Top 10 Best Kids Electric Cars in 2021 Reviews


Technology gets better with each day passing. We’re in the era of electric vehicles. The same technology also applies to the kid’s entertainment equipment as well. Due to the care and love that parents have for their kids, they’re always willing to break the bank in a bid to make their kids happy. And there are no better toys for kids than the electric cars
available today.

As a modern-day parent, you should always strive to get the best for your children when it comes to kids electric cars. Investing your money in the right electric car model will certainly put a smile on the faces of your young ones. In addition, it shall offer easy mobility and at the same time make your child the envy of the entire neighborhood. The unique design of these cars has evolved over the past years thanks to technological advancements within the motor industry.

Best Kids Electric Car Reviews

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Aosom 12V Ferrari LaFerrari Kids Electric Ride On Car with MP3 and Remote Control – RedCheck on Amazon
Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep WranglerCheck on Amazon
BigToysDirect 12V MINI Cooper Kids Electric Ride On Car with MP3 and Remote Control – WhiteCheck on Amazon
Giantex Car for Kids Mercedes Benz R/C 300SL, Ride-On Vehicles with MP3 Music Function, Baby AMG…Check on Amazon
Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX, GreenCheck on Amazon
Power Wheels Dune Racer, GreenCheck on Amazon

10. BMW i8 Concept 6-volt Electric Ride-On Car

BMW i8 Concept 6-volt Electric Ride-On Car

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Let your little one grow in style as they recognize the best electric car models with the BMW i8 Concept 6-volt Electric Ride-On Car. They will experience many comforts by grabbing their shades and drive around the hood inside this BMW i8 replica car. The car is safe to use because it comes to a stop as soon as the kid releases the accelerator pedal. Your child will also ride in style while at the same time listening to their favorite songs, thanks to the cord and mp3 input included in this package.

This electric car is powered by a very powerful 6V battery. The battery will ensure that your child enjoys more than 45 minutes of uninterrupted use without having to recharge. It’s indeed a masterpiece electric car model for your child.Pros

  • The model comes with a wide range of luxurious features like leather seats and LED headlights
  • It has a high-speed capability which impresses many kids


  • BMW i8 car model comes with a relatively hefty price tag as compared to its competitors.
  • The quality is not good enough for the price.

9. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor

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The John Deere tractor is just like the actual tractor. Kids will enjoy driving this model thanks to its unique design. The model will make them feel like they’re in the field where all crops are grown.

Someone who drives it will be in the open air, and kids might recognize this model because it is a tractor that they’ve seen in the past on the fields.Pros

  • This tractor model is easy to use
  • The model is simple to drive as long as you’re in the driver’s seat


  • The color options might not be appealing to some kids
  • It’s too large for individuals with little storage space

8. Aosom 12 V Ferrari LaFerrari Kids Electric Ride On Car

Aosom 12 V Ferrari LaFerrari Kids Electric Ride On Car

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Featuring MP3 capabilities and a very convenient remote control, this electric car will make a great gift for kids. With a sleek design, this car is available in classic white or vibrant red color options.

Besides looking luxurious, the car is also an officially licensed Ferrari product. It is powered by the 12 volts rechargeable battery and it can be manually driven or operated using the included remote control.Pros

  • This electric car is designed for a versatile play through manual drive or remote control
  • It includes a very simple push button for controlling the speed.
  • There are 2 speed setting (fast and slow) depending on your personal preferences


  • Has a relatively shorter battery life

7. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

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This jeep wrangler is a perfect toy for most outdoor activities. The kid’s car features the actual jeep wrangler design with the Disney Frozen graphics and colors. Besides, the car has a functional door that opens/closes
with a lot of ease.

This kid’s toy will also allow the driver to carry the necessary luggage as they ride because it has a very spacious storage facility near the rear part. The model is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 2.5/5 mph for reverse/forward respectively.Pros

  • The electric car is big enough to accommodate multiple kids
  • It looks just like the Jeep Wrangler that kids know


  • Quite heavy for some kids
  • The wrangler might be too hard for some children to drive

6. Big Toys Direct 12V MINI Cooper Kids Electric Ride On Car (Blue)

Big Toys Direct 12V MINI Cooper Kids Electric Ride On Car (Blue)

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Let your child grow with complete awareness of all operations of electric cars. This car is well-designed and comes with striking features that will give lots of enjoyment to your little one. It is also entertaining to parents who would like to enjoy the ride with their kids.

Just like other car models from Big Toys, this model will entertain your young ones for several hours. With upgrades such as leather seats, MP3 hookup and FM radio, this car is an officially licensed MINI Cooper modelPros

  • There are 2-speed modes that are controlled by a single push button
  • Operation via manual control or remote control
  • Features great upgrades like the leather seats


  • The battery lasts for 2 hours only on a single charge
  • The doors don’t open and kids are forced to crawl in and out.

5. Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric Power Wheels RC Car Ride

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Electric Power Wheels RC Car Ride

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This electric car is a perfect option for parents who value their child’s entertainment. The car comes in a new style with a wide range of outstanding features. Apart from being great fun for any kid, this electric car model is equally entertaining for parents who would like to play along via the remote control. It also comes with a 12-V motor that features 2-speed options. As such, your child can choose to drive on high/low-speed option.

Best Choice Kids 12V Electric Car can be operated through remote controls or via the manual steering wheel. It is designed to give kids the freedom to enjoy music thank the FM radio, mp3 connection, and the inbuilt speakers. It requires a simple assembly before the kid can start having fun.Pros

  • This car has several fun upgrades like an MP3 output and sound effects.
  • The speed settings are controlled by a push button.
  • This model can also be operated using the remote control.


  • The remote control is easily overridden by any movements of the steering wheel.
  • Doors don’t open thus forcing kids to crawl in and out

4. Giantex Black Mercedes Benz 300Electric Ride On Car

Giantex Black Mercedes Benz 300Electric Ride On Car

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Treat your little ones to one of the most luxurious electric cars on the market today. Specially designed for ages of up to 3 years or 44 pounds, this sleek black Mercedes electric car will certainly be the envy of the block. Giantex Black

Mercedes Benz model is packed with a wide range of features like LED headlights, MP3 output, and working horn. Parents will also like the fact that it can be operated using the included remote control or even be driven manually.Pros

  • The design is perfectly suited for smaller children.
  • There’s remote control capability that allows parents to have that extra piece of mind about the child’s safety.


  • Luxury usually comes at a high price. The product retails at a higher price as compared to other models
  • The body is made of plastic and it can be damaged easily.

3. Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX, Green

Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX, Green

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Even though your kid might be too young for the real ATV, this toy version of the Kawasaki ATV is just good enough to provide several hours of excitement to your young one. The electric car runs on 12 volts battery, and it’s capable of taking your little one for a nice spin at 3 – 6 mph (simply select the speed that you prefer). The car is perfectly-suited for any kind of terrain; be it on mud, wet grass or gravel.

It features a distinct design that complies well with all toddler needs for entertainment. Moreover, the car has a very large push button specially-designed for simple start or stops. The in-built footrests are in place to make sure that the child doesn’t experience muscle pains. The car will let your child drive excitingly at a 2mph speed on hard surfaces and grass. It comes together with the 6V battery along with a charger.Pros

  • This kid’s electric car requires little assembly
  • Offers a unique off-road experience.


  • Power issues like the battery not charging properly.
  • The maximum weight limit is 66 pounds, which might be a problem for parents with slightly older or bigger children.

2. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer

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This is a high-quality electric car that’s specially-designed for tough conditions. Fisher-Price Power Wheels boasts of a monster traction system that can drive on all types of terrains. The car operates at a speed of 2.5/5mph on the reverse/forwards respectively.

In addition, the car features metal sidebars where your child can rest his arms as he enjoys the ride. It also has seatbelts and power lock- brake system to enhance safety. The model comes with the 12V battery
along with the charger.Pros

  • The car is very easy to drive
  • Its open top feature is fun for kids
  • Looks more rugged thus making it appealing to most kids


  • It might be too small
  • Riding this car in the rain is quite difficult

1. Henes Broon F830

Henes Broon F830

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The Broon F830 is the best electric car that will help children to experience a good time because it lets them feel like they’re racing. Someone who likes driving will get into the car and feel as though they’re driving.

Kids will find this car to be stylish, and they’ll find it a lot of fun to move around in this car knowing that it can take them where they want to go.Pros

  • The electric car is stylish
  • Kids will feel like they’re really driving
  • It’s easy to drive around for all kids


  •  It might be too big for some kids
  • The color options might not impress some kids

Kids Electric Car Buying Guide

Currently, there exist hundreds of electric car models to pick from. Therefore, before you decide to put your child behind the wheel, you should ensure that the electric car is safe and works as advertised by the manufacturer. Safety and durability are among the main factors to consider when buying electric cars for kids. The last thing that you want is compromising your precious kid’s overall experience by buying a poor quality car for him/her. To make work easier for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best electric car models on the market today. These models set themselves apart from owing to their wide range of amazing features.


Buying kid’s toys can be quite tricky for some parents. Getting the best things for your little one is the prime goal for all parents. However, before you decide to break the bank and purchase a kid’s electric car, ensure that you’re going for a quality item that’s worth every dollar.

If you actually want to give your young one a brand new car that will bring nothing other than sheer fun and excitement, then don’t hesitate to pick any of the above listed best electric cars. Let your child have unlimited fun!


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