The Best Sandblaster Models to Buy in 2021 Reviewed

Best Sandblaster

Sandblasting machines are used to remove rust or old paint from metal surfaces. The surface prepared in this way becomes smooth and clean, and new paint lasts longer on it. Also, sandblasting allows you to engrave on glass or wood. Recently, sandblasting decorative processing of mirrors and glass pieces of furniture has been increasingly used.

Have to clean metal surfaces from paint and rust, preparing a car body for a primer, engraving glass and wood surfaces? All these things are possible due to the best sandblaster.

Which sandblaster should you choose for your home or auto workshop? Due to these sandblaster reviews and the buyer’s guide, you’ll find out what nuances you should pay attention to and look over a couple of good sandblasts.

Top 7 Best Sandblasters

A sandblaster is a device that organizes the most potent supply of a sand-air mixture that is also called abrasive material. The tool prepares the abrasive, regulates its intensity, forms a “torch” with the required characteristics from sand and air. The choice may not be easy, but you can be more confident by looking at these models.

Here I have the list of the seven best models of a sandblaster. You can find the tool that
fits your purpose and application.

1. Lematec Portable Sandblaster Gun Kit, Soda Blaster – Top Pick

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This device allows you to remove various types of dirt. The list includes paint, multiple stains, traces of rust and corrosion. The device is based on durable abrasive media and provides high-quality performance as if you were using professional tools.

This sandblaster is practical and comfortable enough to use, even for those who have picked up such a tool for the first time. Due to its lightness and basic design, this tool is very user-friendly.

The sandblaster supports all kinds of explosive devices, including walnut shells, steel chips, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and glass beads. Managing and charging compounds is also easy on your part. And the 10-foot hose does not restrain your movements when working.

There are different sizes of nozzles in the kit to cover any requirement. It is also compatible with most typical air compressor systems. You can easily connect the blast kit to the device. The tool’s productivity is high, and one of the main advantages is that it is easy to clean after use.

  • Easy-to-use;
  • Effective against multiple stains;
  • Compatible with a range of air compressors.

Could be better:

  • For home use only.

2. Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV Sandblaster – Runner up

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Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV Sandblaster is a practical piece that is great for everyday use. The tool is small and light enough to be incredibly useful to operate. It’s so easy to control it. This home sandblaster is made of durable material.

The delivery kit also includes a ceramic tip, which increases the performance of the tool. The tool handles pressure well and is durable. The cleaning speed depends on the force of the sand impact, which, in turn, directly depends on the air pressure. The lower the pressure, the less the impact of sand and, naturally, the slower the paint or rust will be cleaned.

The tool is equipped with a ceramic bit, hex wrench, and 10 ft hose. All these parts are included in the kit, and they will help to simplify the work. The hose is 10-feet long, which means you will be comfortable working with the device. You will need minimal top-up cycles that can save you a lot of time and effort. Cleaning is also easy and painless for you.

  • Ceramic tip;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • 10-feet hose;

Could be better:

  • Better works with more soft materials.

3. Shop Fox M1114 Benchtop Sandblaster – Premium Pick

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The Shop Fox M1114 is ideal for those looking for a sandblaster that can be placed on a table or bench. It is the perfect tool for small to medium-sized tasks. It is a handy tool that fits perfectly in hand. Connect it to an air compressor and add various abrasives.

You can easily remove rust, corrosion, paint, chips, and other imperfections. For such a small object, the model has a reasonably high speed. There is also a stable block here that handles different pressure levels well. But it is best to use a value between 60 and 100 psi.

Its capacity is 10lb capacity and also provides adequate coverage. You can complete your work faster. You also can move and store this handheld sandblaster seamlessly.

  • Convenient;
  • Durable;
  • High-speed model.

Could be better:

  • More suitable for small and medium-sized works.

4. Performance Tool M549 Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit – Great Sandblaster for Home Use

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The Performance Tool M549 Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit is a simple and practical item. He will do a great job of everyday tasks. The tool is compact enough to hold it in hand and is lightweight. At the same time, he is durable and has good coverage.

The kit is ready to use, which means you don’t need any additional parts. The manufacturer also provides instructions. It is a durable and versatile device that can cope with abrasion, pressure, and environmental factors without any problems. It is also compatible with various types of explosive devices.

The maximum instrument capacity is 50 pounds. It is designed for harsh environments. The aluminum construction is relatively stable, and the best pressure level is 90 psi. Moving the kit shouldn’t bother you, as it’s portable. No special maintenance is required.

  • Powerful;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • Compatible with explosives.

Could be better:

  • The rubber line can tear.

5. Neiko 30068A Abrasive Handheld Air Sand Blaster Gun – Top-rated Sandblaster Guns

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With the Neiko 30068A Abrasive Air Sand Blaster Handheld Gun, it’s not a big deal to get rid of paint, chips, corrosion, stains, and other particles. The tool is perfectly compatible with various types of abrasive products. The device is suitable for both beginners and professionals, as it has a simple design and is exceptionally lightweight.

The machine is compatible with a variety of abrasive materials. You are welcome to use carbide baking soda, sand, aluminum oxide balls, glass, and other materials. You only have to select the necessary abrasive for the material: which you are going to process.

You will also receive attachments in different sizes for different purposes. The design is durable and comfortable, so your hand will not get tired after a long work. You will also avoid problems with getting around as the device is portable. This sandblaster is also compatible with many air compressors.

  • Compatible with many standard air compressors;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • Works with various abrasive products.

Could be better:

  • Good for small tasks only.

6. Speed Blaster – Simple and Convenient Electric Sandblaster

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The Speed ​​Blaster works for small to medium jobs. The tool is easy to use, easy to move around, and the hand will not get tired due to its ergonomic design. Connect the tool to an air compressor and use it at 100-125 PSI.

You can use a variety of abrasives to deal with corrosion, rust, and other imperfections. The blaster speed is quite fast, which increases productivity tremendously. It is also worth noting the system’s reliability and design, which copes well with different pressure levels.

The gravity feed design of this model provides a fast and constant flow of abrasive material. For the complete removal of dirt, you have a high-speed blast cleaning. Particles of the abrasive can better penetrate the material.

The gravity feed product does not use too many materials, which reduces costs. The tool is made of durable, reliable materials, which means it will serve you for a long time. After work, you also do not have to clean the room for a long time. Meticulous care of the device is also not required.

  • Gravity feed product;
  • High speed;
  • Easy-to-care.

Could be better:

  • The product doesn’t suit for large works.

7. S-H Industries 40017 Blaster Kit – The Best Commercial Sandblaster

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The S-H set is one of the best products on the market. It can be used for any volume of work and is also suitable for commercial purposes. The model looks extremely simple, so you don’t have to figure out what’s for a long time. You don’t need to spend money on additional parts, as everything you need is included in the kit. The reliable material from which the product is made has excellent wear resistance.

The control handle is designed to last as long as possible while preventing accidental incidents or accidents. When the handle is depressed, the button blocks the airflow, and the air flows back through the two-line hose to the intake valve. The S-H model has a large compartment that can hold a large amount of sandblasting material. You can use this tool for a long time without changing the material.

It’s one of the most reliable commercial sandblasters that handles a variety of abrasives, high pressure, abrasion, and everyday use. You will also love its compactness. This set includes three steel nozzles. It also works great with an air compressor producing at least 80 psi. Ensure pressure does not exceed 125 psi before use. Another nice bonus is the two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Suitable for large-size works;
  • Compact;
  • Simple;
  • Convenient.

Could be better:

  • A better operation guide is needed.

Buyer’s Guide

The sandblasting machine is designed for abrasive processing of various surfaces. It is a container (barrel) into which sand or other fine-grained substances are poured. Compressed air is supplied to it from a separate compressor or a centralized pneumatic system of the enterprise.

The barrel has a special hose through which the abrasive flows from it to the surface to be treated. It is done by supplying compressed air to the sandblaster.

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Sand Blaster with 10 Foot Hose

A special nozzle is installed on the abrasive blasting hose, which forms a torch and determines surface cleaning speed. It is made of different ceramic materials that are resistant to friction. There are also sandblasting nozzles made of steel, but their service life is several times or even tens of times less compared to ceramic samples.

Dry fine-grained materials – quartz sand is used as an abrasive; slag powders; glass, cast iron, or steel beads (increasing particle strength). Small abrasive particles do not exceed the size of micro craters of oxidized metal in corrosion centers. Therefore, they do not grind (like a metal brush or sandpaper) but knock out the rust. Reducing time and improving processing quality.

The sandblaster design and principle of operation is very much like a spray gun, with the only difference in the material used for surface treatment. A sandblaster is a pneumatic tool, so a good compressor is required to operate it. If you already have a compressor for your car, you can use it.

Common types of sandblasting

There are several types of sandblasters. They can be useful for different types of work and in different conditions. The sandblasters differ in the principle of operation, the construction, and their performance.

Gravity Feed

As the name suggests, the gravity feed sandblaster is channeled into the cannon’s barrel from above by gravity. There is a hopper at the top of the gun that contains a supply of sand as you work. When the trigger is pulled, the sand is pushed out of the barrel.

The next batch of sand immediately flows from the funnel into the barrel for continuity. When the pistol’s trigger is released, the hole between the funnel and the barrel will close to store the remaining sand inside. It’s the funnel for future use.

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Pressure Sandblasting

Pressure sandblasting is the most common cleaning method. The process of surface treatment under pressure is straightforward: dry abrasive material is loaded into a container, which is sealed before starting work. Then an overpressure is supplied to the box, which pushes the starting material into the sandblast seal.

At the same time, compressed air enters through the “airline,” which is mixed with the abrasive, and then the entire air-abrasive mixture is sent to the jet nozzle, from where it is ejected onto the treated surface.

Abrasive cold treatment of hard surfaces, such as stone, glass, and others, carried out using sand, sprayed with a strong stream of air, as a result of which the treated surface is damaged, is called sandblasting. The abrasive material is fed to the sandblasting nozzle, where it is accelerated, after which the sand is thrown onto the surface to be cleaned.

Siphon Sandblasting

Such a model is the simplest of all. A siphon-fed device operates on the principle of a large volume of air and high pressure passing through a venturi. It causes suction due to which the medium is sucked in through the delivery tube to the nozzle.

Reducing pressure or volume will adversely affect the efficiency of the instrument. This apparatus’s advantage is low start-up costs and continuous processing of sandblasting material, eliminating the need for refueling. However, this is a reasonably slow sandblasting system. You won’t be able to finish the job quickly with this type.

What to consider when choosing the best sandblaster gun

When choosing a sandblaster, start with personal preference. First of all, this is the instrument’s price, since there are models on the market designed for different purchase budgets. Also, be sure to consider the type of work you will be doing, as a sandblaster for small jobs or home use will cost you less.

There is no need to purchase those for commercial purposes. Nothing replaces usability, so choose a model carefully that has a simple and ergonomic design. The model should be lightweight so that the hand does not get tired while working.

The type of sandblasting tool should also be considered. It comes in three varieties: portable, split level, and standard. They work similarly and are suitable for different abrasive materials. However, there are significant differences in the shape and purpose of the instrument. Think about choosing a sandblaster to make everything work together.

Types of blasting system design are also consequential. Consider the intensity of the abrasive you need. Two kinds of inkjet systems will help you determine the use of the inkjet machine you need. Siphon blast cabinets are suitable for small jobs. They have a pistol-grip design for blasting abrasive material. This model is cheaper and very easy to install. The direct pressure system is used for more extensive work. But you can adjust the pressure when cleaning.

There are also some special features that could be important when you are choosing a sandblaster:

  • non-plastic doors
  • the material of a cabinet panel
  • required PSI and CFM
  • lighting

All these ideas will help you buy the perfect sandblasting machine to have at hand. Check out all features as well as for instructions.

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Neiko 30068A Abrasive Air

Choosing a proper sandblaster can be a big deal for you. So, I share all the information about this tool with you. Here you’ll find the answers for the most recently asked questions. They can also help you to define what sandblaster is the best option for you.

What is the best abrasive for sandblasting?

Quartz sand for sandblasting is currently the most effective cheap abrasive. It is a material obtained by crushing and sieving white quartz. Unlike sand of natural origin, it has high uniformity and dirt holding capacity.

How big of a sandblaster do I need?

It all depends on the type of work. For small sandblasting applications, an air compressor with a capacity of 10 to 20cc is best suited. A compressor producing 18 to 35 CFM is the best option for large jobs. And for industrial type sandblasting, you need CFM 50 – 100.31.

Which is better soda blasting or sandblasting?

These materials are needed for processing different surfaces. Soda is a more soft abrasive material, so it is best used for metals such as aluminum. Sand is suitable for processing denser materials.

Can I use regular sand in a sandblaster?

Usually, particles of the same size and hardness are required to obtain a uniform and efficient explosion. Normal sand is not suitable for this. Besides, the sand should contain no more than 1% of free silica, as it can aggravate respiratory diseases and cause other problems with your lungs.

Are blasting operations harmful to human health?

In current conditions, the process of sandblasting is dust-free. While wearing a mask and glasses, nothing threatens your health. However, it is worth checking your lungs from time to time with regular long-term work.

Can I use a sandblasting tool in icy weather conditions?

Following the instructions, you are able to use a sandblast in wet and freezing conditions. It’s better to clean with a soda because it is suitable for work in the cold season. So you can work without any problems in any weather, the main thing is to choose the right abrasive material for processing.

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Pick the Best Option and Remember About Safety

Removing old paint coatings, corrosion traces, or rust has never been easier than using a sandblaster. This way, you can start preparing metal, concrete, wood, stone, or brick surfaces before painting. For example, it will come in handy if you want to repaint your car.

In addition, with the help of a sandblasting chamber, small complex metal parts, structures, and parts of various units are cleaned.

It is also a highly useful tool that helps bring new life to metal materials. This is an excellent opportunity to save money and contribute to environmental care in some way.

Experience the most proper polishing and metal recovery with the Premium Sandblaster Sand Blaster Gun Kit, Soda Blaster, perfect for home use. The model is easy-to-use and portable. And remember to wear goggles and a respirator when working with any sandblasting tool.

Please tell us in the comments about your experience with sandblasting machines. What abrasives do you think are the most effective? You’re very welcome to share your thoughts on this topic.


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