Top 10 Best Bike Covers in 2021 Reviews


If you want to provide full protection to your bike from harsh weather conditions such as dust, snow, rain, UV rays and many more, you need to purchase a motorcycle cover. There are many kinds of motorcycle covers that you can find in the market. Different covers typically have their own designs and styles. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 best motorcycle covers that will perfectly protect your bike.

Best Bike Cover Reviews

SAVFY 2 Bikes Cover, 180T Heavy Duty Outdoor Waterproof Bicycle Cover – Sutis Mountain Bike, Road…Check on Amazon
Ohuhu Bike Cover Waterproof Outdoor Bicycle Cover for Mountain and Road BikesCheck on Amazon
BlueMart  Silver & Black 190T Nylon Waterproof Bike/Bicycle Cover (Size: XL)Check on Amazon
Bike Cover for 2 Bikes, Beeway 190T Nylon Waterproof Bicycle Cover Anti Dust Rain UV Protection for…Check on Amazon
YardStash Bicycle Cover XL: Extra Large Size for Beach Cruiser Cover, 29er Mountain Bike Cover,…Check on Amazon
YardStash Waterproof Bike Cover Outdoor Bicycle Cover for Waterproof Bike Storage Cover Mountain…Check on Amazon
Pro Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage – Large – Heavy Duty Ripstop Material, Waterproof &…Check on Amazon
MayBron Gear Bike Cover, Best Waterproof Outdoor Bicycle Storage, Durable 210D Oxford Fabric, All…Check on Amazon
Puroma Bike Cover Outdoor Waterproof Bicycle Covers Rain Sun UV Dust Wind Proof with Lock Hole for…Check on Amazon
Aiskaer Waterproof Bicycle Cover Outdoor Rain Protector for 1-3 Bikes-dustproof and Sunscreen.Large…Check on Amazon

10. SAVFY 2 Bikes 180T Heavy Duty Bicycle Cover

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SAVFY Bicycle Cover is a waterproof and heavy-duty bike cover that suits mountain bikes and road bikes. It is created with quality 180T nylon and this makes it be durable. It measures 78.7” x 29.5” x 43.3” and it can be used to cover two bicycles.

The cover is waterproof, rustproof, and protects your bike from UV rays. It will cover the bike during rainy and windy days. On top of that, it comes carrying bag for convenient storage. This item has the capability to can protect two bikes from the rain, sun, and dust; therefore, you will not have stress when you leave the bikes outside.Check Product Features

  • Strong waterproof material
  • Carrying pouch for convenient storage
  • Cover securely on windy days


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for hybrid bikes
  • Fits well
  • Waterproof


  • Thin material

9. Ohuhu Bike Cover For Road and Mountain Bikes

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The bike Cover is ideal for mount bikes and street bikes. It will protect your bike when you are at indoors or outdoors places. The bike cover is waterproof and it will not allow any water to pass through regardless of where you keep it either indoors or outdoors. It has a buckle that is located at the top and the bottom that will stabilize it during windy days. It also prevents your bike from corrosion.

The bike cover is created with high-quality 210T nylon making it have more durability. It has an anti-robbery feature and has lock-hole that you can utilize a chain or cable locks to keep the bike more protected.Check Product Features

  • Folds down
  • Comes with Carrying Case
  • Measures 78.7 x 43.3 x 27.5 inch
  • Has a weight of 70g/0.7lbs
  • The silver material that is UV-proof 40+.


  • Specifically designed bottom and top buckle
  • Durable and high-quality nylon
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Good coverage
  • Highly waterproof


  • Fits one bike only

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8. BlueMart  Black and Silver 190T nylon bike cover

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This bicycle cover is created with high-quality nylon. It’s slim, lightweight and last for long period without tearing. It will protect your bike from snow, rain, dust, scratches, and sunlight. It is packed with a carrying bag for easy storage. It fits perfectly on most bikes and it is cost friendly.

It’s particularly made with a bottom buckle that will stabilize the bicycle cover at the bike top. It has a measurement of this bike cover 78.7” x 27.5” x 43.3”. It is created with long-lasting materials.Check Product Features

  • Protect the bike from scratches and rain
  • Durable and slim
  • A specially designed buckle on the bottom
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Measures 78.7″ x 27.5″ x 43.3″


  • Lightweight
  • Good Quality
  • Good coverage
  • Waterproof
  • Fits perfectly
  • Reasonably priced


  • Lifespan issue

7. Beeway 190T Nylon Waterproof Bicycle Cover

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The  Beeway 190T Nylon Bike Cover is made of high-quality polyester taffeta materials that are more durable and tear resistant. It will protect your bike from snow, rain, scratches and UV light that can damage your bike. It is likewise made with a double layer that is waterproof. Elastic hems on this bike cover will protect it from the wind. It comes with one year warranty and the price of this item is pocket-friendly.

It measures 74.8”x 26” x 38.5” making it perfect for 26” bikes. It also comes with storage bag making it convenient.Check Product Features

  • Multiple protect for all weather
  • Windproof buckles strap and elastic hems
  • A double layer waterproof coating
  • 1 years warranty
  • Large size for a bike up to 26in


Great coverage
Easy to put on and removeCons

  • Costly

5. YardStash Bicycle Cover XL

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This product is weatherproof and can be used to cover two bikes. It has a big size and measures 82”x 30”x 44”. The bike cover that is durable and can it is able to prevent your bike against dust, rain, dirt, and snow. It has an extensive design that can be able to cover multiple bikes. It is created of high-quality and UV protected polyester that is long-lasting and strong.

It is finished with elasticized hems at the back and on the front and likewise, have a middle class buckle that ensures it is secure from high winds. It is also furnished with air vents eliminate condensation and corrosion.Check Product Features

  • Easy On and Easy Off:
  • Better Materials than Comparable Covers
  • Stays On During High Wind
  • Portable and Guaranteed
  • 82″ long x 30″ wide x 44″ tall


  • Fits 2 bikes
  • High-quality
  • Easy locking clasps
  • Great coverage


  • Harsh weather problem

5. YardStash Bike Cover XXL for 2-3 Bikes

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This bike cover will provide extra coverage in addition to that; it provides weatherproof protection for a maximum of 3 bikes. It measures 82” x 42” x 44”. It’s a heavy-duty cover that will completely cover the whole bike including wheels and pedals for protection against dust, dirt, snow, and rain.

Using this bike cover is very simple and it has a tapered design for easy fit up 3 bikes. It is packed with racks or baskets and also comes with stretchy hems on the back and front. It is made of materials that will provide UV protection. It is stronger compared to other bike covers.Check Product Features

  • Better materials and durability
  • Easy fit over 3 bikes
  • Includes free carrying bag
  • 82″x 42″x 44″


  • Fits 3 bikes
  • High-quality material
  • Heavy-duty
  • Waterproof


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4. Pro Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage

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This product is made with a highly durable and strong Oxford fabric. It provides a boundless protection to your bike from any bad weather conditions, for example, ice, rain, snow or sun. It has a PU coating that protects your bike from UV light making your bike highly protected.

It is made with a lock-hole plan and you can use either a cable or a chain for added security. It contains a modifiable buckle strap that firmly fit even at the period of strong winds. Reflective safety loops on this bike door are used for tracing handlebar ends and this will enable you to put and remove it on the bike.Check Product Features

  • High-performance protection
  • Safe and secure fit
  • Dependable on all the weather
  • Adjustable buckle strap
  • Large size for 1 bike


  • Anti-UV
  • Waterproof
  • Great Design
  • Double stitching
  • Seam heat sealed

Cons• Wheel coverage issue

3. MayBron Gear Bike Cover for 1-2 Bikes

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This bike cover can be used to shield the bike from wind, sun, dust, rain, and snow. It is weatherproof and prevents the bike from any damage that can be caused by bad weather. It measures 78” x 30” x 40” and it is made utilizing Oxford Fabric that makes it more durable and also lightweight.

It has a snug fit that has elastic hems that enable you to cove the bike, it also has buckle strap that can be used during windy days it gives great coverage mountain bikes, beach cruisers or electric bikes. It can be used by 1-2 bikes.Check Product Features

  • Easy on and off
  • Measures 78 inches x 30 inches x 40inches
  • Keep the bike protected 90% less effort
  • Designed for both outdoor and indoor usage.


  • Easy to use
  • Any type of bike
  • Great coverage
  • High-quality
  • Dries fast


  • Fit issues

2. Puroma Bike Cover Waterproof Bicycle Covers

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Puroma Bike Cover will keep your bike in a great shape because it is a waterproof and weatherproof option, it is ideal for outdoor or indoors usage. It can protect the bike from dust, rain snow sun, and scratches. It has a reliable buckle and elastic hem during windy periods.

It measures 78” x 27.5” x 43.3” making it be large enough to cover your bike. It will fit a scooter or motorbikes. The materials that are used to make this cover are made with PU coating making it be UV and waterproof. It has lock option during windy days.Check Product Features

  • Bottom double- stitched elastic hem
  • Convenient to carry
  • Waterproof polyester
  • Lock-hole special design
  • Dimensions: 78.7 x 43.3 x 27.5 inch


  • Excellent protection
  • Weatherproof
  • Lock option
  • Practical design
  • Great price


  • Carry bag insertion issue

1. Aiskaer Waterproof Bicycle Cover

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If you store your bike either at the garage or your backyard, it is a good thing to keep it without dirt or free from scratches. This bike cover is ideal for you and it will protect your bike from dirt or direct UV sunlight. It is created with super quality materials, for example, 210D Oxford and 190T Nylon Fabric that makes it durable and waterproof.

Aiskaer Waterproof Bicycle Cover does not allow heat to penetrate and also is made with a PU coating that is waterproof and dependable. The cover will protect your bike from harsh weather conditions. It measures 200 cm x 105 cm x 110 cm and it can cover a maximum of three bikes.Check Product Features

  • Made from 190t+Pu coating
  • Windproof
  • Dependable, whatever the weather
  • Quality assurance
  • Dimensions: 200x105x 110 cm


  • Great coverage
  • Cool design
  • Lightweight


Things to Put Into Consideration When You Are Buying Motorcycle Cover

  • Material: One of the first thing you must consider before purchasing the bike cover for your bike, you must look at the material that is used to make the motorcycle cover. All bicycle covers are not made the same. You should the one that has material that is thick enough for it to last for a long time. Covers that made with Denier are best because they are durable and they are strong
  • Size: Ensure that the Motorcycle Cover that you are purchasing is long enough to cover your bike fully. Look at the measurements and relate it to your bike measurement. Bigger bike covers will be more flexible and can be used to cover one or more bikes and also larger bikes.
  • Reflective Material: Although not that very important, it is a good thing to choose the one that has Reflective properties because it will help you during the night in areas where there is less light. The one that has reflective strips at the body or top handles assists to keep things safer and visible.
  • Lock Holes and Easy Accessibility: Whenever you want to leave the bike outdoor for a lengthy time, you require having a security mechanism to make sure that the bike cover is in place. You need purchasing one that has metal holes at the front in order the bicycle’s front wheel can be easily reached and locked. This is a great security mechanism.
  • Straps for Securing Cover: Straps with buckles will assist the bike cover to be secured on your bike. It assists in storing your bike outside during heavy wind to make sure that bike cover does not fly off.


With this list of top 10 best motorcycle cover in 2021, it will be easy for you to choose the best one for you and the one that will fit your bike. We wish you good luck as you select the one that will suit your needs.


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