Top 10 Best Weight Benches in 2021 Reviews


To perform the routine exercise properly from the comfort of your home so as to lose weight, you need to have the necessary tools to do so. For those who practice bodybuilding exercises, the weight bench is essential for your weight routine to be carried out properly. A product that should be chosen taking into account the features and benefits of the bank, such as its design and its dimensions, among other elements.

What is the best weight bench in the market? If you are too lazy to go to the gym or just prefer to work your body directly from the comfort of your home, a weight bench is a good option. But it is necessary to take into account some aspects that we tell you in our guide to buy the best weight bench, specially adapted to you and your needs.

Best Weight Bench Reviews

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670Check on Amazon
Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper BenchCheck on Amazon
Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable Weight-Lifting BenchCheck on Amazon
CAP Barbell Flat/Incline/Decline Bench, BrownCheck on Amazon
Body Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Weight BenchCheck on Amazon
Marcy Flat Utility 600 lbs Capacity Weight Bench for Weight Training and Ab Exercises SB-315Check on Amazon
Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Weight BenchCheck on Amazon
Universal UB300 Adjustable BenchCheck on Amazon
Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Extension Curl Lift Developer Attachment / 2 Piece Combo…Check on Amazon
XMark Adjustable FID Weight Bench, 11-Gauge, 1500 lb. Capacity, 7 Back Pad Positions from Decline to…Check on Amazon

10. Marcy SB-670

Marcy SB-670

  See It Now on Amazon

With a polyvalent and efficient design, the Marcy SB-670 weight bench is a model that could well be at the head of any comparison of weight benches at the moment, both for the quality and the great capacity of exercises that allows the product to be made. In addition to training the abdominal muscles, this bench is suitable for body-building at an amateur level, even if not properly competitive. The construction material is sturdy, the structure is in steel while the support axis is padded in a comfortable way.

It has a maximum load capacity of 110 kilos on the barbell footrest, which can be used to support the weights compatible with that length. The maximum load that supports this bench for legs is instead of 50 kilos, while the whole structure bears a total weight of 100 kilos. It is ultimately an object that does its duty but does not want to be overburdened too much. A good compromise if our training needs are not decidedly intensive. A multi-functional model that allows a 360-degree workout. To review the most important aspects, take a look at this brief overview below.


  • Multifunction: One tool that is able to offer versatile performances thanks to its structure. It can be used to train the abdominals, but also as weightlifting.
  • Solid: The frame is made of steel, a material that gives particular strength and resistance to wear. Furthermore, the maximum flow reaches 100 kg.
  • Comfortable: The padding of the surface ensures a comfortable and durable support.


  • Price: Taking into consideration the numerous advantages of the tool, it is not surprising that it belongs to a high price range.

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9. Stamina Pro

 Stamina Pro

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The Stamina Pro is suitable for all levels of training and is particularly indicated for strengthening the abdominal muscles. The height of the axis on which to lean is variable, so as to dose the intensity of the exercise depending on the level of difficulty that you want to achieve.

The upholstery of the bench is in leather-like, ie plastic, easy to clean and resistant to wear. The bench is easy to assemble and disassemble to be stored with the minimum encumbrance, so as to be pulled out of its closet only when needed and without being unaesthetic if you do not have a corner of the house to devote only to fitness. To know the merits and weaknesses of this bench, read the description below that will help you to make more clarity on the subject.


  • Versatile: Ideal for training different parts of the body, especially the abdominals. The bench is equipped with four non-slip handlebars, two front, and two rear, which offer a firm grip on the hands and feet. In addition, the soft padding ensures a comfortable support.
  • Economic: The quality-price ratio is more than competitive, considering the good performance of the tool.
  • Assembly: The tool is easy to assemble and use. Furthermore, it can be folded up in such a way that it can be placed in any space with minimum space.


  • Design: Aesthetics is not the strong point of this bench that presents itself with an essential design.

8. Ironmaster Super

 Ironmaster Super

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The Ironmaster Super is an ideal weight bench for working and performing workouts with different muscle groups. It is ideal for amateurs who are starting in the world of physical training, as well as for advanced professionals. It is a special bench model to exercise, strengthen, tone and increase muscles.

Its capacity limit of load approximately is of 280 kilos, that includes the support for weights, the bar, and the corporal weight. You will be able to carry out force work with all confidence and security. It is equipped with a backrest that offers you seven different positions, which you can select according to the training you are doing, from 15cm to 123cm. It is used with weight bars with an approximate length of 107.5 cm. (does not include weights or discs). It also has another support designed for leg exercise, with a maximum capacity of up to 30 kg. Your exercise routines will have nothing to envy to those of a gym, this way you will be able to carry out your complete training in the comfort of your home.

The details are well finished, the padding of the back and the cushion is soft but durable. The faux leather of the coating is robust and endures intensive use. You can combine it with other accessories to complete the possibility that this bench has to turn a corner of our home into a real gym. To help you clarify the product, our guide continues with a summary that includes the main features of the bench just analyzed.


  • Price: Ideal for intensive use, it is a cheap but functional tool, made with good quality materials.
  • Solid: The steel frame ensures long life and resistance to wear, so the bench is suitable for those who exercise frequently. Thanks to the various inclinations of back and cushion, you will find the ideal position to train specific parts of the body.
  • Comfortable: The bench is equipped with rear and front handlebars that facilitate training and, thanks to the soft padding of the surface, you can enjoy a comfortable support during training.


  • Essential: The design has not been particularly taken care of, in fact the aesthetics is simple and essential without anything in particular.

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7. Cap Barbell Strength

Cap Barbell Strength

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This great weight bench has a modern and functional design that allows you to perform various types of training. Its structure is made of high quality steel and durability which ensures stability and resistance. Its padded cushions offer support and comfort for your back, as well as when you sit down when performing your training routine.

It has an additional support that measures 73 cm x 105cm x 150 cm, to mount the weights with its bar. This support has 5 different positions so that your training is varied. It also has an ideal curl bearing for leg exercise. The support for the bar has a safety system that prevents accidents.

The Cap Barbell Strength, it is a robust, solid and resistant weight bench. Its weight reaches 28 kilograms. If you do not have time to go to a gym, you will not have to worry about your workouts. Now you can do it as a professional in the schedule that you want and according to your needs, with the flexibility that this great weight bench offers you.


  • Solid: The tool is made of steel, a material known for its strength and wear resistance. The maximum capacity is 110 kg, while the tires at the base protect the floor on which you will rest it.
  • Adjustable: You can adjust its inclination in such a way as to train specific areas of the body. Ideal for developing abdominals and improving muscle tone.
  • Versatile: The bench can be transformed into a weight-lifting tool, but you will have to buy the handlebar with the bar separately.


  • Back: The opinions of users with verified purchase indicate that the back is not one of the most comfortable and soft.

6. Body Solid GFID225

 Body Solid GFID225

  See It Now on Amazon

Among the best cheap weight benches is this weight or muscle bench, it is foldable and you can easily modify it according to your training program to work the pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles, arms, and shoulders. You can train both with dumbbells and with the long bar through bench press and incline bench press. As for the safety of the bank, the rubber lids on its legs prevent it from sliding apart from providing security independently if the ground is irregular or smooth.

The support of the long bar you can adjust according to your requirements in five different heights and has safety pins that prevent it from being released by accident. With a total maximum load of 200 kg including person and weight bar / discs, there is a wide range of weight lifting possibilities. The support for weights allows a maximum load of 150 kilos. Folding occupies very little space. And now, we invite you to know the advantages and disadvantages of this Body Solid GFID225 model.


  • Storage: The bank can be stored easily, as it folds horizontally, and you can save space while not using it.
  • Strap: To improve the experience when performing abdominal exercises, includes a special nylon strap for the support of the feet.
  • Tilt: You can easily tilt at the angles corresponding to different abdominal exercises.
  • Bases: It is very stable and will not damage the surface where it is placed, since it has rubber blocks that serve to give protection to the steel bases.
  • Capacity: It has a capacity of 200 kg, so you should not worry about including too much weight in your training bar.


  • Size: For some customers, the size mowing is a problem, because they are a bit narrow to execute certain movements.

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5. Marcy Utility

 Marcy Utility

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An excellent proposal as the best weight bench is this model of the prestigious Marcy Utility brand that allows a very flexible training. To be used both for those who start in muscle work and for advanced users. It has the support for separate weights, it is a stable steel structure so the durability of the bank, as well as its security, are greater.

Its maximum load limit is approximately 280 kilos and it has an adjustable backrest in seven different positions (15cm – 123cm) to make a varied training, of equally the support for weights can also be placed in five different positions. It is used with weight bars with an approximate length of 107.5 cm. The weight support has a safety device so you do not suffer accidental injuries.

It is a versatile weight bench thanks to which it handles weights of different diameters, and has a separate curl bearing (leg exercise) with weight support for a maximum load of 30 kilos. To make a successful investment, it is convenient that you evaluate the different pros and cons of each option. So to start we’ll show you the ones corresponding to Marcy Utility, which according to some users is the best weight bench in the market.


  • Durability: It is a team with a good level of durability, thanks to its structure is made of steel, so it will not deteriorate easily.
  • Easy assembly: Once you receive the bank, you can mount it without difficulties, since it includes an instruction manual where it is explained how to carry out this process.
  • Capacity: This equipment is ideal for training at home, because it has a good level of capacity, to support about 280 kg of load, including support for weights, the bar, and body weight.
  • Accessories: Includes among its accessories a curl bearing, with its respective support for weights, which reaches 30 kg, so that you can exercise as many muscle groups of your body.
  • Uses: The bank allows a very flexible and complete training. It can be used separately, or together, it is also possible to adjust it in five different angles, depending on your needs and types of exercises you perform.


  • Handlebars: The training purists would have preferred a wider range of weights to be able to tailor the dumbbells suitable for training.

4. Bowflex SelectTech 5.1

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1

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This Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 bench is characterized by an ergonomic design, designed to guarantee comfort and good support during use. The steel structure makes it solid and robust , so as to ensure a valid and safe support. The maximum inclination is 180 cm without belt and 160 cm with the belt and is equipped with three positions for rotation and speed control. The height is adjustable up to a maximum of 190 cm and the flow reaches 120 kg.

The anklets are used to insert the feet, are padded and allow a firm grip for greater peace of mind and safety during use. The same applies to the handles and to the presence of a side cover as an additional security measure.

It is a product that helps relieve back problems, offering a valuable help in distension of the spine. Among the best-selling inversion benches on the market we find this model, characterized overall by a quality / price ratio difficult to beat.


  • Price: If you are looking for the cheapest product of good quality, this model could be for you. At the same price it will not be easy to find a solution with the same characteristics. The bench is made of solid materials and has a non-slip surface that allows the right adherence of the body without slipping.
  • Versatile: In the package you will find two handlebars of a kilo and a half each and two ropes with a soft and non-slip handle to ensure a firm grip. Furthermore, you can choose the inclination you want in order to train the parts of the body you want.
  • Space requirement: When you finish using the bench you can fold it, so as to place it in a small space thanks to its small footprint.


  • Essential: It is not equipped with special functions, although it is equipped with all the necessary components to make healthy exercise at home.

3. Nautilus Universal

Nautilus Universal

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Nautilus Universal is very complete, you can perform a wide variety of exercises to strengthen muscles and in general, improve resistance.

The backrest has four positions to be able to exercise different muscles and do it in the most appropriate position. For more comfort and protection you have a chin support. The sides are adjustable according to the length of the user’s arm. In addition, it has safety restraints for the weights that prevent accidents. You can train in a multitude of ways: bench press, leg extensions, butterfly, leg exercises, etc. It is an economical way to work your muscles without going to a gym.

In addition, it is foldable, which is important when we do not have a specific site at home to have the weight bench and we need to have it stored when it is not being used. In case you still do not know which weight bank to buy, this option may also interest you, since it is also one of the cheapest in the market, so we will show you its pros and cons.


  • Folding: This training equipment can be folded easily, so you can store it anywhere with little space.
  • Durability: It is also made of steel, for its general structure, in addition to leather and plastic in its other parts. This guarantees a good shelf life.
  • Accessories: It has various accessories for a more comprehensive exercise, as it includes special pieces to exercise the legs and chest.
  • Tilt: The central bank can reach different degrees of inclination, so you can do abdominal exercises whenever you want.
  • Comfort: The backrests are padded and some parts are covered with a layer of thick foam, to provide greater comfort.


  • Size: Some users claim that the size is not enough, especially that of accessories for legs and chest.

2. Body Champ Combo

. Body Champ Combo

  See It Now on Amazon

Body Champ Combo has a robust frame made of steel with seats and backrest very well padded which will provide safety and comfort in your training. In addition, you will have at your disposal the bench press, extension of the leg and the station to perform sit-ups, this new version also has a removable pec that extends the training options.

In short, it comes with everything you need to get started in anaerobic training as well as strength in your own home. For those who have limited space at home, it can be folded for easier storage. The backrest can be easily adjusted in four positions (one flat and another 3 inclined), so you can exercise different muscle groups according to preference or need.


  • Resistance: It is made of steel, and its banks are padded with a layer of vinyl, so they have a good level of resistance and you will not have to replace it for several years.
  • Comfort: In addition to the padded benches, it has foam cuffs in various parts of its structure, so you can execute the movements with a good level of comfort.
  • Abdominal adjustment: The main bench can also be adjusted to different angles, so you can perform abdominal exercises comfortably.
  • Extensions: It has a special unit to perform leg extensions, which can provide three positions of height adjustments, depending on your size. It also includes an accessory to perform chest exercises.
  • Installation: Its installation is very simple, and you can do it without needing help, thanks to the clearly explained instructions.


  • Size: According to users, this bench is ideal for people who measure less than 1.80 meters, because otherwise, space is small compared to the body.
  • Bases: The clients indicate that the bases of the structure do not have rubber blocks, so the iron makes direct contact with the floor.

1. XMark Fitness FID

 XMark Fitness FID

  See It Now on Amazon

This option is very compact, when you are not using it you can easily store it under the bed or in a closet. It has the advantage that it can be converted by just closing one of its legs to perform inclined crunches. Like most weight benches, the height of the dumbbell set is adjustable in heights ranging from 78 cm. up to 99 cm which is really important to perform the exercises in the best position and avoid injuries.

The maximum load for the weights in the rest position is 200 kilograms so you will have a wide margin of work as you progress in your training sessions. Checking the opinions of the users of this weight bench, it has very good stability and strength. Ideal for training at home with total safety and effectiveness. Another option recommended by customers as the best brand of weight benches is the XMark Fitness FID, so we will show you their respective pros and cons.


  • Storage: This equipment can be stored easily to occupy the least possible space and store it anywhere because it folds vertically.
  • Tilt: In order to be able to exercise your abdomen, the bench reaches an ideal degree of inclination, with a special support so that you can do abdominal exercises effectively.
  • Capacity: Its total capacity is 200 kg, including bars, weights, and body weight, so you can use it with confidence and security.
  • Support: Includes a special support for dumbbells in two angles, one of 78 cm and another 99 cm high, so you can perform various exercises according to what you need.
  • Stability: It is designed to provide a good level of stability during its use so that you execute the movements with confidence and comfort.


  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the bench, although compact, require having a certain space available, also taking into account that its structure is not foldable.

How to Use a Weight Bench

When performing exercises on a weight bench, it is convenient to be aware of some aspects of importance for its use in an optimal way. In the article that you will read below, we talk about those aspects. When you read them and put them into practice, you will make better use of the weight bench.1. Read the instructions2. Make sure of the maximum weight that it supports
3. Verify that it is stable4. Use the different positions of the backrest5. Locate it correctly6. Take advantage of its design

Before using the weight bench you should read the instructions for use, where you will obtain the necessary information for everything that concerns the correct use. Likewise, special attention should be paid to the assembly instructions, since this depends on the safety of the user during the exercise in the bank.

Weight Bench Buying Guide

  • The functionalities: If you see the existing weight bench in a catalog of sports equipment, you will probably find everything from the simplest to the most complete with all kinds of accessories, additional bars, hooks and much more. Therefore, the first thing you should know is what you are going to use the bank for. A normal and simple bench allows you to lift weight and little else, so if you want to train lumbar or abdominal, you will need an inclined bench suitable for it with the corresponding restraints. To train legs you will also need the necessary stabilizers and supports and depending on the areas you want to work, you probably need other supports and designs. Therefore, it is essential that you are clear about the use and functions you need from that bank, without forgetting how much it costs to have them clear so that the bank is as adapted as possible to your capabilities.
  • Design and materials: When you choose a weight bench, a good part of its design is given by the type of exercises that you will be able to practice on it, so this design is usually fixed. It is true that some models, especially when we are in front of an economic bench and simpler in terms of functions, are even foldable, so this design is compact and can be suitable when you walk short of space or just do not have room to leave the bank mounted. In terms of materials, it is essential that the finishes are of quality, both in the bars and their welds as in everything else. The seats must have a suitable filling and be as wide as possible, while the grip areas should have a quality plastic material that facilitates this grip and prevents slipping. This element is key when making a comparison of weight benches, since a change of material may mean a minor change in the price, but very high in what is the comfort of the use of the equipment.
  • Loading capacity: A weight bench is just for that: to use weights. Therefore, it is essential that the chosen bank has enough capacity to support the weight, both your own and that of the weights at the level at which you train, offering maximum safety. At this point, it is important to know that although an economic weight bench will generally have less support capacity than one of the higher price, as we said when talking about its design and materials. As an example, a folding bench, whose price is usually somewhat adjusted, has a usual capacity around 80 kilos for the user and another 60 or 70 kilos for the weights used. Therefore, before buying any weight bench, it is key that you check the description of the product to verify that, effectively, you can use the product to adapt to your weight and characteristics. By the way, in case the equipment has accessories to mount weights, the verification must be done on each element separately and for the whole as a whole.
  • Stability and robustness: A bench made to last must have the supporting structure in steel, so as to offer a safe support during training and to withstand even different environmental conditions. The construction quality is particularly important for this kind of product because it depends on the maximum capacity of the tool as regards the weight of the user. As a general rule, the heavier benches are able to support many more kilos and provide better stability during the exercises. The seats are commonly covered in imitation leather, and the quality of the plastic used depends on the resistance to wear, due to rubbing and sweat. Buyer reviews can help you get an idea of the validity of the product over time. There are also models in genuine natural leather, which obviously cost a lot more.


Periodically check the status of the weight bench
In general, it is customary to place the weight bench and forget to check its status every so often. Although they are usually very resistant, it is worth taking a look at the padding and the foam that covers certain parts of the machine, because over time and continuous use can deteriorate. This directly affects the comfort to perform the exercise, so if you feel discomfort by leaning on the bank, check their status and take measures.


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