheel Scooter Color: BurgundyCheck on Amazon
Drive Medical spitfire142016fs12 Spitfire Ex Travel 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter, 12 Ah BatteriesCheck on Amazon
Luggie Compact Electric Folding Mobility Scooter – FR168-4(IT):Check on Amazon
Pride Mobility Go-Go Traveler Elite Plus 4-Wheel Scooter SC54 for Adults, 18ah Battery PackCheck on Amazon
EV Rider Transport Plus – Manual Folding Scooter Power Mobility (SeaFoam Blue)Check on Amazon
Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power ScooterCheck on Amazon

10. E-Wheels – EW-36 Full-Sized Scooter

E-Wheels – EW-36 Full-Sized Scooter

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E-Wheels – EW-36 Full-Sized Scooter is a powerfully-driven 3-wheel scooter which also features three-wheel bicycle utilize 1 piece of motion rear axle/electric motor and a differential component. This mobility scooter features a fitted wheelie bar and runs on batteries of 4-20 Amps.
Moving at maximum speed, this scooter can reach the maximum speeds of above 15mph, definitely making it the speediest mobility scooter available in the market. This scooter also incorporates an armrest, reverse gear, and stylish cargo rack. It also features an extra storage section under the seat. The model features silver colors, silver/blue or black.Click to View Products Features


  • Reverse gear
  • No special license required
  • Easy to use 
  • Has speed control unit


  • Few color options
  • Fast for some individual

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9. Golden Technologies GL140

Golden Technologies GL140

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This is another ideal scooter. The LiteRider GL140 features a volume of 300 lb, and you can simply disassemble and put it onto a motor vehicle. The mobility scooter by Golden Technologies includes a Delta Tiller standard is stylish and attractive and has various vibrant colors.

It features a recent tubular frame that upholds the weight capacity and includes wireless disassembly facilities a breeze transport. It also includes 9-inch tires black low-profile that has been fixed on sturdy steel rims plus shiny hubcaps. Another great feature is the deep-black vinyl seats, plush that include adjustable armrests and 360-degree swivel mechanism which lets you use scooter with ease.
It features dual fitted storage baskets, with one placed on the tiller while the other one beneath the seat. The mobility scooter features deep shades of red and blue.Click to View Products Features


  • Backlit Battery Gauge
  • Delta Tiller
  • Two Storage Baskets
  • Control Panel can be easily read
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Lovely 17 by 16 Stadium Seat Style
  • Adjustable Tiller
  • 9″ Rear and Front Tires
  • Bigger Batteries
  • Completely Wireless Disassembly


  • Too fast for certain user
  • Paint appears to scratches easily

8. Drive Medical Bobcat

Drive Medical Bobcat

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This is another classy scooter that combines convenience and performance. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor utilization due to its special features. The scooter features four considerately designed mechanisms that are extremely easy for anybody to detach and assemble. It features lightweight design making it easy to handle and portable

It features a comprehensive manual for guiding you through the whole process of assembly and detaching of the scooter ensuring smooth operations without necessary equipment required for the process. It also incorporates optimized rechargeable batteries for quick charging. These batteries can be easily accessed for a checkup.Drive Medical Bobcat normally features adjustable seat for any ultimate sitting position. Lastly, the scooter incorporates carrying bag for easy transport.Click to View Products Features


  • re-assembly without tools
  • Include comprehensive manual
  • Portable
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Fast charging batteries


  • Hard tires without springs which jerks and makes noises on uneven terrain
  • It lacks a back signal

7. Shoprider Sunrunner

Shoprider Sunrunner

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Featuring the deluxe captain seat, a mirror, a complete tiller shroud, a wicker basket, the Shoprider Sunrunner has a capability of giving you an impression of how feature filled it. 
It also features 4-wheel scooter which can move and also turn securely and it’s ideal for everyone who wants stability and luxury in their day-to-day life without spending. As far as capacity is the concern, the scooter includes a 300-pound ultimate weight load. It can move at speed of 5 mph. Click to View Products Features


  • 5 mph top speed
  • Headlight package
  • A maximum range of 25 miles.
  • Great 300 lbs. capacity.


  • Poor design 
  • Unstable 

6. Drive Medical Spitfire 4-Wheel Ex Travel Mobility Scooter

Drive Medical Spitfire 4-Wheel Ex Travel Mobility Scooter

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The Drive Medical Spitfire 4-Wheel Ex Travel Mobility Scooter is unquestionably the ideal design that addresses portability and performance. This scooter features 4-wheel drive Spitfire EX configuration and is great to tackle the outdoors. You can customize with sets of interchangeable colored panels set of your scooter is can be easily achieved through customization.

Dissembling this mobility scooter is not complicated and can be accomplished by almost anyone. Basing on your desired ultimate range, you can simply decide to utilize the 12 AH or 21AH batteries.
Others feature incorporate Armrest reflectors for further safety, bright LED headlights, two-tone elegant seat upholstery, front basket with detachable liner bag, and delta control handles. All this makes this scooter nice one.Click to View Products Features


  • Easy and quick disassembly
  • Interchangeable color panels
  • Adjusting delta tiller is easy


  • Can be problematic to assemble
  • Lack of adequate leg room

5. Luggie Electric Folding Compact Mobility Scooter

Luggie Electric Folding Compact Mobility Scooter

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Luggie FR168-4 Compact mobility scooter provides the easiest disassembly and assembly. Most individuals need a mobility scooter that they will easily break up, again and again, easy and fast. The Luggie Electric Folding Compact Mobility Scooter provides an easy disassembly.

The four-wheel states that the scooters will move with optimum steadiness on the outdoors, yet the Luggie moves perfectly indoors too. This scooter is great for individuals who are normally on the road searching for a splendid lightweight 4 wheel mobility scooter that will simply fit in the shaft without stress. The tiller is adaptable giving personalized luxury. The reverse ability if this mobility scooter makes turning easy also in tight places. The mobility scooter is engineered for protection and its adaptable design makes it best for everyone in any state.Click to View Products Features


  • Foldable to size 
  • Great turning radius
  • Moves with great stability both outdoors and indoor 


  • Not stability in an uneven pavements
  • Surprisingly heavy but small 

4. Go-Go Traveler 4-Wheel Pride Elite Mobility Scooter

Go-Go Traveler 4-Wheel Pride Elite Mobility Scooter

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This is a 115.5 lbs heavy duty scooter which measures 40.25” by 21.15” by 24.25” and offering both durability and stability. The Elite Traveler features a selection of high-class features which comprises of adjustable seats, front wheels of 8” diameter and rear wheels of 9” diameter which ensure optimal comfort and safety.
This scooter can be easily disassembled into about five different parts. It features a move 4.5 miles per hour and can travel for 12 miles without recharging. Click to View Products Features


  • Good stability
  • Charge lasts longer
  • Easy and fast assembly


  • Small basket but a nice one 
  • Quite fast so control measures must be considered 

3. EV Rider Travel Electric Transport Folding Mobility

EV Rider Travel Electric Transport Folding Mobility

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The convenient and innovative design of this mobility scooter normally makes it an ideal choice for daily use. This mobility scooter is an excellent selection for individuals of all ages old or young. It occupies small space for of its folding ability making it stress-free to handle as opposed to the 4-wheel removable scooters which need assembly tools, more time, and also set up skills. 

It is powered by the Lead Acid battery which is compatible with the lithium batteries. The EV Rider Travel Electric Transport Folding Mobility is portable and lightweightClick to View Products Features


  • Occupies small spaces
  • Slightly heavy to lift off and on the trunk
  • Ideal to relocate in elevators and store aisles 


  • Poor turning radius 
  • Warranty never cover fenders

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2. Go Go Ultra Travel X 3-Wheel Scooter

Go Go Ultra Travel X 3-Wheel Scooter

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This is highly ranked mobility scooters. This scooter is designed to offer durable mobility answers to anyone encounter with a physical incapacity or suffering from particular illness.
The controls featured in this mobility scooter are proficiently designed to make sure that maximum suitability is enhanced while letting smooth controller with least efforts. It features powerful rechargeable battery which can run for about 10 miles without recharging it.

It is a detachable device that can be easily detached into 5 diverse parts giving convenient storage. This mobility scooter should be lightweight which weighs 28lbs. Moving in uneven terrains cannot be the problem as it includes 3 flat-free wheels which are designed using the high-grade rubber.Click to View Products Features


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble 
  • Long lasting charge


  • Too soft horn volume and of no use in noisy places
  • Not stable on uneven terrain

1. Drive Medical Travel Power Scout Compact Scooter

Drive Medical Travel Power Scout Compact Scooter

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Having a disorder that restricts your mobility does not entail that you should surrender and resolve for being unable and immobile to handle things for yourself.

The Drive Medical Travel Power Scout Compact Scooter has been precisely designed for users with numerous physical disabilities and provides the modest mobility options to any severely ill person or disabled. Everything with this mobility scooter is easy and straightforward including its disassembly and assembly. The color panels should be selected carefully and can conceal scratches and scars on your body which may lead to an accident. The armrests are cushioned and smooth to offer comfortable rides.Click to View Products Features


  • Lightweight
  • Great stability on an uneven outdoor terrain
  • Maximum comfort offered


  • Can be complicated assemble
  • Battery level indication issue

Factors to put into consideration when selecting best mobility scooters

Buying Guide

  • Battery Life: Determining the amount of charge required to take you through a long period should be considered when selecting out a scooter of your choice.
  • Climbing Angle: Basing on where you purpose to utilize your mobility scooter, it is important that you consider something more powerful, that has a capability of handling steeper inclines.
  • Speed: Finding a too slow and too fast moving scooter for you is very significant and should be assessed.
  • Comfortability: With the duration of time used up in the mobility scooter, it is advisable that you consider comfortable sitting in for prolonged periods of time.
  • Weight Capacity: Selecting a mobility scooter that is crafted to uphold your weight will make sure that its additional functionalities like battery life function or climbing incline as anticipated.


People with incapacities, unfortunately, have restricted mobility possibilities as there is. A person’s productivity and performance cannot be the limitation to physical disability or old age.  In fact, the major problem that some individuals looking to purchasing mobility scooters encounter is selecting the best model. With some other available brand today, it has turned out to be very challenging for anyone to pick the suitable model that cater their needs. Purchasing a mobility scooter is a very important as long as you obtain the one that suits your need. Good luck!


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