Top 10 Best Dockers Trousers for Men in 2021 Reviews

Dockers Trousers for Men

Docker trousers are comfortable trousers that can be worn casually or formally either to school or work. Apart from being affordable, Dockers trousers are made using quality material and are highly sought after. With a plethora of stylish designs, one can select from it easy to see why these trousers are popular.

They are lighter and easier to clean compared to jeans and can be worn in official meetings. One mistake shoppers make is buying the wrong size and hoping they will fit. If you are planning to buy Dockers the first thing is to get your correct measurements. Fitting pants make look great and compliment your body shape.

Getting a cool modern design makes you look cool and stay presentable. For your comfort go for a trouser that is not too tight because cotton shrinks after a few washes. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best Dockers trousers for men in 2021 based on their popularity.

Best Dockers Trousers for Men Reviews

Lee Men’s Total Freedom Relaxed Classic Fit Flat Front PantBuy on Amazon
Levi’s Men’s Chino Jogger Pant, Black, 32×30Buy on Amazon
Haggar Men’s Lk Life Khaki Sustainable Slim-Fit Chino Pant Navy 32×32Buy on Amazon
Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim-Fit Hybrid Trouser PantBuy on Amazon
Dickies Men’s Skinny Straight-Fit Work PantBuy on Amazon
Dockers Men’s Alpha Khaki PantBuy on Amazon
Dickies Men’s Slim Straight-Fit Work PantBuy on Amazon
Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant, Breathable, UPF 50Buy on Amazon
Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Pant , Classic FitBuy on Amazon

10. Match Men’s Straight Leg Casual Pants

Match Men's Straight Leg Casual Pants

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Match’s men opted for a slim-fitting design with this design. Shoppers looking for khaki pants love a plain design that can be worn in the office and match’s men maintained a simple design. A blend of 78% cotton and 22% polyester gave this trouser a uniquely soft feel and last long. When washing it is advisable you cold wash it or hand wash your trousers. Matches men’s provided a wide selection of color to choose from.

This brand is perfect for slim tall individuals and can substitute official wear. Chino design adopted with these trousers is known for air circulation, a trait that comes in handy if you live in hot and humid areas. The trousers stretch due to external heat and allow for better air circulation keeping you comfortable. They are affordable and appeal to most users. Your admirers will compliment you for the great look you have thanks to matching men’s trousers.Pros

  • Great air circulation with chino design
  • Neat stitches
  • A wide variety of colors and styles to choose from
  • The perfect blend of cotton and polyester in the material


  • Strange fit

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9. Lee Men’s Total Freedom

Lee Men's Total Freedom

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If you have been tirelessly looking for a trouser brand that you can trust, look no more Lee men’s trouser is your best bet. Lee men’s docker’s trousers are designed for everyday use and state of artistic freedom. Lee adopted a flat front design giving these trousers an official look and can be used in the office. A quality blend of 75% polyester and 25% cotton to give it a relaxed feel. The classic look makes this trouser quite popular with the masses.

It does not fade and shrink after washing it for a while and will outlive other brands. The most common choice people settle for a black design and there are other selections to choose from. Polyester is known for its stain repellent, and being machine washable. Cleaning your pair of trousers will be an easy task and is definitely eye-catching. Lee men’s has large pockets which are a huge plus in this phablet era.Pros

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Spacious pockets
  • The flat front design makes it ideal for office use


  •  Huge crotch area
    Inconsistent sizing

8. Levi’s Men’s Chino Jogger Pant

Levi's Men's Chino Jogger Pant

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Levi’s has for long been a renowned clothing line and they didn’t disappoint with the chino jogger pant. Levi’s seeks to popularize Dockers trousers with joggers. It’s both stylish and comfortable to wear during hot days. They are made from a high-quality cotton and elastane blend. Levi’s used 99% cotton and 1% elastane to give this trousers its soft feel.

Elastane helps the trouser stretch and prevents them from shrinking when washed. An elastic bottom cuff design is particularly liked by younger men and give it a surprisingly street-smart look. They can be worn with sneakers without looking odd making them ideal for younger people.Pros

  • Stylish design
  • Made from 99% cotton
  • Elastic bottom cuffs


  • Only ideal for younger men

7. Haggar Men’s LK Chino Paint

Haggar Men's LK Chino Paint

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Haggar’s men LK is great Dockers trousers for men. Rather than spending a fortune on a brand that you do not feel comfortable with Haggar is the perfect substitute. They have a wide selection of colors and sizes to choose from. Haggard can be worn in nearly every field. You will stay feeling comfortable and fresh all day with this line of trousers.

The final material used in this trouser is based on a blend of 59% cotton, 39% cotton, and 2% spandex. Spandex has for a long time been neglected by dockers designers and somehow Haggar managed to incorporate it into their material. You will be surprised by the smoothness of the material.Pros

  • Welted back pockets
  • Slim fit featuring flat front design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Machine washable


  • Waist band can sometimes feel uncomfortable
  • Logo makes it not ideal for office wear

6. Levi’s 511 Slim-fit

Levi's 511 Slim-fit

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Another khaki trousers from Levi targeting dockers lovers. Men across the globe are shifting their attention to slim-fitting trousers. If you have slim figure Levi’s 511 is a great option. It has a clean and casual look ideal for both the corporate and younger people. It is made from 100% cotton fabric giving it its signature soft feel. Levi’s men emphasize high-quality trousers and that’s what you get with the 511 slim-fit.

Overall these Dockers are of quality design keeping their easily recognizable snug fitting tapered design that does not impair movement. The pockets are relatively large and will fit large phones, notebooks, and wallets. Pocket seams are hidden giving the trouser a neat look. This trouser is perfect for day-to-day use and is both suitable for casual and formal use.Pros

  • Has great overall design
  • Spacious pockets
  • Made from 100% cotton


  • Cotton shrinks with after washing

5. Dickies Men Straight-Fit

Dickies Men Straight-Fit

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Dickies Straight-fit pants are designed to suit men of all ages. Available in a variety of colors, the dickies has a nice professional design and has won the hearts of thousands of shoppers. It suits myriad types of tastes and will make you the envy of your peers. They are perfect for going out and when combined with a blazer you will look even sharper. Owners of the dickies straight-fit praise these Dockers for its comfort and how easy it is to clean them.

Its fabric is made from a blend of 81% cotton, 18% polyester, and 1% spandex. This blend of fabric keeps the trousers from shrinking and stain proof. Polyester improves the breathability of the material catering for better air circulation. The trouser features a welted back pocket, stain release flex fabric, and a belt loop waistband.Pros

  • Welted back pockets
  • Straight leg design
  • Comfortable waistband
  • Durable cotton fabric


  •  Attracts dust and fur

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4. Dockers Men’s Alpha Khaki

Dockers Men's Alpha Khaki

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If you are looking for that trouser that will help you make a statement both in the office or outdoors then the alpha khaki is the trouser for you. These Dockers trousers are both stylish and low maintenance. With the alpha khaki, you are getting quality, durable and machine washable pants. Dockers were targeting the modern man looking for an elegant khaki-themed trouser and it seems they got it right.

Dockers Alpha Khaki achieved massive success and this has seen it turn into a celebrated brand. It has unique modern outlook and has appealed to people of different tastes. The trousers have a flat clean look and are made from 100% cotton. It features a slim flat front with slant pockets at the side. The deep pockets will securely hold your items and the trousers are machine washable.Pros

  • Modern khaki theme design
  • Made 100% cotton
  • Nice flat front design


  • Feels stiff when new

3. Dickies Men’s Work Pant

Dickies Men's Work Pant

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The dickies men’s work pants are solid tone pants that are almost wrinkle proof. Ideally designed for those involved in field work and still wish to look presentable. Its fabric is made from a combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton making it one of the most durable khaki trousers in the market. If you enjoy exploring the outdoors and still want to stay presentable in the office then this is the pant for you.

Stain care release makes this trouser easy to wash without damaging the fabric. Of course, there is a wide selection of colors to choose from. They are incredibly comfortable with a slim-straight leg tunnel. The material does not stretch after continuous use or washes.Pros

  • Hand and machine washable
  • Solid-tone work
  • Easy care stain release


  • Material feels cheap

2. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge

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Columbia Silver Ridge is designed as an outdoor trouser. Fans of cargo pants shouldn’t be left behind when it comes trousers that are durable and stylish. The joints and seams are less visible and this trouser can be worn in the office mostly during Fridays or the weekends.

Cargo pants are designed to allow easy movement and can be converted into shorts. Columbia features Omni-wick technology that enhances evaporation of moisture keeping the trousers dry.Pros

  • Comfortable design
  • Omni-Wick evaporation technology


  • Made 100% nylon

1. Haggar Men’s Cool 18

Haggar Men's Cool 18

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The top spot for Dockers trousers goes to the Haggar men’s cool 18. Haggar men’s cool 18 is flat front with expandable waist trousers. They are comfortable and easy to clean which has contributed to this brand’s massive success.

It is designed with an atheistic black theme design and has jetted back pockets with buttons. Its fabric is made from 100% polyester and is machine washable.Pros

  • Spacious pockets
  • Comfortable
  • Machine washable


  • The rear appears to be baggy


When shopping for Dockers trousers ensure that you compare the different brands on the market. The design is an important aspect of trouser if you still want to blend in with your peers. Cotton trousers are generally more comfortable but suffer from one fatal flaw; shrinking. It is advisable to go trousers whose fabric is a blend of different materials.


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