10 Best Walkie Talkies in 2021

Best Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies have been a popular means of short-range communication for decades. They’re a perfect solution to keep track of our children, talk to hunting buddies or nearby fisherman, and even other people on roadways.

One of the best features of walkie talkies is that you can talk to anyone who’s on the same channel as you. This opens up a whole new means of security and constantly staying in touch with other people in case of emergencies.

Finding the best walkie talkie wasn’t an easy task, but we managed to put together a list after endless hours of research. Through countless blog posts, video reviews, and customer feedback, we’ve managed to compile a list that has something for everyone. Let us know what you think!

Walkie talkies are ideal for numerous outdoor and indoor activities. Check out the list below to see if you can find your favorite pair!

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1. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

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Starting off the list is the Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios. These walkie talkies boast one of the longest ranges with up to a 5-mile reach on flat ground. Obviously, mountains, trees, and houses can obstruct and limit the range, but you’ll get several miles nonetheless, making these great gifts for hikers and those who like to spend time outdoors. Overall, it’s an unbeatable deal for the price.

Another incredible feature that these walkie talkies have is the fact that they last over 90 hours on a single charge. Most of the competition only last a few hours, while anything over 20 is considered impressive. As far as battery efficiency goes, it’s hard to find something better than Lithium-ion batteries in these units.

These radio sets also come with earpieces and a push to talk button to give you top-notch audio control. Being able to hear your friends and family through a headset is much easier than the traditional speakerphone settings used by the vast majority of walkie talkies on the market. However, you can unplug the headset and use them that way if it’s your preference.

+ Includes rechargeable Li-ion batteries that last up to 90 hours
+ Comes with a headset for optimal communication
+ Reaches up to 5 miles on flat ground

Why We Like It – We like these walkie talkies because they have a massive range, incredibly long battery life, and the headset piece is very useful for crowded areas that make it hard to hear without one.

2. Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies

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Next up is the Retevis RT628 Kid’s Walkie Talkies. These radios are designed for people to have close communication, but the range stretches all the way up to an impressive 3,000 feet. For parents trying to keep track of their kids on camping trips or sporting events, these are a solid choice.

Kids definitely care about style, but let’s not pretend like us adults don’t like a little bit of it as well! This radio set comes in four colors: Black, Red, Silvery, and Blue. Choose whichever option best suits your kid’s style, or whichever unit you think will stand out the most. For camping, we recommend Red or Silvery, as they stand out if they’re dropped on the ground.

It’s no secret that kids tend to drop stuff a lot, which is why the provided belt clips are so useful. They snap right onto the hem of a pair of pants, or directly onto a belt. You can also set the ring tone, voice activation, and all sorts of other parameters on this set. They have plenty of channels to find the most clarity.

+ Comes in four different stylish colors to choose from
+ Includes several channels with voice activation
+ Comes with a belt clip to prevent dropping

Why We Like It – This walkie talkie set is not only very affordable, but it was incredibly clear communication when compared to other radios in the price range. Having a few colors to look through is also a nice option.

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3. FLOUREON 4 Packs Walkie Talkies

FLOUREON 4 Packs Walkie Talkies

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If you liked the previous entry on our list, you’re going to love the FLOUREON 4 Packs Walkie Talkies. They’re very similar to the radios at number 2, but they’re a bit more heavy-duty and intended for adults. The massive range expands up to 9,800 feet, with an even bigger 16,400 feet in open terrains.

When you’re picking out a 4-pack of walkie talkies, you should find a set that you and your friends or family will recognize. It can be easy to mix them up with other peoples’ walkie talkies, which is why the selection here is pretty convenient. You can choose from Black, Orange, Silver, and Red to set yourself apart from the pack.

There are also numerous features to make it even easier for you to use, such as an LED-lit display for nighttime operations as well as a belt clip to prevent you from losing it. The LED light doubles as a flashlight on a separate button, allowing you to see quite far into the distance, especially when the surrounding light is dim or dark. They are perfect accessories for biking, or for whenever you want a fun alternative to a regular cellphone.

+ Comes in several different color combinations
+ Includes an LED display and a flashlight
+ Comes in a 4-pack, which is great for bigger groups

Why We Like It – We like these FLOUREON walkie talkies because they have all sorts of features to make your life easier. Buying them in a 4-pack saves money down the road if you have more people trying to communicate.

4. Tintec 3-Pack Walkie Talkies

Tintec 3-Pack Walkie Talkies

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Four walkie talkies might be too much for your group, but two can be too small. For easy 3-way communication, try out the Tintec 3-Pack Walkie Talkies. These simple radios have a quick learning curve, but you’ll immediately notice that they’re high-quality products. The few additions make it super fun to use as well!

With a 3-mile range, your kids will have a blast using these multi-colored walkie talkies. It’s always a good idea to bring them wherever they go to keep in touch with you. Try out different combinations like Blue, Pink & Yellow, Pink Camo & Green Camo & Blue Camo, or certain combos that come with lanyards.

These walkie talkies also have a lamp to light the path ahead, a callback button, volume adjusters, and up to 22 different channels to find the perfect match. You can even change the ring tone to show others who you are before you speak and use the push to talk button for audio control.

+ Comes with a variety of unique color choices
+ Uses 22 channels with a three-mile radius
+ Choose between a two or three-pack of radios

Why We Like It – We like this set of walkie talkies because they’re ideal for children to stay in contact with adults. The adjustable ring tone and lamp on the back are both fantastic safety features as well.

5. Professional Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

Professional Rechargeable Walkie Talkiest

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If you’re someone who uses walkie talkies all the time, or you intend on going on several trips where they’re more than necessary, the Professional Rechargeable Walkie Talkies by KOMVOX might be your best bet. They come with literally thousands of options to keep your experience unique and dialed into your expectations.

There are so many features that it’s difficult to choose just a few, but we can’t skip over the LED light, the illuminated LED display for easy reading and the optional headphone jack. These three features make using a walkie talkie much easier, giving you a clarified, enjoyable experience. There’s even an option to choose push to talk or voice activation.

The yellow main panel might not be a feature that you’d initially be too impressed by, but it’s quite literally one of the most notable aspects. Losing a walkie talkie out in the woods can be nearly impossible to recover unless of course, it’s bright neon yellow. On top of that, your partner can ring the radio, lighting up the display and causing a loud audible tone.

+ Comes with an optional headphone jack for clarity purposes
+ Includes voice activation or push to talk communication
+ Bright yellow display for easy visuals

Why We Like It – We like this professional-grade walkie talkie set because it has all of the features anyone could be looking for. As far as heavy usage and longevity, this KOMVOX radio takes the cake.

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6. Midland Two-Way Radio

Midland Two-Way Radio

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For people who want longer communication with many more channels than the average walkie talkie, the Midland Two-Way Radio shatters the competition. They come with a 36-mile range on flat land, which is without a doubt one of the best that money can buy in the price range. With 50 channels, you’ll have no problem finding a private one.

Included with your purchase of these Midland radios are two types of chargers; A car charger for on the go charging and a traditional wall outlet charger to stay on top of it at home. You’ll also get two headsets, one for each walkie talkie, to help clarify the audio in busy locations. Even in dense forests, you can still expect well over a mile of range.

There are a few color options to label your new set, including Black & Silver, Black & Yellow, or Black & Mossy Oak. Aside from regular two-way communication, this radio also comes with a massive scan that finds the most accurate weather station. You’ll be prepared for rain, snow, or any other weather wherever you go.

+ Comes in a few colors to choose from
+ Includes two types of chargers and two headsets
+ Works for up to 36 miles on flat land

Why We Like It – We like these Midland Two-Way Radios because they have a long communication distance, multiple ways to charge them, and headsets that let you hear them without sounding clouded up from your surroundings.

7. FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies

FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies

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As with a few other entries on this list, we have another option for kids. The FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies are lightweight to let anyone carry them around without struggling, but they’re also fairly durable for a kid’s toy. Being able to stay in contact is perfect for you as a parent, but they just see it as another fun accessory!

Choosing from one of the four available colors is a great way to find their favorite, further encouraging kids to use these radios. You can pick out either Blue Camo, Purple Camo, Green Camo, or Cute Pink. All in all, each walkie talkie comes with a lanyard so they can carry it around without dropping it.

That being said, there’s also a belt clip to prevent dropping if they don’t want to use a lanyard. Even if the walkie talkie falls, it has a durable casing that prevents damage to the internals. Other notable features include a range of up to four miles, a built-in flashlight, 22 channels to flip through, and a jack for a headset.

+ Comes in four different stylish color options
+ Includes a belt clip and a lanyard to prevent it from falling
+ Uses a flashlight to light up the way

Why We Like It – We like this walkie talkie because it’s meant for kids, but it doesn’t suffer from weak integrity like other kid’s radios seem to. Strap it up with the lanyard and forget about having to buy more!

8. Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio

Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio

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Motorola is probably the most recognizable brand name on the list, and for good reasons. Their high-quality products reign supreme in multiple industries and the Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio is a top-notch example. This particular 3-pack features unique calling tones to recognize friends and family, 22 channels, and a handful of other noteworthy additions.

The simplicity of this walkie talkie is a focal point in itself. Locating all of the different buttons and options on a set can be annoying, but Motorola did a wonderful job at laying it all out for you. From the volume adjusters to the push to talk button on the side of this handheld device, you’ll feel right at home the second you open the box.

Another helpful feature is the built-in belt clip. Many other options on our list have option clips, which is nice, but a built-in clip is seemingly more durable. You might also like the keypad lock to tighten up security, preventing other people from changing your personal preferences and settings in the menu.

+ Made from Motorola, a leading brand in communications services
+ Includes a built-in, highly-durable belt buckle
+ Uses a digital locking system to keep your settings secured

Why We Like It – We like the T100TP by Motorola because it has excellent craftsmanship from top to bottom. Whether you want durability, better security, or a longer distance for communication, this walkie talkie delivers.

9. DeWALT DXFRS300 1W Walkie Talkies

DeWALT DXFRS300 1W Walkie Talkies

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DeWalt uses focuses on heavy-duty tools, so their transition into radios wasn’t too much of a surprise. What was a surprise was that they were able to match their unparalleled customer satisfaction from tools to these handsets? They’re incredibly tough, lasting through multiple drops, long-term use, and being splashed by water or coated in dust.

These two-way radios have thousands of channel options, letting you narrow down to the exact specifications that you’re searching for. There are 22 channels in total, with varying frequencies to let you and a friend speak without interruption from other people using them in the area. It works for up to 250,000 square feet as well.

Since DeWalt is so well-known for their durability, we figured it would be good to go into details about the aforementioned specs. For instance, you can drop this walkie talkie up to two meters and it’ll be as good as new. It also can withstand water with an IP67 rating, which translates to a full half an hour under a meter of water.

+ DeWalt brings the toughness of their tools to this product
+ Waterproof, dustproof, and drop proof
+ Includes a double charger to charge up both radios at the same time

Why We Like It – We like these DeWalt walkie talkies because they’re built to last in the harshest scenarios. If you’re looking for an outdoor or heavy working environment radio set, this is definitely your solution.

10. Topsung M880 FRS Two Way Radio

Topsung M880 FRS Two Way Radio

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Do you have a big family trip coming up? Maybe you want an emergency walkie talkie to stay in contact with civilization at all times. It’s not a bad idea to keep one in the glove box of your car if things turn south. The Topsung M880 FRS Two Way Radio is ideal for mass communication with an unlimited number of people in all sorts of locations.

To differentiate your radios from everyone else’s, you might want to consider buying special colors. Luckily for you, there are a number of options like Green Camo, Pink, Red, Black, or Orange. Depending on where you’re bringing the radio, it’s smart to pick something that stands out from the background.

We really enjoyed reading the realistic radio wavelengths given by this company. Many other brands claim outlandish distances, but you can rely on the solid details by Topsung. If you’re boating on open water, you’ll get up to 5 miles. Mountains and hill-filled regions can expect up to 10 miles, while busy neighborhoods limit you to a mile.

+ Multiple color options to choose
+ Reasonable distances that you can rely on
+ Perfect durability for kids, adults, and big families

Why We Like It – We like these walkie talkies because they’re one of the best options for large groups of people who all want to stay in contact with one another. The colors are nice, and the distances are reliable.

Walkie Talkie Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen our preferences to find the best walkie talkie for you and your family. You might want a two-way for just a couple people, or maybe you want an unlimited open connection to keep in touch with your neighbors. If you need some help figuring out which one is right for you, read our buyer’s guide and a breakdown below!

What are the benefits of two-way radios?

Many people often question why anyone would choose a two-way radio over unlimited connections. It might seem crazy to settle for less, but two-way radios are actually very convenient. Instead of finding the right channel without other people on it, you have only had to worry about the two of you. Two-way radios also usually have longer ranges as well, which has its benefits, and you can easily put them in your camping daypack when you head out.

What should you look for in a new walkie talkie?

Since there are constant advancements in modern tech, you should set fairly high standards for your walkie talkies. Some of our favorite features included flashlights, belt clips, and customized ring tons.

However, we demanded high durability, longer radio distances, and quick charging to build the list. Ask yourself what you need, what you want, and find a combination of the two from the list you read above.

Expert Tip

When you’re done using your walkie talkies, let them lose their charge almost completely being plugging them in again. You don’t want to let them die completely but letting the charge trickle down before recharging will keep the overall percentage much higher.

Did You Know?

Radio wavelengths have been used for decades and decades on end. Whether it’s stereos or communication devices, they all use these ‘waves’ to transport our sounds. Although it seems like everyone in the world now has a cellphone, radio waves are much more reliable in areas that phone towers might be spotty or non-existent.

Save yourself the headache of getting a flat tire without any means of communication by bringing a long-distance walkie talkie with you at all times. You’ll thank yourself if you ever need it, and peace of mind is well worth the investment in the long run anyway!


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