Top 10 best rocking horse in 2021 reviews

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Satisfying kids, especially toddlers, is a heck of a job. Since they have a diverting mind, they don’t keep themselves content to just one thing. That’s the reason why they have so many toys at their disposal. However, there is one toy that is so popular that it has been in use for decades and still hasn’t lost the charm. Yes, we are talking about rocking horses. As kids, we all loved riding on our wooden rocking horses. Sometimes we fell off, but it allowed us to stimulate our creative mind. Today, with a few tweaking and certain design changes, these rocking horses offer the fun of a lifetime.

So, it is best to invest in a rocking horse rather than buying a couple of plush toys. With that being said, we will help you find the best rocking horses for your kids.

Best Rocking Horse Review

Here are the 10 best rocking horses in 2021 that you must look at.

PonyCycle Official Ride On Black Horse with White Hoof No Battery No Electricity Mechanical Pony Giddy up Pony Plush Toy Walking Animal for Age 4-9 Years Medium Size – N4184View on Amazon
PonyCycle Official Walking Horse No Battery No Electricity Mechanical Pony Black Giddy up Pony Plush Toy Walking Animal for Age 3-5 Years Small Size – N3183View on Amazon
PonyCycle Official Ride-On Horse No Battery No Electricity Mechanical Pony Brown with White Hoof Giddy up Pony Plush Walking Animal for Age 4-9 Years Medium Size – N4151View on Amazon
Smart Gear Pony Cycle White Unicorn Ride on Toy: 2 Sizes: World’s First Simulated Riding Toy for Kids Age 4-9 Years Ponycycle Ride-on MediumView on Amazon
UFREE Unicorn Ride on Toy for Girls as Great Birthday Gift Large Mechanical Pony Horse with 44 inch Height for Everyone Above 6 Years Old Great Birthday GiftsView on Amazon
Rockin’ Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony Ride-OnView on Amazon
Little Tikes Rocking Horse BlueView on Amazon
Radio Flyer Chestnut Plush Interactive Riding HorseView on Amazon
labebe – Wooden Rocking Horse, Baby Wood Ride On Toys for 1-3 Year Old, Grey Rocker Toy for Kid, Toddler Ride Animal Indoor/Outdoor, Boy&Girl Rocking Animal, Infant Ride Toy, Christmas/Birthday GiftView on Amazon
Happy Trails Plush Rocking HorseView on Amazon

Let’s get started.

10. PonyCycle Ride-On Black Mechanical Riding Horse – large 

PonyCycle Ride-On Black Mechanical Riding Horse – large 

  See It Now on Amazon

If you are looking for something realistic that will give your kids the ‘feel’ they want, taking them to the imaginary world of their make-believe game, this fantastic ride-on black mechanical riding horse from PonyCycle is all they need. This rocking horse boasts a design that looks extraordinary and gives an experience of a galloping motion, stimulating a feeling that you are riding an actual horse.

What’s best is this toy can be used both outdoors and indoors, encouraging your kids to play with plenty of settings and creativity. Your kids can move this rocking horse with ease in any direction wherever they want while ensuring safety. This model from PonyCycle is designed with a safety wheel feature that prevents your kids from rolling backwards.

Overall, this is a great toy for your kids aged 4-9 that will allow them to work on their balance and coordination.Read also:  Top 10 Best Kid’s Balance Bikes in 2021 Reviews

9. PonyCycle Mechanical Walking Horse – small 

PonyCycle Mechanical Walking Horse – small 

  See It Now on Amazon

The PonyCycle plush mechanical walking horse provides your kids with a lot of fun since it is made from materials that are of high-quality and huggable. This toy will be your children’s favorite cowboy or cowgirl toy allowing them to stimulate their minds with creativity and engage in activities that will keep them off smartphones and other gadgets.

It only weighs 18 pounds and comes in a small size making it suitable for children aged 3-5. Its sturdy build can tolerate a maximum of 55 pounds and will allow your children to live in a fantasy world.

PonyCycle is known for its quality ride-on toys for kids and this rocking horse will fulfill your children’s fantasy and also become their best childhood memory.

8. PonyCycle Ride-On Mechanical Horse – medium 

PonyCycle Ride-On Mechanical Horse – medium 

  See It Now on Amazon

This rocking horse from PonyCycle is a fantastic option for children that will ensure that they will have a blast playing with it for hours. Since it doesn’t require any batteries, your child has to maneuver it around, which makes it even more realistic. This not only gives them a lot of exercises but also helps them to develop balance and coordination.

The mechanical features are child-friendly and are safe for use both outdoors and indoors. Moreover, it is a plush rocking horse that is huggable yet makes your child feel like he/she is riding a real horse.

You can easily assemble the toy as there is nothing much to do about it. It is comfortable and allows longer durations of play. If properly maintained, it can last for years.

7. Smart Gear White Unicorn Simulated Riding Toy 

Smart Gear White Unicorn Simulated Riding Toy 

  See It Now on Amazon

Talking about something different, this rocking horse has been made with a fantastic unicorn design in an elegant white color that makes it look spectacular. While it is not specifically marketed as a rocking horse for girls, girls will love this plush toy more than the boys because of its fancy girly vibes.

For starters, it is a unicorn with beautiful shiny hair and a rainbow horn on its head. Girls love unicorns and this toy will make a great addition to their play set filled with fantasy and make-believe.

It boasts safety wheels that prevent kids from falling backward. Moreover, the wheels move smoothly in any direction allowing your kids to take it anywhere they want. It is a great addition to your kids’ toy collection and is recommended for ages 5-9.

6. UFREE Unicorn Ride-On Toy 

UFREE Unicorn Ride-On Toy 

  See It Now on Amazon

This is a large, real-like ride-on toy marketed specifically for girls aged 6 and above. UFREE unicorn ride-on toy is designed for big kids that boast a sophisticated drive system and a sturdy steel frame that makes it run like a real horse. It completely functions on manual power and doesn’t require any battery or any other power source. This makes UFREE unicorn ride-on rocking toy the best investment since it will last for years without regular maintenance.

What makes this unicorn ride-on toy more comfortable is that the manufacturer has upgraded it with quality materials that prevent slipping and make it more comfortable.

Unlike other rocking horses for kids, this pony has no raised saddle, making it safe to use. It is one of the biggest rocking horses for kids you will see in the market. That means it is meant for only big kids.

5. Rockin’ Rider Ride-on 2-in-1 Pony 

Rockin’ Rider Ride-on 2-in-1 Pony 

  See It Now on Amazon

For kids 2-5, this ride-on rocking pony from Rockin’ Rider is the best way to get their fantasy stimulated. It is a traditional rocking horse that follows a to-and-fro motion. However, what makes it unique is that the toy can be easily converted into a roller without needing any kind of tools. So, your toddler can have fun rocking the chair forward and backward or can take it anywhere they want without any fuss.

The best, this rocking horse for kids come equipped with audio features. When your kid presses the left ear of the pony, they will hear the exclusive ‘I am a Little Pony’ song. Moreover, on pressing the right ear of the pony, it will generate six talking phrases and sound effects.

It is a soft huggable riding toy that will keep your toddler engaged most of the time.

4. Little Tikes Blue Rocking Horse 

Little Tikes Blue Rocking Horse 

  See It Now on Amazon

If your kid is too small to have a rocking horse that’s tall, heavy, and requires maneuvering, then you should go with this classic rocking horse. Little Tikes rocking horse is designed for kids of ages 1-3. It boasts a simple rocking design that can withstand up to 50 pounds.

This is one of the in-demand rocking out there for toddlers. The seat is designed to keep your kids from falling. The to-and-fro motion of the toy is occurred in a controlled manner, giving your kids all the thrill they want while ensuring that they won’t somersault on to the floor.

The handles are equipped with grips that give quite a good hold and control over the toy when rocking.

This rocking horse toy from Little Tikes has a compact design that is good enough for outdoor as well as indoor usage.

3. Radio Flyer Plush Interactive Riding Horse 

Radio Flyer Plush Interactive Riding Horse 

  See It Now on Amazon

For a more realistic horse riding experience for your kids that will give wings to their imagination, Radio Flyer has come up with a unique rocking horse design. For starters, it is a plush huggable toy that offers ultimate comfort for your kids. What makes it different from your other models of rocking horse toys is that this model offers three levels of riding – gallop, trot, and walk. As per the convenience of your child, he/she can decide the level of riding.

It gives an immersive experience and your child will literally feel like he/she is riding an actual horse. This is because it has a four-stand design made of steel that is entirely durable and offers optimal support for all levels of riding.

The best part, even climbing up the horse feels so realistic that your kids will be able to stimulate their creative minds and indulge in some beautiful make-believe scenarios.

2. Labebe Baby Wooden Rocking Horse 

Labebe Baby Wooden Rocking Horse 

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Going back to the traditional rocking horse design, Labebe has introduced the old classic design with a modern touch. This wooden rocking horse is designed for toddlers aged 1-3 years old and is great in providing coordination skills that involve creative exercise and necessary balancing. This toy is the best acquaintance to stimulate the proper growth and development of your child.

It is made from solid wood that is sturdy and not too heavy. Since it is natural wood, the toy is extremely safe for use for children. It comes with an easy-to-control mechanism allowing your toddlers to operate the toy without any hassle.

There is a backrack guard placed to help support your baby’s back when riding. It comes with an attractive color combination and will last for years with little maintenance.

1. Happy Trails Rocking Horse 

Happy Trails Rocking Horse 

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Happy Trails Rocking Horse is for kids aged 3-4 years and offers a lot of fun. It is sturdy as is made with solid wood coupled with plush materials that make it huggable and comfortable as well. Your toddler will enjoy this rocking horse and stimulate him/her towards loving animals. They will have great leisure time and this toy will keep them occupied for hours of play.

It features the traditional rocking chair base with beautiful horse mounted on top of it. What’s interesting is that this rocking horse adorned with all the necessary entities like the saddle, seat, ropes, and more. This makes the rocking look realistic and enhances the fun of your child’s make-believe adventure with his/her friends.

The moment your child sees this plush rocking horse, it will become his best friend.


These are the ten best rocking horses in 2021 that can make your child’s playing hours fun and interesting. There are plenty of other models available in the market these are enough to provide you assistance in choosing the best one for your children.


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