Top 10 Best Round Tables in 2021 Reviews


A round table optimizes the space in the dining room, the round table adapts easily to your room, even if you only have a small space. With curved lines, it allows an optimal layout of your living room. Ideal for tight spaces, it gives your room a lot of space, and the designers have plenty of ideas and originality to make your table a real decorative element.

Best Round Table Reviews

Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Coffee Table, WalnutCheck on Amazon
Target Marketing Systems 40-Inch Round Drop Leaf Table with Turned Legs, White/NaturalCheck on Amazon
Novogratz Leo Farmhouse Round Dining Table with Sleek Slanted Metal Legs and Grey Wood Veneer Table…Check on Amazon
Acme 16250 Drake Espresso Round Dining Table, 48-InchCheck on Amazon
Modway Lippa 36″ Mid-Century Modern Dining Table with Round Top in WalnutCheck on Amazon
French Countryside Oak/ White 42″ Round Pedestal Table by Home StylesCheck on Amazon
HON BL Series Conference Table , Round , X-Base , 48″ Diameter , Espresso FinishCheck on Amazon
Lifetime 280064 Light Commercial Fold-in-Half Round Table, 4 Feet, WhiteCheck on Amazon
Winsome 93729 Spectrum Dining, BlackCheck on Amazon
East West Furniture HLT-BMK-TP Hartland Wood Dining Table-Cherry Table Top Surface and Buttermilk…Check on Amazon

10. Ameriwood Home 3615222COM Owen Retro Table

Ameriwood Home 3615222COM Owen Retro Table B077VYD646

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Ameriwood Home 3615222COM Owen Retro table is made of solid acacia wood and offers excellent value for money. It is oiled to be water-repellent and suitable for outdoor use, but it is recommended that you do not leave the table outside in winter or in the rain.

Remember also that solid wood tables should be re-oiled after each heating season so that the surface retains its positive properties and does not break the wood, even when stored in dry rooms. Especially in small sitting areas or in the conservatory makes the 46 x 46 x 46 large table a very good figure. Despite the relatively thin wooden struts, the model is very safe and firm. The plate is designed in grid optics and for stowing – if the table is not to be used permanently – it can be folded to save space and with just one hand.

Some testers used the table as a coffee table, where he also figures well in small living rooms. Due to the height of 47cm it corresponds to the standard height for coffee tables and is therefore not useful as a dining table. Thanks to the natural wood material, it fits virtually every style and looks overall well-made and high-quality. With proper care, the table is practically indefinitely durable.

9. Target Marketing Systems 40-Inch Round Table

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Target Marketing Systems 40-Inch Round Table offers a good stability and a very reasonable price at the same time. It is simple, straight-lined and, thanks to the white color, fits in practically any environment. It is very light with less than 4 kilograms and can, therefore, be easily and quickly changed over. The height of 45cm makes it very suitable as a small coffee table, as well as a coffee table or side table.

The table is made of chipboard and the table top is made of hardboard. In addition, ABS plastic and acrylic paint is processed, so that overall very cheap materials were used. Thus, the table is certainly not a noble piece, but it serves its purpose and is one thing above all: extremely cheap. With less than 10 euros you get a quite practical and useful table, as can hardly keep up with a low-cost manufacturer. To reduce weight, the paper has been used as spacer material inside the legs, and the legs are made of foil-coated hardboard.

The surface is very easy to clean because a damp cloth makes the table nothing. However, you should avoid using the table outdoors or in the bathroom, as the chipboard may swell when exposed to moisture.

8. Novogratz Leo Farmhouse Round Dining Table

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Novogratz Leo Farmhouse Round Dining Table consists of an open, robust metal frame and is fitted with a solid wood panel made of natural oak or real smoked old wood (oak). The modern material combination of metal and wood is noble and high quality, although the table is very cheap with a retail price of around 50 euros. The plate has a thickness of 2.6cm and is virtually indestructible.

Small quirks can simply be repaired or sanded off so that the table does not mind even heavy loads. The height of 47cm with a width/depth of 34 x 34 makes it universally applicable. Due to the extremely high load capacity of the metal poles, the side table can also be used as a stool for sitting.

The article is completely handmade, which makes every piece unique because there are small differences in the welds. If you are looking for a slightly more unusual piece and like the material combination of wood with metal, the purchase of the solid model is definitely worth it.

7. Acme 16250 Drake Espresso Round Table

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If you are looking for a table that can be used as a round buffet table and offers a metal-wood combination at an affordable price with a modern look, then the slim-style Acme 16250 Drake Espresso Round Table could be the right choice for you.

It consists of a white tubular steel combination that visually forms a single unit under the table top, making it look chic and elegant. Thanks to the plastic feet it can be used on hard and carpeted floors alike and at the same time has a very high load capacity of 140 kilograms. The table top is made of coated chipboard, which is very robust and scratch-resistant. All corners are rounded, so there is no risk of injury, even when children are running around.

6. Modway Lippa 36″ Walnut Dining Round Table

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Modway Lippa 36″ Walnut Dining Round Table fit easily into any room of your home thanks to its unique style and originality of the most outstanding. Whether designed for your living room, dining room or bedroom, this set will always bring the best out of the room.

In addition to the decorative and aesthetic touch it brings, you will also be pleased to see that it also brings convenience and more. With extra storage space, you can easily place your books and magazines, decorations and more. If you often receive friends, this table will also serve as a support for your glasses, your bottles or your chips dishes …

As with other products in this comparison, you will have the choice between using this set separately or together. For storage, you can put them on top of each other to save space, especially for small apartments. After each use, you will also be happy to see that the cleaning is very simple.

Comparing offers before going into buying is a very effective technique to make a good acquisition. Here you have an article consisting of 2 tables that are designed to fit together very easily.

5. Home Styles 5518-30 The French Countryside Pedestal Table

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The Home Styles 5518-30 is a large table that can seat about eight to twelve people. This gives you the opportunity to invite your neighbors or friends for dinner at short notice, without having to fall back on a side table.

The frame was made of anodized, powder-coated aluminum. This makes it UV-resistant and weatherproof. The table legs, which are also made of aluminum, are height-adjustable and can, therefore, be adapted to any surface. Due to this individuality and adaptability, the extendable table is suitable for garden and terrace use.

In the middle of the model is a hole in which a standard garden umbrella can be plugged in and no further foot is needed. The durable tabletop is easy to clean and ideally rounds off the overall impression of the model.

Some testers complained that the table was too high for some garden chairs, so it had to be shortened. You should pay attention to this if you want to use relatively low garden chairs to the table. In normal chairs, the height of about 73 centimeters but ideal.

4. HON BL Series Conference Round Table

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The sturdy construction of the HON BL Series Conference Round Table is impact resistant as well as scratch resistant and offers enough space for up to ten people to sit, play and eat. The extension plate measures 40 centimeters and is located under the main plate. This allows the table to be extended from 140 to 180 centimeters if required.

The depth of 90 centimeters provides enough space to place next to plates also more pots or bowls on the table. The stable foot of the model ensures that the table is very stable and can not wobble or even tip over. As a result, the extension table is kitchen or dining room suitable.

The test showed that the assembly instructions only work with pictograms, but nevertheless, a simple structure was possible, especially if previous knowledge was available. What bothered some testers, was the centrally built foot, because he can be distracting, if you are a little bigger and would like to unplug the feet under the table. However, he is priced in the lower midfield, so that he offers a good overall price-performance ratio.

If you are looking for a new extension table for the kitchen, the dining room or any other room, and value the use of wood as the main material for the extension table, you should definitely take a closer look at the model.

3. Lifetime 280064 Commercial Fold-In-Half Round Table

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Lifetime 280064 Commercial Fold-In-Half Round Table has a contemporary charm so that it is easy to put it among other equipment that decorates a room. Its construction is solid in order to guarantee you a sustainable use. Hence the profitability of the investment in its purchase. Its mounting hardware is metal reinforcing the claim that the set is robust.

Certainly, its implementation can be a bit complicated, except for individuals who have already done some DIY work, as its various components are not numbered. However, once each user manages to make it stand up, the whole is nice to see. In addition, this product is stable due to the fact that it is sufficiently heavy. It does not shake at the time of use even if they happen to its users to rely on it.

The Lifetime 280064 Commercial Fold-In-Half Round Table is extensible, satin walnut, with advanced shapes ahead of their time. It is a piece of furniture that reflects a contemporary charm with its elaborate design combined with exceptional functionality. Its metal mounting ensures a solid construction and considerable durability. When making your purchase, make sure that your package contains the necessary parts for assembly and the instructions that will help you when installing in your living room or dining room.

2. Winsome Wood 29″ Round Round Table

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The Winsome Wood 29″ Round Round Table impresses with its high quality materials and stable construction. Made of teak wood, the model is exceptionally robust and, being weatherproof, can also be used in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. Since this type of wood is extremely resistant, hardly any maintenance is necessary to maintain the quality of the table.

The model can be extended from 120 to 170 cm and in particular the fact that the wood is neither chemically altered nor colored, because it is a completely natural piece of furniture. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you have toddlers in the house.

The cross connection at the foot is constructed with a stable tongue and groove technique, which additionally increases the stability of the product.

Since the extendable table is round, everyone sits opposite, which is ideal for a sociable round. The table comes already assembled to you so that no construction work is necessary. Priced the table is in the upper range, which results from the choice of materials and good workmanship.

1. East West Furniture HLT-BMK-TP Hartland Round Table

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East West Furniture tables will be ideal for all your receptions and events. The table shines through its simplicity in conjunction with good workmanship and high functionality. The base of the four-legged table is made of solid beech wood and made a very very stable and good impression. The tabletop, however, is could convince by a simple cleaning and care but is not quite so robust compared to solid wood. If necessary, the model can be extended on the sides by 30 centimeters, so that four additional people find in this place, if it is extended.

The height of the table amounts to 75 centimeters and offers so also larger humans sufficient legroom. With a length of 104 – 164 and a width of 67 centimeters, four to a maximum of eight people have enough space. Since the extension table is white, crumbs and dirt fall a little faster than other models, which can be both a plus and a minus.

The model of furniture direct is a cheap extension table, which is especially recommended for a small family if there is not enough space in the kitchen for a sweeping model.

How to choose a good round table?

Round Table Buying Guide

A round table proposes to be the centerpiece of a room where families have the habit of taking their meals. The reason why his choice must be made carefully. To do this, it is best to take into account 3 main features including shape, material, and size.

  • Material selection: Before you buy, you should study the available materials and decide which material best fits the place where the table is placed. The following is a brief overview of common materials of round buffet tables, but this is not complete.
  • Solid wood: Solid wood tables are available in a wide variety of shapes, from the most varied woods and also in many color variants. In principle, you can find a suitable solid wood table for every environment. They are not only sturdy but also durable and stable. However, they also have their price, because a robust and well-made solid table is usually much more expensive compared to a table made of chipboard.
  • MDF or chipboard: For tables built with chipboard, you should be especially careful if you want to buy a high round buffet table. MDF (medium density fiberboard) is relatively heavy, whereas particleboard can be comparatively light depending on the quality. The problem with MDF and Span is that there is always the possibility of moisture entering the components and the table swelling. Therefore, they are by no means suitable for outdoor use. In addition, the recommendation is not to use a chipboard or MDF table if you would like to assemble and disassemble it very often. In general, the tables are either coated with foil or – especially in the case of MDF – also painted. They are also often found in combination with glass.

The advantage of MDF or particleboard tables is certainly that they are available in almost every imaginable color, as there are both films with wood grains or different colors, as well as painted models.

  • Metal: Metal has the advantage that it is virtually indestructible – unless it is heavily attacked by rust. However, it is also relatively cold and usually quite expensive. In addition, a metal table does not necessarily fit into any environment. Often you will find metal racks, which are provided with a glass or wooden plate.
  • Plastic: Plastic tables are well suited for outdoor use since they can only slightly withstand the weather. Another advantage is certainly that a cheap round buffet table made of plastic is also very light and therefore can be easily transported. Visually, round table made of plastic is certainly not a highlight, so it is rather less suitable as a design element in a seating area.
  • Height and size: Be sure to choose the right size and height so you can use it comfortably. For example, round buffet tables with round buffet table height for a sitting area or a separate seating area where you sit on a chair usually have a total height between 73 and 78 centimeters. A smaller round buffet table on round buffet table height is usually between 40 and 60 centimeters high. Here it depends on how high the seat height of the chair or armchair with which you want to use the round buffet table. To find the right height, you can orientate yourself by the ratio of your round buffet table to the seat height of your couch.

In order to determine the optimum height of around buffet table that is to be used as a bar table, ideally, orientate yourself to your height. For example, a bar table with a height of about 105 centimeters is ideal for people with a size of about 1.60 meters. Larger people with a height of 1.90 meters, however, should choose a bar table height of about 1.25 meters. Ideally, the table is somewhere in between, if it should be used by several people.

If you are uncertain about height and height, it may be helpful to use newspaper or tape to mark the maximum size possible on the floor. This will give you a better overview and better estimate what size is ideal for the room in question.

  • The form: Before choosing the round buffet table in a price comparator, you must think about taking into account the shape and dimensions of the other elements of your stay. You will have to enjoy a nice living room thanks to around buffet table, but does this form fit easily in your stay? Does it offer the atmosphere you wanted to reflect? Several questions that you must answer in order to be sure to make a wise choice.

Round or oval tables are the most aesthetic choices. And besides, these tables were able to differentiate themselves from other models, especially when they are found in a large lounge area and you surround it with sofa and/or armchairs. They also offer a more user-friendly appearance and also benefit from several practical qualities. This is just the fact that the user can enjoy, in addition to the main table, multiple side tables.

Rectangular tables are also popular. These will more easily meet the needs of a living room where dominates a corner sofa. And if you like to stand out from the crowd, you can also invest in a set with tables of different shapes, but which can still fit into each other.


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