Top 10 Children’s Weighted Blankets in 2021 Reviews


Weighted blankets for children not only keep your little ones snug and warm; they can have therapeutic benefits as well. If children have trouble going to sleep or need calming at bedtime, a well-chosen weighted blanket can be a real help. Children with autism, Aspergers’, or other conditions, can find sleeping easier with the perfect bed cover. Weighted blankets which are hygienic, quiet and double-stitched all make your child’s rest a much safer and more beneficial experience. A good night’s sleep is essential for the good health and wellbeing of your child.

Here is a selection of weighted blankets all of which are available on Amazon. The blankets are ranked in order of popularity with the most popular first. Their main features are provided plus their price and any little extras which help you when choosing these sleeping items for your kids. Consider the reviews, obviously, take your budget and children’s sleeping needs into consideration, and by the blanket which best suits your child.

Best Children’s Weighted Blanket Reviews

Makers obviously work on the practical side of the blankets but many think about the visual side as well. So you can find colors, patterns, and textures all of which might stimulate your child. Perhaps when shopping, give your youngsters a chance to vote for their favorite. Getting your child to be keen to go to bed is a wonderful feeling form parents. It means the little ones are getting those essential hours of good sleep, and, it means the parents can relax and wind down ready to do it all again in the morning.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. So if you’re in the market for a weighted blanket for your child or children, then this comprehensive list will help you choose the right blanket. Happy searching.

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10 Dreamstill Weighted Therapy Blanket for Kids

Dreamstill Weighted Therapy Blanket for Kids

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By using fibers that breathe such as cotton; this weighted blanket aims to induce a calming effect on your child. They relax; they feel better and thus have a longer and more beneficial sleep. If your child is anxious or stressed, the specially designed pellets within the blanket subtly place downward pressure and help reduce stress and the consequences. Your child relaxes, de-stresses and sleeps better and longer.

These weight blankets come in three sizes meaning even an infant can enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep. In blue, gray and orange, one terrific feature of this blanket is its ability to be stored. It is easily folded and sits small and tidy ready to be placed in a closet or under a bed. Being 100% cotton, even though made in China, is good news for any child who sweats a lot. The natural fabric helps the body to breathe.

9. Hiseeme Weighted Blanket 

Hiseeme Weighted Blanket 

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The inner layer is 100% cotton and such a natural material is perfect for your children. It’s filled with non-toxic pellets. The outer removable cover has different patterns – top and bottom. The dotted side excites youngsters making their sleeping experience a sensory one. The pressure from this weighted blanket is designed to give the child a sense of safety and helps settle any conditions which may interrupt a child. Both inner and outer covers are machine washable making care and maintenance easy and cheap.

There are seven colors including camouflage so any young people who like camping or the outdoors should find heading to bed to somewhat of an adventure. How do Snowflake or Pink Christmas or Cat and Dog or Bird and Animal sound? The choices are many to tempt your child to settle in for serious shuteye. And an Amazon Rewards Visa Card means a healthy discount is on offer.Read also:  Top 10 Best Weighted Blankets in 2021 Reviews

8. Sensory Goods Small Weighted Blanket 

Sensory Goods Small Weighted Blanket

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It has therapeutic benefits but looks and feels like an ordinary blanket. That is its main benefit. For a child, it looks normal but the tiny sand-like beads give the child the perfect level of pressure as they sleep. It comes in different sizes and pressures. The fact that they offer blankets for kids with pressures of 4, 5, 6 and 7lb shows how serious they are in helping get the absolutely right weighted blanket for your child. Find the one which best suits your child. Jet lag can affect both children and adults.

This weighted blanket sets out to restore the body’s sleeping patterns quickly and restfully. The color described is called Fido but I think you’ll find this means a range of fun dog cartoons so if your youngster is keen on puppies, the look alone of this blanket will excite young hearts and minds.

7. The UBEQEO Removable Sensory Weighted Blanket 

The UBEQEO Removable Sensory Weighted Blanket 

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The maker invites you to contact them before as well as after you make a purchase. They want you to make the right decision, hence their willingness to advise beforehand. They claim that by using the best materials, this makes their blankets lower your stress levels and help stimulate your neurotransmitters which improve your mood and help ease your aches and pains.

The weights inside give you a feeling of being held or hugged and thus guide you to a better sleep sooner. This blanket only comes in blue but for professional advice, the maker is multi-colored. They offer free advice prior to purchase wanting to help you make the right choice for your child. They also offer free returns if the blanket doesn’t work out for your child.

6. CMFRT Weighted Blanket

CMFRT Weighted Blanket

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By making the pockets as small as they are, the contents do not slide around which can annoy a child. The makers claim the blanket is like being given a warm hug. The 100% cotton sides make the blanket adaptable to summer or winter bedtime. All sizes making them perfect for the size of your child. The colors are sea green and silver gray but the real selling point for many kids are the bubbles or dots on the surface of the cover.

Children love unusual shapes and patterns and if their senses are stimulated then so too are their happiness levels. If you can get your child to be excited about sleep or about going to bed, you are well on the way to establishing a healthy sleep routine. That is super important to the health of your child. The colors are sea green and silver grey. The makers take the weight part of their weighted blankets so seriously, the offer models in half pound weights. You can purchase a 7.5lb and an 8lb pressure blanket. They are serious about finding the right size for your child. And the Amazon Rewards Visa Card works here too.

5. Weighted Blankets Plus 

Weighted Blankets Plus 

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Many parents would never think about weighing their child when it came to buying bedroom accessories. But it’s true. If you are considering a weighted blanket, then knowing your child’s weight is the key. And knowing your child’s weight is only half of the equation. The other involves some maths. A weighted blanket should never exceed 15% of the body weight of your youngster. So know the weight of your child and 15% of the weight of the blanket. With the right weight, you stimulate sleep and a good sleep at that.

These blankets are designed to help children with nightmares, sleep apnea, insomnia, Asperger’s and Autism. There are different sizes of the blankets for individual use. You can choose a blanket with pressure from 4lbs to 7lbs. There are ten striking colors from black to tan to light pink – something to please every child. And by using your Amazon Rewards Visa Card, you can be tempted with a generous cash back offer.

4. The Harkla Weighted Blanket 

The Harkla Weighted Blanket 

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The manufacturer is up front and says that if you or your child is not happy then neither are they. A full refund guarantee applies.The blanket is designed for little ones weighing between 30 and 40lbs. It comes in a soft Minky fabric and includes dots on the cover to increase the sensory experience for your child. Washing and drying is a cinch.

The covers of a weighted blanket are important for different reasons. A healthy material to make the fabric is clearly important. But the design counts for so much too. Give the child a design or pattern and a special feel, and you have gone a long way to helping them sleep like a … well, like children. There are three striking color combos such as lavender and purple, slate grey and light grey, and blue and green. Children can be fussy when it comes to colors and here they have an interesting and contrasting range of choices. Don’ forget to take the kids along when choosing the bedding materials – even if you’re shopping online. Produce your Amazon Rewards Visa Card and be prepared to be delighted with the discount.

3. The InYard Weighted Blanket for Kids 

The InYard Weighted Blanket for Kids 

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If your child struggles to get to sleep, this blanket offers answers. Recommended for kids who tend to fight the need for sleep and certainly described as ideal for children with ADHD. It’s recommended as a sleep aid as the blanket helps to naturally increase the production of melatonin. This is a hormone which we produce. It regulates how we sleep and stay awake. So a good supply of healthy melatonin is good for all of us and especially our children.

The manufacturer boasts their blankets often become a child’s favorite and the company offers a 100% money back guarantee on their products. There are colors of Navy Blue and Gray Navy Blue and again, if you have an Amazon Visa Rewards Card, you could well be due to a hefty discount on this blanket.Read also:  Top 10 Best Heated Throw Blankets in 2021

2. The YnM Weighted Blanket

The YnM Weighted Blanket

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This promotes a brilliant design feature where you choose the weight of the blanket to match your weight. It is created to be 10% of your body weight and thus provides relaxation and reduces stress. Works well in both theory and practice provided you know the weight of your child. Washing the inner part can be done on a machine and the sand pellet contents are odorless and non-toxic. This is so important.

Sleeping well is clearly the key but then the health of your child is likewise vital. Safe and sensible materials only are used in creating the moveable items inside the overs. The materials are chosen and designed to assist children with allergies. This weighted blanket simulates the feeling of being hugged helping youngsters fall asleep in a relaxed and contented way. There are up to 15 different colors and patterns, and if you have an Amazon Rewards Visa Card, you could be eligible for a fantastic financial deal on this blanket.

1. The Deluxe Calmforter Blanket 

The Deluxe Calmforter Blanket 

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This blanket has a two-part construction which makes washing so much easier. It’s made using two types of material with a smooth outer and a special cloth against the body ideal for kids who love to fidget. Some children find it hard to settle and move about under the covers. This blanket helps calm the little one and gives an overall feeling of a hug.

You can move the inner material to suit your needs. It’s a super quiet weighted blanket that you control. If the pressure seems not quite right, it’s a quick and simple process to find the right setting. Dream on. It comes in five color choices, each a double delight e.g. gray/gray, coffee/cream, and blue-green. So confident of their product are the makers, they have trademarks on some of their materials. It’s not surprising they are so popular.


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