Top 9 Best Shaved Ice Machine In 2021

Best Shaved Ice Machine

As it gets warmer, the craving for a tantalizing cold drink intensifies. It is just natural for a person to yearn to quench their thirst, nothing new there, however how ones aims at achieving that goal does matter. You can decide to either drive or walk into the nearby store and order a cold smoothie.  Or better still, you can decide to make one for yourself right in your kitchen!

Definitely, the latter seems to be the best choice for obvious reasons- convenience, cost, and quality and of course you can get it anytime you feel like drinking something cold.

In order to save you valuable time, we have come up with a list of the Top 9 Best Shaved Ice Machines in 2021. The review ensures that you do not spend your hard earned cash on the wrong product.

But First What Is A Shaved Ice Machine?Well, a shaved machine is the appliance that snips or shreds ice cubes or blocks into soft fluffy shavings. The machine saves you the hustle of preparing shaved ice using a grater or a knife – this is often stressful and hurts too!

List of our Top 9 Best Shaved Ice Machine in 2021

9. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 Electric Snow Cone Machine

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This is one of the most famous shaved ice machines in the market today. The machine is designed in such a way that it makes some very delicious snow cones. It has a very appealing design, and it is also very durable. Having said so, the machine is also kids friendly since it cannot operate without the lid on.  Therefore, if you want to prevent your kids from engaging in mischievous activates with the machine, you just have to hide the lid!

Additionally, the machine is not hard to operate; all you have to do is switch it on, place your ice blocks or cubes into the machine and there you go. If you want to make a variety of cold drinks, then you are in luck since the Hawaii S700 Kids Friendly Shaved Ice Machine is perfect for making slushies, frozen cocktails, snow cones and of course shaved ice. You can also pair the machine with the Hawaii branded snow cone syrups to get that perfect tasting cold drink.

Customer satisfaction is a good indicator of a product’s quality and the Hawaii S700 shaved ice machine has excellent customer reviews on Amazon.

One of the downsides though of the machine is its low capacity which means you cannot make a lot of shaved ice.

8. Shaved Ice Machine and Syrup Party Package by Hawaii Shaved Ice

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At number 8 in our list is the Hawaii Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine Party Package. It is also a very popular shaved ice machine. It comes with accessories which include 25 snow cones, 25 snow cones, plus three push and pull dispenses. You will also get ice moulds with the package.

The ice shaver is ideal for big summer parties or simply for your treats.

The best feature of the machine is that despite being a heavy-duty appliance, it is pleasantly easy to use. Due to its hardiness, the machine can be used in both a home setting or you can use it commercially.  The safety of the machine is ensured since the manufacturers have used BPA- free plastic. This means that you are not at risk of getting infected by any nasty bugs for using the appliance. Size should not fool you as the machine is a powerhouse.

Additionally, the Hawaii Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine Party have adjustable and replaceable blades. This makes it very ideal since you simply replace the knives ones that become blunt.  You also get the right shaved ice texture by adjusting the blades.

7. Hawaiian shaved ice electric shaved ice maker (S900A)

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The Hawaiian S900A is perfect for making those cool and rehydrating snowballs at home for your family and friends. The product comes with some fantastic add-ons to ensure that you have a pleasant experience while making the shaved ice. It has ice mold, snow cone cups, spoon straws, and even black bottle pourers.

Another good thing with the machine is its simplicity in use. Although it is capable of producing superb homemade shaved in large quantities, its simplicity is admirable. Another good thing with the appliance is that it is very efficient as it provides exceptionally fluffy and soft shaved ice which melts in your mouth. Although the machine is top quality, you should not use it for commercial purposes neither should you keep it running for more than a few minutes continuously. Doing so might damage it, therefore, reducing its lifespan considerably.

The Hawaii Shaved Ice S900 is also compact, and this makes it a perfect fit is for those with limited kitchen spaces. It has a beautiful countertop design, and it is easy to carry around since it is not heavy.

6. DASH DSIM100GBAQ02 Shaved Ice Maker

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The Ice Makeris perfect if you like slushies. It is ideal for making shaved ice and other forms of frozen delicacies at the comfort of your home. One of the best things about the machine is that it prepares your slushies or shaved ice very first, therefore, saving you valuable time. It also simple to use as all you will need to do plug it in, turn in on, add the ice cubes or blocks, add the floured syrup that you prefer which you can garner with a fruit or two.

It is also very convenient for small kitchen spaces since it is compatible. You can also move it around quite easily due to its lightweight. Additionally, the machine has a beautiful color which is a welcome addition to your kitchen’s décor. In order to guide you through the process of making different kinds of refreshments using the machine, the manufacturer comes with a recipe and access to a recipe database.

5. Time for Treats Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver by VICTORIO VKP1100

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The best characteristic of this ice shaving machine is that just use regular sized ice cubes to come up with perfectly shaved ice. The machine does not require any special ice molds. For the curious, the machine is perfect since it has a semi-transparent top which allows you and the kids to witness the magic as it unfolds.

During the ice shaving process, the machine is bound to shake. However, the product is extremely stable as it has an extensive base and if that isn’t enough, it also has rubber feet. This means that you do not have to worry that your countertop being defaced by the machine. The rubber protects your countertop from the machine’s vibrations.

You should also not worry about any spillage; this is because the appliance cannot operate unless the lid is well fit and closed. It also has a stainless steel blade which helps on the ice chopping process. The blade is adjustable and replaceable.

4. Koval Inc. Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Ice Shaver, Snow Cone Machine

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One of the greatest selling points of the KovalInc Heavy duty stainless steel ice shaver is its unique shape and building material. The ice shaver is made of stainless steel which ensures that it will serve you for a long time provided you give it the care it requires. Having said that, the material makes it very easy to clean and therefore maintaining it should not be a big issue.

The appliance has a robust and sharp shaving blade, which ensures that the shaving of ice will not take forever. Additionally, the Koval Stainless Steel Ice Shaver has a very stable base, a bowl, and a hopper.  The appliance boasts of an excellent robust motor which is capable of producing 143 lbs of shaved ice in one hour. With this kind of power, getting enough frozen drinks and desserts should not be a problem. The shaving process is also quite simple as all you have to do switch the machine on, add some ice on the hopper, and finally, drive the handle.

3. Zeny Commercial Industrial Quality Ice Shaver

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Like its counterpart the Koval, the Zeny Commercial Shaved Ice Makerhas an all stainless steel construction. The machine is designed to be used at home, but it is also very efficient in a commercial setting. The manufacturers have added the “commercial” tag to its name to signify that it can be used for business purposes.

To this end, the machine comes packed with a highly efficient motor which is capable of producing 440 pounds (around 200kg) of shaved ice per hour. This rate of production makes it capable of meeting a very high demand for shaved ice. Additionally, the motor runs at an incredible speed of 2500 rotations per minute. Therefore, if you are planning on a huge party, or you need a commercial shaved ice machine, then you should give the Zeny Commercial Industrial Quality Ice Shavera try.

Since you will be dealing with a lot of water, the manufacturers have ensured that the on/ off switch is protected by a waterproof cover to prevent any malfunction.

2. Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver

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Although the product is called “Little,” there is nothing little about its performance. The appliance is one of the best-shaved ice machines in the market. The manufacturers of the appliance – the Snowie LLC is known for its quality products and has been in the business for a long period and has emerged as a market leader.

The Little Snowie 2 ice shaver comes equipped with hardened stainless steel blades and packs a potent motor which rotates at very high speeds. Operating the machine is also quite easy as all you have to do is switch it on, and it will handle the rest for you! Although it is small, its size does not compromise on its quality but rather makes it very efficient since you can carry it around the house, take it to the backyard or wherever else you want to enjoy that refreshing cold drink.

The machine also uses the standard cube size so you will not encounter any problems when it comes to preparing the shaved ice.

1. Gourmia GIC9635 Ice Shaver- Manual Hand Crank Operated Ice Breaker

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The Gourmia GIC9635 Ice Shaveris a manually operated ice cracker which is very efficient for making perfectly crushed ice for pastry, drinks, smoothies or cocktails. The greatest advantage of the Gourmia Ice shaver is that it requires no power to run. This feature makes it possible to use the appliance outdoors or where there isn’t any source of power. The downside though is that you cannot shave that much ice and the process is slower since you are doing it manually.

However, the device is extremely portable, and you can carry it anywhere with you to make sure that you get that cold drink. Since it is manually operated, it does not have any buttons that might confuse you. Neither does it need any electronic settings in order for it to operate.

The device is also used as a serving bowl, where guests can just pick the crushed ice directly from the appliance.

Benefits of Using a Shaved Ice Machine

  • Saves Time: A shaved machine saves you time taken to prepare shaved ice. It also saves you the hassle of using a knife which is time-consuming and also very stressful
  • Prepare Your Own Smoothies: With a shaved ice machine, you can prepare your own smoothies, slushies and other cold and refreshing beverages at the comfort of your home.
  • A Worthy Investment: The shaved ice machine is a worthy investment. Once you make the initial purchase, then you are bound to save on the money that you would use to buy shaved ice.
  • You Can Make a Variety of Personal Recipes: With a shaved machine at your disposal, it is possible to prepare numerous recipes. The advantage is that you can come up with a delicious cocktail, fun dessert and a host of other wonderful products.


Buying a shaved ice machine might just be the answer to enjoying that cold smoothie or cocktail that you are entitled to especially on a hot summer day or night. Luckily, we have listed the Top 9 Shaved ice Machines in the market, and we guarantee you that this information is essential while deciding on the machine to buy.


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