Top 10 Best Pressure Washer in 2021


Looking for the best pressure washer for the money? Good! You’re in the right place! We have scoured the market in search of top-rated pressure washers. We’ve taken a closer look at each model to determine what makes it tick, and most importantly, what makes it popular with users.

We’ve based these electric pressure washer reviews on functionality, power, water flow, pressure, and price as well as user feedback. That way, it becomes easier for you to pinpoint a machine whose features are in line with what you’re looking for. Let’s dive right in;

Best Electric Pressure Washer Review

Highsell Electric Pressure Washer, 3500 MAX PSI 2.60 GPM High Electric Pressure Washer, Power Washer with Hose Reel, OrangeView on Amazon
AIPER Electric Power Washer 2150 PSI 1.85 GPM Electric Pressure Washer Cleaner Machine with Long Hose, Hose Reel, Adjustable Nozzle and Spray GunView on Amazon
Powerhouse International – Electric High Power- Pressure Washer – 3000 PSI 2.2 GPM – Power Washer – Patio Cleaner – Hose Reel – Spray Gun (Red – Platinum Edition)View on Amazon
Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer, Medium, YellowView on Amazon
PRYMAX Electric Pressure Washer 3000 PSI 1.85 GPM Power Washer for Home Car Patio Garden (Orange)View on Amazon
AR ANNOVI REVERBERI AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer, Pressue, BlueView on Amazon
Sun Joe SPX4000-PRO 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer, w/Turbo Head Spray NozzleView on Amazon
Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, GreenView on Amazon
Greenworks 1500 PSI 13 Amp 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer GPW1501View on Amazon
Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure WasherView on Amazon

10. Highsell Electric Pressure Washer

Highsell Electric Pressure Washer

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With a pressure rating of 3,000 psi and a flow rate of 2.6 gallons per minute, this washer will quickly get rid of stubborn stains in a chinch. It comes with a sixteen feet hose for increased measurability and an integrated reel to prevent kinks when water is running on high pressure.

While this machine runs on electricity, it has an automatic total stop system to guarantee your safety during use. Add the thirty-two-inch power cord add what you get is a pressure washer that will come in handy for cleaning areas such as terraces, decks, driveways, and your car continently. One more thing – Highsell is compatible with four quick connect tips.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 3,500 PSI
  • Power rating – 1,800 W
  • Water flow – 2.6 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 16 ft

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9. AIPER Electric Power Washer

AIPER Electric Power Washer

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The AIPER works with easy- to use interchangeable nozzles to provide the versatility you need to clean multiple surfaces from garden furniture to pavers, patios, and anything in between. It runs on a 1,800-watt motor allowing it to deliver top pressure of 2,150 psi.

Never used an electric power shower before? No stress! All you need to do to get this thing to work is to fix the nozzles, twist to adjust and switch on the power – east as 1-2-3. Even though it isn’t the most of models on the market AIPER’s 1.76 GPM water flow is enough to complete most light-duty cleaning tasks to perfection.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 2,150 PSI
  • Power rating – 1,800 W
  • Water flow – 1.76 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 26 ft

8. Powerhouse International Pressure Washer

Powerhouse International Pressure Washer

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This electric pressure washer by Powerhouse International is a beast. Capable of jetting out water at a pressure of 3,000 psi, it has our vote if you’re in for a model that can handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Even more impressive, it offers a generous water flow of 2.2 gallons per minute.

Each package includes a patio surface cleaner, brush, soap foam sprayer, and a turbo as well as angle nozzles to get you started right out of the box. Plus, the hose is thirty percent more flexible than its predecessor. What’s more? This unit is compatible with up to five quick-connect spray nozzles. And then there are two stainless steel lances to extend the machine’s functionality.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 3,000PSI
  • Power rating – 1,800 W
  • Water flow – 2.2 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 30 ft

7. Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer

Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer

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Whether you want to hose down your driveway, rinse your car, or give your sliding deck a deep clean, this super versatile electric power washer will get the job done. We like the two-in-one design that makes it easy for you to transport the machine from point A to B effortlessly.

The Stanley SLP2050 innovative hose saves up to eighty percent more water in comparison to a standard garden hose. It also generates forty percent more water pressure. With such water-saving performance, you can do a lot of cleaning without worrying about scaling utility bills. Reviewers love the leak-proof connector that allows you to use the machine with 22 mm nozzles.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 2,050 PSI
  • Power rating – 120 V
  • Water flow – 1.4 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 25 ft

6. PRYMAX Pressure Washer

PRYMAX Pressure Washer

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With dimensions of 12 x 11 x 29 inches and weighing 23.2 pounds, this pressure washer is incredibly portable so you can take it with you anywhere. It will come in handy when you want to give your car a quick clean or remove debris on outdoor surfaces such as tables. And in a pinch, water your flower garden.

PRYMAX delivers a maximum pressure of 3,000 psi and a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute. It has an integrated spray gun to keep you in charge of the water pressure. You can use it with up to four nozzles or connect the head to your garden hose using an adapter. Meanwhile, the total stop system shuts off the pump when you have not engaged the trigger to save energy.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 3,000 PSI
  • Power rating – 1,800 watt
  • Water flow – 1.8 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 20 ft



  See It Now on Amazon

This pressure washer boasts four interchangeable quick-connect nozzles to get outdoor furniture, RV and ATVs clean a breeze. It offers a maximum pressure of 2,000 psi. The inclusion of multiple nozzles means that you can switch up the speed to suit your needs better.

You will love the mounted detergent tank to store your cleaning soap.

And, with a 35 feet power cord, you can keep the machine plugged throughout the entire process, saving you time. The hose length measures thirty feet while the unit weighs about 35.5 pounds for portability. Other notable highlights include the professional-style spray gun and the user-friendly power cord release.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 2,000 PSI
  • Power rating – 120 V
  • Water flow – 1.4 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 30 ft

4. Sun Joe SPX4000-PRO Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX4000-PRO Pressure Washer

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A product of one of the best power tool brands, the Sun Joe SPX4000-PRO packs a 14 amp motor, can hit maximum pressure speeds of 2030 psi and offers water flow up to 1.76 gallons per minute. One highlight that makes this washer stand out is its pressure select technology. More specifically, the unit allows you to choose from two cleaning options -1,450 psi for low duty cleaning and 2,030 psi for heavy-duty jobs.

The unit comes with a 54-ounce detergent tank, and a quick connect nozzle system that lets you toggle between clean and spray streams in a breeze. In the meantime, you can count on the smooth-glide wheels for superior maneuverability during use.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 2,000 PSI
  • Power rating – 1,800 watts
  • Water flow – 1.76 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 25 ft

3. Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

  See It Now on Amazon

Making a return to our electric pressure washers is Sun Joe, time with the SPX3001. This model thrives on versatility. Apart from being compatible with four nozzles, it supports a host of cleaning attachments. You can connect it to brush cleaners and rotary wash kits to extend the machine’s capability.

It comes with a 20-foot high-pressure hose, but you can use it with a longer 25 hose based on your needs. There’s an onboard 40.6 soap tank to help you blast debris and dirt quickly. Regarding power, this unit comes with a 14.5 amp motor with a maximum water flow of 1.76 gallons per minute. The power cord measure 35 feet.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 2,030 PSI
  • Power rating – 1,800 watts
  • Water flow – 1.76 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 30 ft

2. Greenworks GPW1501 Pressure Washer

Greenworks GPW1501 Pressure Washer

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If you’re a once-in-a-while cleaner or a DIY enthusiast on a tight budget, this super Greenworks pressure will save you money while leaving your surfaces clean. Despite the size, it delivers speeds of 1,500 with a water flow of 1.2 gallons per minute. With such capacity, there’s no doubt this unit’s ability to remove grime and dirt.

The GPW1501 is usable either horizontally or vertically depending on the task at hand. The machine works with 25° and 40° quick connect nozzles for multiple cleaning applications. The hose is 20 feet for easy access to hard-to reach areas. And then there’s the trigger handle for better direction of water to specific areas.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 1,500 PSI
  • Power rating – 120 V
  • Water flow – 1.2 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 20 ft

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

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A crowd favorite, this is the best electric pressure washer on the market. With a pressure rating of 2,030, there’s no cleaning task too big or small for this monster. It has a water flow rating of 1.76 gallons per minute and comes with a sizeable 0.9 detachable detergent tank.

While it’s a little bit heavier (31 pounds), it comes with large canister wheels for smooth movement on any terrain. Reviewers praise is washer’s stellar performance for every day cleaning tasks. Many say it is a reliable machine that can run for more than four hours. The Sun Joe SPX3000 is virtually maintenance-free and long-lasting thanks to the robust, ABS casing. It comes at a reasonable price too.Key Features

  • Pressure rating – 2,030PSI
  • Power rating – 1,800
  • Water flow – 1.76 GMP
  • Pressure Hose – 25 ft

How to Choose the Best Electric Pressure Washer – Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a brief overview of things to keep in mind before spending your cash on any electric pressure washer.

  • The Pressure Rating: This determines how powerful the machine is. The higher the rating, the more powerful the washer is. Of course, the amount of pressure has to match your specific cleaning needs.
  • Water Flow: Choose a pressure washer that offers a reasonable water flow. You want something that can get rid of dirt and dust quickly. At the very least, choose a model that can deliver a water flow rate of 1.2 GPM.
  • Hose Length: The longer the pressure hose is, the better the washer. See, a long hose means that you have more freedom of movement and, most importantly, can reach high areas better.


Sun Joe SPX3000 brings us to the close of our electric pressure washer reviews. Now, spending your money on a model that offers value shouldn’t be a problem. We will keep keeping reviewing this roundup and let you in if we come across a model that deserves mention among the best electric pressure washers.


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