Top 10 Best Sterling Silver Bracelets in 2021 Reviews


Silver is one of the most popular metals to make fine jewelry. It is elegant, sophisticated, it highlights your features and it is not very expensive. However, nowadays the sterling silver bracelet seems to be a very good alternative reduce costs even more In order to guarantee you the best quality, every silver sterling piece of jewelry has to be made of more than 92% of silver and less than 8% of other metals alloy.

Best Sterling Silver Bracelets Reviews

Please see them below the 10 best sterling silver bracelet reviewed for you so as you can choose yours according to your preferences and needs. Here are amazing sterling silver bracelet options for a smart look:

Sterling Silver “Love Life Be Brave” Cuff Bracelet, 6″Check on Amazon
Silpada ‘Chic’ Sterling Silver Stretch Bracelet, 7-7.75″Check on Amazon
CY Supplies Ocean Wave Ring – 925 Sterling Silver with 18K Gold Plating – AdjustableCheck on Amazon
Silpada ‘in Good Faith’ Sterling Silver Cross Link Bracelet, 8.25″Check on Amazon
Billie Bijoux Womens 925 Sterling Silver Infinity Endless Love Symbol Charm Adjustable Bracelet Gift…Check on Amazon
Silpada ‘Icy Elements’ Link Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals in Sterling Silver, 7″+ 1″ ExtenderCheck on Amazon
Sterling Silver 12mm Italian Mesh BraceletCheck on Amazon
Silpada ‘Willow Hinge’ Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, 6.5″Check on Amazon
Beaux Bijoux 925 Sterling Silver Diamond-Cut MoonBeads Italian Adjustable Bolo BraceletCheck on Amazon
Besmon Nightlight Basketball Net Luminous Outdoor Portable Sun Powered Sports NylonCheck on Amazon

10. Sterling Silver “Love Life Be Brave’

 Sterling Silver "Love Life Be Brave'

  See It Now on Amazon

This is a bracelet designed to be used on your cuff and it is 6″. One of its remarkable characteristics is the message is has inscribed in its body. We are talking about a good message for life, something you can dedicate to your girlfriend or friend to make her feel she’s a powerful person.

Any girl or woman would be more than delighted to exhibit a message based on positivity. This piece belongs to Amazon Curated Collection, which is a selective group of items which, among many other things, are certified as conflict-free by their suppliers according to IGI, AGS and GIA certifications.Pros

  • Can last for a long time if you take care of it properly.
  • Got inspiring messages.
  • Has hearts inscribed on it
  • Made of slender sterling silver, which makes it malleable.


  • A bit small as compared to other models on the market today
  • Sometimes and depending on the size of your wrist, you may have to open your sterling silver bracelet to make it fit in it

9. Silpada Chic Sterling Silver Stretch Bracelet

Silpada Chic Sterling Silver Stretch Bracelet

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Following a trendy current in design, this sterling silver bracelet that can stretch from 6.75′ to 7.75′, gives to the eyes an incredibly organic appearance achieved by a combination of geometrical shapes such as circles, crescents, triangles and the revolutionary inclusion of chevron-like pieces.

Its design and appearance make it the perfect piece to give the final touch to an elegant look or to be part of a more casual outfit. The bracelet is made in Italy, so it counts with the best European quality.Pros

  • It is comfortable.
  • The bracelet doesn’t pinch.
  • Shinier than what the picture shows.
  • It is easier to make it fit.
  • Versatile to use


  • The bracelet can result too big for certain wrists.
  • The elastic may break if not treated delicately.

8) 5925 Sterling Silver Wave Ocean Beach Adjustable Bracelet

5925 Sterling Silver Wave Ocean Beach Adjustable Bracelet

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This sterling silver bracelet is crowned by three slightly different among each other waves which give the piece a feminine and dainty touch. If you choose to use it in the night, you can combine it with other rougher pieces of jewelry to achieve an eclectic style.

Otherwise, if this is your choice for the day, it doesn’t need anything else to prove you’ve got the very good taste to select your personal ornaments. It is made of hypoallergenic sterling silver. The color and shine of the product are guaranteed. It’s 7′ and it can be adjusted up to 9′. Its high resistance to being so delicate makes it especially appropriate for girls.Pros

  • Unique design
  • Can be used either by women or girls.
  • It includes a gift bag.
  • The silver bracelet includes a cloth to polish silver.
  • It is the perfect gift more a lot of occasions.


  • It has got a clasp.
  • It is too thin and delicate, so it requires an extremely gently handling.

7. Silpada In Good Faith Sterling Silver Cross Bracelet

Silpada In Good Faith Sterling Silver Cross Bracelet

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This is a polished-finish sterling silver bracelet, so the guarantee of your piece of jewelry being noticed is a fact. If you used isolated, you will get a delicate daily style with some ethereal splashes.

However, if you combine it with other polish-finished pieces of jewelry, such as rings and necklaces, you will immediately get a 50 packed’ look which is perfect for parties, nights out or simply to develop an own style based on abundance. It can be adjusted from 6.75.10 7.5.Pros

  • It features an artistic look
  • Versatile use
  • 925 stamp of sterling silver guarantee
  • It has got a role-style system in its chain that allows different adjustments to change its size.
  • Highly durable


  • Only suitable for religious people or very open-minded ones.
  • It has got a clasp.

6. Billie Bijoux Women’s 925 Sterling Silver Infinity Endless Love Symbol Bracelet

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This 925 sterling silver bracelet receives all its beauty from the symbol of infinity and from incredibly beautiful cubic zirconia that gives the piece an awesome glittering appearance.

This piece of jewelry has a professional manufacturer and seller behind it that not only gives you one year or written warranty, but they also provide you with a full money refund within six months after the purchase if the product doesn’t fulfill your expectations.Pros

  • It includes a white gift box.
  • It has an ideal gift for a good number of occasions.
  • Easily clean and maintenance with baby wipes.
  • Excellent after-sales assistance
  • It suits all ages.


  • It may result damaged when rubbed with other jewelry.
  • When you adjust it, the remaining chain can be a nuisance when dangling off on your hand palm.

5. Silpada Icy Elements Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Silpada Icy Elements Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

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This sterling silver bracelet can be adjusted from 7′ to 8′. Designed following the modern geo trend of design, the bracelet gives the impression of having been handcrafted, which is a detail that can totally transform an everyday look into a fashionable style.

The Swarovski crystals not only give a shiny appearance to the sterling silver bracelet but also they speak for themselves about its quality. As the piece has been manufactured under the hammered-finish parameters technique, it guarantees you a piece of jewelry that without being so drastic as to say that it goes unnoticed, it doesn’t shine as much as other pieces that are aimed to be noticed from blocks away.Pros

  • 925 stamp of sterling silver quality
  • High-quality model
  • Discrete
  • Highlights your office look
  • Very durable


  • Features the Lobster Clasp
  • The picture may make it be seen as nicer than what it really is

4. Sterling Silver Italian Mesh Bracelet

Sterling Silver Italian Mesh Bracelet

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If sobriety is your name, this 12 mm Italian sterling silver bracelet made of 925 silver. Its amazingly tiny pieces are linked together to form an exquisite silver mesh that will consolidate your strong woman image.

This piece of jewelry is, above all, a work of art. However, it doesn’t focus on small details, letters, shapes and striking details, but its purpose is to provide the user with an element that has its own personality.Pros

  • Italian quality
  • The bracelet is extremely light
  • Comfortable to use
  • Good fitting on your wrist
  • Suitable to leave it on day and night because it doesn’t get worn out.


  • Uncomfortable lobster clasp
  • It requires being very strong to faster and unfasten the clasp.

3. Silpada Willow Hinge Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Silpada Willow Hinge Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

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This 6.5 bracelet is either perfect for the night or for the day. It’s the perfect complement to a smart outfit or also to give that unique touch to your informal look.

This sterling silver bracelet has got very attractive engraving patterns that depict the Navajo art and a good taste for design. This is the piece you should choose if being noticed is what you want. Your wrist will become a focus of attention since it is 125 inches wide.Pros

  • It includes a stamp of 925 sterling silver, which represents the high quality of the product.
  • Solid and heavy
  • Blend of styles
  • It can be bent to adjust it
  • Versatile


  • Can be too big for some wrists.

2. Beaux Bijoux 925 Sterling Silver Diamond-Cut MoonBeads Bracelet

Beaux Bijoux 925 Sterling Silver Diamond-Cut MoonBeads Bracelet

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We’re almost reaching the summit of the available sterling silver bracelet options for a touch of glam in your daily life. This choice is an Italian bracelet that fits any wrist size since it has an adjustable system that makes it stretch much more than a single inch. The item has undergone a process of thorough and professional polish to make it shiny and appealing to the eye.

As you can adjust it millimeter by millimeter, it’s like having several bracelets in one since one day you use it very tight and the following you allow some space in between it and your wrist to give it a more chic look. Wherever you go with it on your wrist, you’re giving enough proof of your good taste and sense of fashion.Pros

  • Unique slide adjustable system.
  • It fits all wrists, even extra tiny ones.
  • It doesn’t bother you by dangling off on your palm
  • The model is highly resistant
  • It sparkles


  • The ball that locks the sterling silver bracelet may slip on its own, making the bracelet excessively big.
  • You may want to keep it for yourself when buying it as a present for someone else.

1. Thick Italian 925 Sterling Silver Beveled Cuban Link Bracelet

Thick Italian 925 Sterling Silver Beveled Cuban Link Bracelet

  See It Now on Amazon

This sterling silver bracelet is definitely our number one choice. Despite being sterling silver, the silver used in its manufacturing is genuine and pure and the alloy is 100% free of nickel, therefore, you won’t experiment any allergic reactions at all. Its width is 6.5 mm and its thickness 2.3 mm. Although a lot of people are reluctant to buy bracelets which are fastened with a lobster clasp, the manufacturing quality of this one ensures an outstanding fastening and long duration of the clasp. Italian standards of high quality are part of the high-quality chain that is the image of the whole piece.

The Italian government is in the certain way involved in the manufacturing of all the products in the country for it obliges the companies to assure the best quality by following strict procedures when manufacturing their products. In order to keep your sterling silver bracelet in perfect conditions, the product includes a velvet pouch for you to keep it in the same box as you have your other bracelets and other pieces of jewelry, but without running the risk of it getting damaged. To complete your perfect purchase of the number one sterling silver bracelet, a polishing cloth comes along with the bracelet. It’s specially designed to maintain your piece as if were brand new through the years since it’s made of microfiber and it’s got two layers of itPros

  • Authenticity guarantee: the amount of sterling silver in this bracelet can even exceed the minimum 925% required, but you can be sure it’ll never be less than that
  • Nickel-free: no allergic reactions
  • It includes extra materials for its appropriate maintenance.
  • Solid design.
  • The best lobster clasp on Earth.


  • It seems bigger in the picture than what it is
  • It loses shine if it gets wet.


The right decision is in your hands. Every product has its advantages and disadvantages, but it has to be very clear that not all cons are the same. Some disadvantages are intrinsic to the product, while some others depend on circumstances. For example, if you choose our best sterling silver bracelet, you will definitely have to keep it away from water if you want it to conserve all those properties that make it your first choice. Of course, that price is another thing to take into account when buying a piece of jewelry.

If your bracelet is not much price, you can expect to get the duration and quality that amount of money can guarantee you. Choosing a sterling silver bracelet isn’t easy at all, especially if you are planning to give it as a gift and you want to be remembered for its permanence through time. These reviews are aimed to help you take a decision for life, trust them! With this comprehensive review, you can be assured of getting a high-quality sterling silver bracelet.


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