Top 10 Best Stair Stepper Machines in 2021 Reviews

Best Stair Stepper Machines

Anyone who would like to incorporate more fitness into everyday life can use a stair stepper machine. The stepper strengthens the legs and bottom during a workout. This is why it is particularly popular with women in women’s sports trousers. By regular stepper training, you actually get a nice bottom. You train gluteal muscles, thighs, and calves.

Actually, you simulate nothing else with the stepper than climbing stairs and replaces running. However, with this device, the difficulty levels can be adjusted in a practical way. In addition, you can set different training programs for most steppers and the pulse rate can be read off. Steppers tighten not only the muscles but are also excellent endurance equipment.

Best Stair Stepper Machines in 2021 Reviews

What to look out for in the stepper test?

Various steppers at a glance. Stepper is not the same stepper. The exercise bike is subdivided into a total of three different subspecies. These are basically quite similar. However, the training program and the training effect in each of these three variants are very different.

The most popular variant among the steppers is the mini-stepper, which simulates the movement when climbing stairs. The mini stepper is available with or without pull rope. This serves to be able to train not only the legs but also the arms. In addition, the mini-stepper can be stowed very easily due to its small size.

Mini-Stepper has a hydraulic cylinder, which should not be too heavily loaded, but only for not too demanding training sessions should be. As a rule, the difficulty level can be set manually directly on the cylinder. What is missing in a mini-stepper, however, are adjustable training programs.

The swing and twist stepper is quite similar to the side stepper. The difference to the usual side stepper, however, is that in this variant, the back muscles can be trained. The same applies to the outer muscles of the thighs. Although the pedals move up and down, they also move to the side. With a swing and twist stepper, you can ideally improve your fitness and also optimize your coordination and balance.What should you watch out for when training with a stepper?

Many people are a crisp, tight butt very important. In such a case, you can either walk up several flights of stairs or take a stepper. Women in particular often suffer from weakening tissue. With a stepper, however, you can effectively counteract this phenomenon. Hardly any other fitness equipment is as efficient as the stepper when it comes to leg muscles.

Not recommended is a stepper, however, for pure endurance training, as it can come too frequent and too long training due to the quite unnatural movements sometimes intervertebral disc problems. If you already have problems with the intervertebral disc, then you should better do without the use of a stepper. The same applies if you have problems with your knees. The push movements can aggravate the problems additionally, which is especially true for overweight. A stepper is therefore only partially suitable for losing some weight.

Buying Guide

If you want to get a stepper, you should put the price first and pay attention to the quality first. But what you should do anyway: Set yourself a limit, up to what amount you want to go maximum or can. However, this limit should not be set too low, because if you invest too little in a stepper, you may be annoyed about your decision shortly after the purchase. If it is the first stepper that will serve you as an introduction to training on such a home trainer, you can certainly resort to a lower-priced model.

For a better training and for advanced athletes, however, a higher-priced model is recommended. But before you buy a stepper, there are some questions

  • Up to what maximum weight must the stepper be loadable?
  • How fluid is your movement?
  • How safe is the stand on the treads?
  • Is the desired stepper a branded device?

Best Stair Stepper Machine Review

StairMaster 7000 PT StepmillView on Amazon
HARISON Mini Stair Stepper of Exercise Without Installation Protable Stand Up Stepper for Home UseView on Amazon
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, BlackView on Amazon
Gold’s Gym Mini StepperView on Amazon
Wagan EL2273 Mini Stepper MasterView on Amazon
Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding StepperView on Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment Step Machine for Exercise – SF-1115View on Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine w/Handle Bar and LCD Monitor – NO. 059View on Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper – NO. 045View on Amazon
MaxiClimber(r) – The Original Patented Vertical Climber, As Seen On TV – Full Body Workout with Bonus Fitness App for iOS and AndroidView on Amazon

10. StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill

StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill

  See It Now on Amazon

With the StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill, the hydraulic cylinders and shock absorbers ensure a smooth and smooth movement that optimizes your training and protects your joints. It should be noted that the hydraulic fluid may heat up when used excessively. The recommended usage time of about 15 minutes should be respected.

With a weight of about 6 kg, this stepper is one of the lightest devices and can be easily stored and transported. With its standard size, this stepper is easy to accommodate in any small home. The extra large treads provide support and space even for larger feet. The non-slip profile gives additional security.

The display shows the time, your steps per minute and your calorie consumption. With the help of the Scan function, this information is exchanged during the training. The maximum weight of 100 kg, on average, is not overly high. The equipment offers the basic standard but does not go beyond that.

9. Harison Stand Up

Harison Stand Up

  See It Now on Amazon

This stepper has two different motion sequences and is also very space-saving and lightweight. Thus, it is suitable for every home and can be flexibly transported. The display shows a variety of information and also the high maximum weight testifies to excellent quality.

The resistance is unfortunately not adjustable with this device. However, there are two functions where you move either straight or sideways. This puts a lot of strain on your muscles and gives you a varied workout. The size of the stepper of 43 x 36 x 30 cm offers you space-saving sports equipment that can easily be stowed under each bed. With a weight of about 9 kg, the device is easy to transport and thus offers you a high degree of flexibility.

The display shows the time, your steps, your cadence, and the calories burned. In between these functions, you can use the Scan function to switch and scroll through each item during exercise. With a maximum weight of 120 kg, the Harison Stand Up Stepper offers intensive training for all weight classes. Visually, the Harison Stand Up stepper with gray and black tones is kept very simple and inconspicuous.

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8. Xiser Commercial Mini

Xiser Commercial Mini

  See It Now on Amazon

Xiser Commercial Mini makes it possible to train the leg, back and buttocks muscles comfortably at home. The device has a built-in computer that collects important performance data during exercise.

A stepper is a quick and easy way to do something for your physical fitness. In a light and gentle way, the leg, back and buttocks muscles can be trained. The Ultrasport Up-Down-Stepper is sturdy fitness equipment that conveys value and safety with its steel construction and extra large, non-slip treads. It has a built-in computer that records important data such as calories burned, pace count and exercise time during exercise. These data are displayed on an easy-to-read display. The stepper works with hydraulic cylinders that ensure a comfortable and even workout.

The sturdy metal frame ensures that the device is safe and stable on the ground. Thanks to the compact dimensions of the stepper can be stowed after training space-saving. The enclosed operating instructions explain all functions and the handling of this fitness equipment. With a stepper, anyone can keep fitting quickly and easily in between.

7. Gold’s Gym Mini

Gold's Gym Mini

  See It Now on Amazon

The Gold’s Gym Mini is 95 x 35 x 15 cm and weighs about 6 kg. The height of the quilting board can be adjusted. Thus, you can easily stow it in your home and transport flexible. The Reebok Step is extremely space-saving due to its size and is ideal for small apartments.

The surface of the Gold’s Gym Mini has a special structure to give you the best grip during your workout. In addition, he has non-slip feet that stabilize the state of the stepper additionally. This will prevent any damage to your floor as the Reebok Step does not slip.

Through plug-in constructions, the Gold’s Gym Mini can be set in three different stages. These are 15, 20 or 25 cm high of the stepper. This quite high variation offers you a varied training. In addition, during the course of your workout, you can boost yourself to the highest level or, alternatively, perform endurance training at the lowest level and strength training at the highest level.

Visually, the Gold’s Gym Mini is the definite star among steppers. With different color options, the product, in this case, has a sporty gray-turquoise blend and is thus very dynamic and useful.

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6. Wagan Mini Master

Wagan Mini Master

  See It Now on Amazon

Wagan Mini Master provides even resistance for training sessions up to 15 minutes. It is very light and therefore space-saving and flexible transportable. The display, the maximum weight, and the optics offer standard equipment that is appropriate for the price.

Particularly advantageous are long life and the stability of the device. However, the recommended usage time of about 15 minutes should be taken into account. In addition, the stepper can be accommodated in each apartment due to its small size.

The stepper is more suitable for people who want to do a little bit for their physical fitness in between and do not have too high expectations. So if you are looking for a cheap, space-saving fitness device for your home, you will be well served with the stepper. Ambitious athletes prefer to use a better-equipped stepper.

5. Stamina Spacemate

Stamina Spacemate

  See It Now on Amazon

The Stamina Spacemate stepper comes with two training straps and enables the effective training of thighs, legs, and stomach. The stepper has different levels of difficulty and has a built-in computer that displays important performance data during training.

With Stamina Spacemate, you can easily do something for your physical fitness in your own home. With the device, not only up and down movements are possible, but also a form of movement, which is similar to that of Nordic Walking and the additional training hip and butt. With the included expander straps, the arm and chest areas are also stressed during training.

The sturdy steel construction of the stepper promises durability and high quality. The oversized, non-slip treads with anti-slip edges ensure a secure stand during training. The CE certified fitness machine is suitable for people weighing no more than 100 kg. An integrated computer displays the elapsed time, the number of steps per minute, and the calories burned during exercise. In the enclosed instructions all functions are explained and training exercises are presented.

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4. Sunny Health & Fitness Climbing

Sunny Health & Fitness Climbing

  See It Now on Amazon

With the Sunny Health & Fitness Climbing, the resistance is adjustable via a small wheel on the underside of the stepper and is generated by a hydraulic cylinder. So you can adjust the resistance to your needs and increase it during your training. The even resistance enables a smooth motion sequence and has a relatively long service life when used moderately.

With a size of 40.2 x 38.2 x 34.5 cm and a weight of 7 kg, this stepper is one of the most space-saving models and is easy to transport. Despite its low weight, the robust metal frame offers a secure stand. The treads are oversized and support your feet additionally with the anti-slip edge.

The display the time, your steps and calorie consumption. The scan function allows you to automatically switch between these data during your workout. The maximum weight of 100 kg is not excessively high but is on average. Thus the device is equipped with all basic functions.

Visually, the stepper has a rather dark design and can be placed inconspicuously in any room.

3. Sunny Twister

Sunny Twister

  See It Now on Amazon

With a size of 47 x 33 x 22 cm and a weight of about 8 kg, the stepper is very space-saving and easy to transport. It fits in every apartment and can be flexibly set up or taken away. Mini stepper sometimes has the lowest weight of all stepper and is particularly useful if you do not want to put the device permanently in your room but stowed in between.

The movement is parallel to the side in the classical sense of a side stepper. This movement is usually more comfortable for customers with joint problems than mimicking stair climbing. In addition, this device also the lateral muscle strands of the legs claimed as well as the back, the hip, and your balance.

The display shows the time, your steps, your pace, and the calorie consumption and is thus well equipped. The maximum weight of 80 kg is rather low and can lead to problems or premature failures for higher weight classes. Visually, the Side-Stepper is very classic, yet with its bright gray-white yet professional and appealing.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness No. 045

Sunny Health & Fitness No. 045

  See It Now on Amazon

The Sunny Health & Fitness No. 045 is space saving and lightweight. It offers you a pleasant workout especially for rehabilitation purposes and offers you a variety of information during the training.

The resistance can be adjusted manually on a small wheel on the front of the device. Thus, the Sunny Health & Fitness No. 045 offers an individual adaptation to your needs as well as the possibility to increase permanently. With a size of 42 x 42 x 31 cm, it can be stored easily under every desk and in every apartment. Also, the weight of about 6 kg provides easy transport and effortless stowing after exercise.

The display shows the time, the virtual cycled distance, the turns per exercise, the total revolutions and the calories burned. This information can be displayed alternately during exercise using the Scan feature. The maximum weight of 100 kg is very high for the small size of the device and is usually not even used when sitting up to this weight class since not all the weight on the device weighs.

1. Maxi Climber

Maxi Climber

  See It Now on Amazon

With the Maxi Climber, the resistance is generated by a high-quality hydraulic cylinder, which enables an even movement. The bi-directional motion sequence puts a strain on both the straight and lateral leg muscles. The device also trains your hips and musculature.

The size of 52 x 52 x 126 cm is quite average to small for a power stepper. This makes this power stepper easy to store in any home and, with a weight of 14 kg, does not pose any major transport problems. The device is especially suitable for seniors due to its handle and represents a larger version of a mini stepper with additional support.

The display shows your number of steps, the elapsed time and the calorie consumption. This information can be displayed alternately with the scan function. Unfortunately, the device has no integrated heart rate monitor and only shows you the basic information. The maximum weight of 100 kg is rather below average and our other power steppers can serve you in case of a higher weight as an alternative.

Other points that may also be very interesting and should, therefore, be taken into account and possibly even taken into account are:

  • Workmanship and materials: The stepper should be processed as high as possible. For example, sharp edges should not exist. In addition, if possible, no inferior materials should have been processed, as they can wear out faster or break and the stepper can break faster.
  • Pedometer or distance display: So that you always have a clear idea of how far you are from your training goal, ideally a stepper should always have a distance display. Alternatively, this can also be a pedometer, with which you can also keep track of your training goal.
  • tempo display: In order to understand your training success over the weeks or months, an indication of the speed is very useful. This way you can increase your speed over time and keep an eye on your progress.
  • Heart rate display: In sports, it can happen quickly that you take over a little. To avoid damage to health, the stepper should definitely have a heart rate monitor. So you can slow down or intensify your training at any time and always know exactly about your heartbeat.
  • chronometer: The training on a stepper should ideally be a maximum of 15 to 30 minutes. Anything over that could possibly damage the joints too much. You may also set an alarm clock or keep an eye on the wall clock. On the other hand, if the stepper has a timer, you always have the time where you need it.
  • Calorie counter: Many exercise machines have an integrated calorie counter, as do many steppers. Basically, this is not a bad idea. However, calculating calorie consumption requires consideration of the athlete’s height and weight. Information that the stepper cannot recognize by itself. Therefore, the figures of an integrated calorie counter are also estimated only. Although these are an approximate orientation, you can not really rely on it.
  • Handles: There are steppers with and also without handles. Whether a handle is meaningful or superfluous is generally a matter of opinion. One athlete thinks that the training effect is greater with a stepper without a handle, while the other one finds a handle very practical and efficient. So whether you decide to go for a handle or not, it’s entirely up to you.

Questions to deal with before buying a stepper

What are the general advantages and disadvantages of a stepper?

Every stepper is different. Especially quilted boards and motorized steppers differ greatly. However, there are some basic advantages and disadvantages of steppers that are presented below.

The disadvantages of steppers are above all the motorized steppers. The hydraulic motors are particularly sensitive and run hot quickly. Some customers talk about unpleasant devices with a strong smell and loud noises. Therefore, it is important to follow the recommended training time and to test the stepper.

In addition, some stepper is very poorly processed and tends to wobble or have other instabilities. Due to the low price, it can sometimes be that some parts are missing or damaged in the delivery. Most but they are quickly and unceremoniously replaced. Often it simply depends on how renowned the brand of the stepper is, as many new companies still have errors in their organization.

Of course, if you have previously damaged knees or legs, training on a stepper is less good for you. The constant movement can set your irritated joints. In general, it is advisable to do the training on the stepper in short units and to supplement it with other strengthening exercises. This can also help with preloaded joints. Because the training on the stepper also offers some advantages that should not be forgotten.

Which muscle groups are claimed by steppers?

Most steppers mainly occupy the leg and buttock muscles. However, steppers also train your back and posture by keeping the balance. Depending on the version, you can also train your arms in addition.

In the thigh, the straight thigh muscles (Quadriceps), the large leg tendril and the two-headed thigh muscles are trained. These are the muscles that run straight on the front and back of your leg, plus the muscle of your thigh that joins your hips and the front of your legs for the flexion movement.

The two-headed thigh muscles on the back of your leg are responsible for the stretching movement. They form the constant up-down movement of bending and stretching your legs. This is also your great buttocks musculature, also called gluteus maximums, trained. This sits centrally over your buttocks and is complemented by the lateral muscles. This can be trained, for example, by training on a side stepper, as well as the lateral leg muscles. Your calves will also be trained during the training on the stepper.

In addition, your stamina, your coordination, your blood flow, and your lung volume will also improve. Thus, training on the stepper helps to make you feel all the better and fitter. The stressed muscle groups are the same as those used during jogging.

However, since the impact of actual jogging does not occur, steppers are much more joint-friendly. 2 in 1 Stepper train through the use of elastic training bands your entire arm muscles. You can stretch the bands flexibly forward or sideways and bend or stretch your arms in many different ways. This allows you to decide which arm muscles you train.
Steppers also give you the opportunity to train your arms.

For whom are steppers especially suitable?

Steppers offer many advantages and are particularly suitable if you have a small budget and little space in your apartment. But other aspects make the training on the stepper very attractive if one of the following applies to you.

If you have lower back pain, around the lumbar area, training on the stepper is perfect for you. Especially in jobs that are performed almost exclusively while sitting, such pain is widespread. For this reason, steppers are also used in physiotherapy to prevent or resolve such discomfort.

The movement of the legs and the hip release the tensions in the lumbar region and even slipped discs can be brought back into position. You can also put the stepper in your office and take short breaks to work out. Just 30 minutes are enough to relieve your pain in the long run.

If your inner bastard grabs you and you just want to watch TV or read instead of doing sports, Stepper offers you the perfect compromise. During the workout, you can watch TV, call and read. Time flies by and you can do several things at the same time. This makes training even more fun.

If you want to do sports all year round, regardless of the weather, without completing a gym contract, steppers are a great alternative. In winter time it is even harder or impossible to train outside.

If you still want to continue your training, steppers offer you the opportunity to train at home for a small price. Here you are flexible and independent of weather, traffic conditions and time. You save the money for a gym and can train in a small space whenever you feel like it.

Which exercises can be performed with a stepper?

Step Aerobics became popular in the 80s. Back then, aerobics evolved to use the quilting board as an accessory to increase the intensity of the workout. Various steps are to be performed both on the floor and on the stepper. By stepping on the stepper, however, the muscles are stressed even more than on a flat level.

At first, marching can always help you get into the rhythm of the music. In addition, it is a good transition to test that you have taken the right starting position. In this exercise, your arms are bent and swing relaxed along with your body.

The Basic Step is basically a constant up and down of one level. First place the right foot, then the left foot on the quilting board. Then you first remove the right foot and then the left foot from the quilting board. Of course, you can also start this exercise on the left and thus change the movement impulse.

Often, choreographies are performed first on the right and then on the left to promote coordination. The basic step is to move your arms parallel to your legs. For example, you can merge the arms during the ascent above the head and lower it during the descent.
The V-Step is also one of the basic steps of Step Aerobic. It is an extension of the Basic Steps and only changes the step width. You put your feet on the board one step at a time, saying right foot all the way to the right and left to the left.

Then you return the right foot, then the left foot back to the floor and go back to the base position, i.e. to the shoulder-width stand. So you form a kind V, which gives the step its name. In this movement, the arms are often stretched laterally parallel to the legs and lowered again.

The Knee Lift is one of those exercises that do not put both feet on the quilting board. You place your right foot on the quilting board, swinging your left knee up at a right angle as if you wanted to climb a higher step. Then you put down first with the left leg and then with the right leg. You then repeat this exercise mirror-inverted and swing your right leg up. In this exercise, the arms are often dynamically pushed forward.

The Leg Curl is similar to the Knee Lift. However, you fold your lower leg backward as if you wanted to touch your buttocks with your heel. At this step, too, you step right onto the stepper and swing your left leg backward, then back off left and then right. As with the Knee Lift, you repeat this movement in mirror image. Often one makes as a suitable movement a curl with the arms.

The lateral Basic Step trains the lateral buttocks and leg muscles. Instead of standing in front of the longer side of the quilting board, you stand across the shorter side of the quilting board. Then, as with the Basic Step, you then first guide your feet up and then down again.

Which muscle groups can you train in detail on an aerobic stepper?

The training on the Aerobic Stepper mimics climbing stairs, similar to the mini stepper. That’s why you mainly train your leg and buttocks muscles. In addition, you can improve your coordination and your balance. Depending on your training goal, you can specifically use your muscles or improve your stamina.

Above all else, the right thigh musculature (quadriceps) and the large femoral artery are specifically stressed by your leg muscles. These are the muscles that lie on the front of your legs. The big leg extractor is the muscle responsible for diffraction movements. It runs from your thigh to your hips.

As a counterpart to the bending of the legs, the two-headed thigh muscles are responsible for stretching your legs. Because the movement of climbing stairs consists of constantly bending and stretching your legs, it is these muscles that are specifically stressed. Your calves are mainly training your calves.

Your buttock muscles are mainly used for the gluteus maximums (gluteus maximums). This sits centrally on your buttocks. Especially by getting on and off, these muscles are trained.
Unlike the Ministepper, which each have only one movement orientation, you are very flexible with a quilting board. For example, you can stand across the quilting board with your legs apart and exercise your lateral buttock and leg muscles with a lateral incline movement.

You also have similar flexibility with regard to your remaining muscles. Exercising your legs and buttocks is classic step aerobics. Here you are flexible in your movements.

In most cases, barbell movements offer classic curls for your biceps or raising and lowering your arms in stretched form. Whether you work this forward or to the side are up to you. Alone the swinging of dumbbells increases your calorie consumption by carrying more weight.

Other muscle groups, such as your stomach, you can train on targeted strength exercises. Here, the quilting board is not the central device. It can be used as a workout accessory to intensify your exercises. For example, you can lean on the quilting board or park your legs on it to do exercises at a higher angle.

Also, your stamina and your coordination improve through the training on the quilting board. Especially with Step Aerobic, you can add your arms in addition to your leg movements and thus train your coordination.

What is the correct training position for the aerobic stepper?

An upright posture is the basic position of the Step Aerobic Training. Your legs should be shoulder width. Your breathing should be natural and not like your strength training, adjusted to your steps or even intermittent.

Before you begin to train you should always take a stable position and as a beginner first master the basic step. Your body is upright and your spine is straight, maximally in a light hollow cross.

During training, you stay upright and do not lean forward or make a hump to get more momentum. Your toes point forward and do not turn outward, except for an exercise that specifically. As with jogging, you can take your arms relaxed. Later, you can also perform various arm movements to intensify your training.

What sets the Aerobic Stepper apart from mini-treads?

Instead of always doing the same movement, you are free in your way to use the aerobic stepper. Every movement is possible and your imagination knows no bounds.

Mini stepper allows you targeted training and multitasking. However, if you want to switch off and work out in your training, the step-board is just the thing for you. You can choose a different form of exercise every day, from weight training to dancing.

You will never be bored and you keep fit. Various choreographies from the step aerobics and muscle-strengthening exercises are intensified by the quilting board and offer variety.

What sets different Ministepper apart?

Their different execution and the muscle groups addressed by them represent the main difference between the mini-treads.

The classic Ministepper trains through his up-down movement forward, the straight thigh muscles and the buttocks. The swing stepper also takes up your back and your balance. His movement is reminiscent of skiing, by the slightly oblique movement to the rear.

The Side Stepper goes to the side, similar to a seesaw, and thus strengthens the outer muscles of your legs. The more muscle groups you promote, the more calories you burn. Through the different types of movements, you can choose the Ministepper that best suits your individual expectations and predispositions. For example, some users find the Side Stepper a particularly pleasing alternative to the movement of climbing stairs.


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